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Best Men’s Perfume 2022: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Best Men’s Perfume 2022: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Top 5 Best Men’s Perfumes 2022:

  1. Paco Rabanne 1 Million Prive By Paco Rabanne
  2. Tom Ford Noir Extreme
  3. Nautica Voyage By Nautica
  4. Versace Eros
  5. Cool Water By Davidoff

Whether it’s a night out or just a casual workday, the right perfume or cologne can indulge on any occasion. 

Moreover, the right perfume can be a significant factor. It can extend one man’s style and turn him into a very confident person, underlining his masculinity.

A perfect perfume will make people turn around and pay attention to you. To tell you the truth, every person has a different taste, and finding the notes that will hit your spot can be a challenge. On top of it, it can be tough finding the one that will suit your skin.

We could be hit both physically and emotionally by the scent of fragrances, so you should choose wisely. Fortunately for you, we made this top 5 list of the best men’s perfumes with a thorough review of each. We’re also providing you with some guidelines you should follow in choosing the best fragrance notes for you!

Detailed Reviews: 5 Best Mens Perfumes In 2022

1. Paco Rabanne 1 Million Prive By Paco Rabanne  – Best Overall

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There was a time when every person had this perfume. Yes, even women wore it because this perfume is so light and a bit sweet, that it suits anyone! 

1 Million Prive by Paco Rabanne is the updated version of the old 1 Million. To tell you the truth, it smells so much lighter, and thus it can fit any occasion, and you can wear it any time of the day. However, it doesn’t suit every season. Because of its yummy-cinnamon-apple pie scent, it is best if you wear it in the winter or autumn. You can wear it at work, at the gym, at the club or even on a date night. It is versatile when it comes to ages, and the scent stays on your skin for a long time. 

The bottle of the perfume has an extravagant gold design, and it is very luxurious looking. When you think of 1 Million, you think of glamour, wealth, and red carpet. This masculine, costly perfume has a woody fragrance scent. Blood mandarin and cinnamon make top notes, tobacco enriched with a resin make middle notes, and a blend of patchouli and tonka bean are the base notes that shape this perfume’s body. 

You can choose the 50ml or the 100ml package size. Projection and durability are excellent, as it lasts around 5 hours and projects around 5 feet or so. Nevertheless, most people will find this fragrance very pleasant.


  • Not overpowering
  • For everyday use
  • High-end design
  • Improved version of the first edition 1 Million
  • Lasts long
  • For all ages


  • Some people dislike the tobacco scent
  • Not for every season
  • Can be too sweet for some people

2. Tom Ford Noir Extreme – Our Premium Pick

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You’ll know for sure when someone is wearing Noir Extreme by Tom Ford. This authentic, unique fragrance is like no other out there. Tom Ford has one of the most expensive perfumes and also the most exquisite ones. This version is from the Noir Man line, and this is for the men that dare to be extraordinary!

The design of the bottle is very classy and elegant, with gold details. It is also available in 50 and 100ml. This fragrance has an old school sweetness, which gives it a very sophisticated, formal, and classy vibe. 

The smell is super creative with fresh citruses and warm spicy top notes such as mandarin oil, neroli, saffron, cardamom, and nutmeg. As for the middle notes, we have an accord of Indian Kulfi dessert smell, pistachio, and mastic. To spice it up a bit, in the heart of this perfume are also placed rose, jasmine, and orange blossom. And as a base, we have sandalwood, vanilla, and hot amber. What a unique combo! It is creative and doesn’t have a boring fragrance. Despite that, a lot of people may find this perfume very strong and do not like it. 

Another thing is that this perfume isn’t that versatile. In our opinion, it isn’t for every day and every occasion. It’s more of a “special” event fragrance, and it is best for night time and winter season. Another downside of this perfume is its high price.


  • Classy bottle
  • Unique scent
  • Creative fragrance
  • Lasts long


  • It’s expensive
  • Not versatile; not for casual situations

3. Nautica Voyage By Nautica – Best Budget-Friendly

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If you require a cheap perfume that will also do a good job, you won’t make a mistake with this cologne. Nautica Voyage became famous overnight, and we couldn’t find a single soul that doesn’t like the smell of it! It is a very masculine type of fragrance with a fresh and salty sea breeze.

The simple design fits the pure notes of the fragrance. It has cold top notes of leaves and apple, a middle record of mimose, and watery lotus with sea salt. Cedar, moss, mask, and umber give the wooden base a simple but masculine vibe. 

The best thing about Nautica Voyage is that you can wear it anywhere and any time. It suits both day and night time, every season and any place. Although, you may rethink wearing it for date night or another special occasion because it is more of a sporty, casual fragrance type. Also, some people say it has a little bit of a synthetic smell. For toilet water, it lasts quite long, and the projection is also excellent. It comes in a package of 100ml and has a convenient bottle top.  

If you’re more of a grab and go type of person and you are also sporty and casual, you’ll love this product. With this one, you will always smell fresh but won’t grab too much attention. Thus, it is very versatile and fits any age. Don’t you just think of a hot summer day and the beach when you look at Nautica Voyage? We know we do!


  • It’s cheap
  • For everyday wear
  • Fresh, clean scent
  • Any age
  • Lasts long


  • It doesn’t suit special occasions
  • Little bit of a synthetic smell

4. Versace Eros – Amongst the top rated

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Versace Eros will be the perfect perfume for your taste if you live a life on the edge. This iconic perfume will leave other people around you impressed, and you will always draw attention!

The bottle is very stylish, and it comes in blue color, with Greek mythology motifs. This fragrance got its name after a Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. The Medusa in the middle is the brand symbol that Gianni Versace took when he started this brand. Long-lasting design, quality, and popularity are undoubtedly the main reasons you should consider this perfume. Also, it has got a lot of great reviews. Fresh, woody, and slightly oriental, this perfume gives you that elegant, masculine feel.

The base notes of this perfume are vanilla, oakmoss, vetiver, Virginian cedar, and Atlas cedar, which give a sweet note to the fragrance’s main body. The top notes are mint, lemon, green apple, while the middle ones are tonka bean, geranium and ambroxan. Although, we have to tell you this perfume may be a little intense for day time and summer nights. It is available in 50ml and 100ml, and overall it has a very playful note. It lasts long, and it’s enough to spritz it one or two times to get a reasonable projection. 

Lastly, If you’re confident and you are your own master, this toilet water perfume is the best choice!  


  • Long-lasting
  • Beautiful bottle design
  • Perfect for a gift
  • Good projection
  • Best for a night out


  • Not for every occasion and place
  • Not for every age
  • Too heavy

5. Cool Water By Davidoff – Good price for value

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Another prevalent but yet affordable model is Cool Water by Davidoff. As it smells like the famous Green Irish Tweed by Creed, you will smell like 300$ with only 20$ spent. 

The top notes of this fragrance include mint and green nuances, lavender coriander, and rosemary. In the heart of this perfume lie sandalwood, geranium, neroli, and jasmine. Finally, the base includes cedarwood, musk, amber, and tobacco. Whether you’re going to the gym or work, this type of fragrance is a perfect choice because of its casual scent. On the downside, it is not so suitable for night time activities. It comes in a package of 100ml and has a simple blue bottle design, which in our opinion, could improve a little bit.  

The projection is at peak for the first 1-3 hours and evaporates slowly after that. This type of fragrance is widespread, and this means that this perfume isn’t that unique. But it is the type all people like. It doesn’t last long on the skin, so if possible, always have your perfume bottle on hand. Still, for the fresh type of fragrance, many people say its performance is outstanding. It means that your perfume will still smell good 5 years later. To tell you the truth, this is not very common with the toilet waters like this one. So, perhaps you should give it a try and purchase it because you have nothing to lose.


  • Good price for value
  • It smells expensive
  • It’s versatile
  • Good performance


  • Not unique smell
  • Could last longer on the skin
  • Not night time cologne
  • Poor bottle design

Things To Consider Before You Buy A Men’s Perfume

Best Mens Perfume

1. Perfume Concentration

Perhaps one of the most important factors for you when choosing a perfume. The duration of the scent will depend on perfume concentration. It also depends on the type of fragrance. Is it a pure perfume? Or a toilet water? A cologne or perhaps a body mist? Of course, we are going to explain the difference between the perfume types.

Eau De Parfum

  • The concentration for this type ranges from 15 to 20%, and it can last up to 6 hours. In terms of durability, this type is undoubtedly the better option. It is priced lower than a pure perfume, and this concentration is best for special occasions and evenings.

Eau De Toilette

  • This is more appropriate for everyday wear, and this type is very available. Its concentration ranges from 5 to 15% and can last up to 3 hours.

Pure Perfume

  • The concentration for the pure perfume ranges between 20-30% and it has the highest fragrance concentration. This is generally the most expensive type, but it can last up to 8 hours straight.


  • Cologne Or Eau de cologne can last up to 2 hours and has a fragrance range of 2-4%.

Aftershave And Body Mist

  • These products usually last only a few hours and are suitable for reapplying and spraying all over the body the whole day long.

2. Price

  • Although this may be an essential thing in other categories, here you should apply the more the merrier rule, in terms of the amount you are ready to spend. Even though there are a few cheap available options, the best of them all always cost a little bit more. We recommend spending more money on the excellent perfume that would last longer on your skin. As for the cheap option, you can choose some toilet or cologne waters.

3. Evaporation Time

  • The durability of the perfume is essential for economic reasons. As previously mentioned, there are a few types of fragrances and thus evaporation time, depending on which type you are using. For this, you will have to understand the base notes, top notes, and middle notes. 

4. Fragrance Notes

Every perfume is different, and all of them come with the three specific notes to form that unique formula.

These are:

Base Notes

  • These notes last long and form the main base together with middle notes. You will scent them after the fragrance evaporates.

Top Notes

  • These are the strongest scents, and you will sense them immediately when you spray your perfume. 

Middle Notes

  • These heart notes form the main body of the perfume. They are generally soft and contain floral scents.

5. Different Variety Of Fragrances

  • If you want to smell like the early spring and summer, you should look for fresh fragrances like citrus ones. Here we have a lemon, orange, and so on.
  • If you are a sweet, romantic soul, you will need a floral fragrance! Rose, lily, lavender, and jasmine are the most popular and are frequently used as middle notes. A lot of men’s perfumes have a scent of a rose as their middle notes.
  • If you want to have that lasting note that will undoubtedly impact people around you, always choose some oriental, spicy notes such as vanilla or cinnamon.
  • Last but not least,we have woody notes that are favored by man. These are sandalwood, oak wood, cedarwood, and so on. They will give you that sophisticated feel. 

6. Test It

  • To know how it will smell on your skin, you will have to test it first. Every skin is different and has its own scent that can change the scent of the fragrance. That’s why every perfume smells different on each surface. You can spray a little on your wrists and wait a few moments, then smell it. 
  • And if you already know your notes, you just have to do some research and pay attention to the product description to find your desired notes.

Final Thoughts And Recommendations

Choosing the right perfume for you can sometimes be a long term process. There is a variety of different fragrance notes and scents that you can choose from. You can start by finding the best notes that suit you, and our list will undoubtedly point you in the right direction. So, let us review our top picks for this round!

Best Overall: Paco Rabanne 1 Million Prive By Paco Rabanne

  • One of the absolute best perfumes of all time is certainly 1 Million by Paco Rabanne. Its sweet and addictive oriental scent will remain on your skin for a long time. This version of the famous 1 Million perfume is more mature and smooth, and it will not scream for too much attention. It is perfect for autumn weather and date nights!

Our Premium Pick: Tom Ford Noir Extreme

  • If you are willing to buy expensive and unique perfume, you may go with this one.
  • The famous perfume that will never go out of style is Tom Ford’s Noir Extreme. Classic and sophisticated, this perfume has a sweet citrus tone. With seductive and unique formula, you will smell like no one else out there!

Budget-Friendly Choice: Nautica Voyage By Nautica

  • This aqua blue fragrance is one of the best affordable perfumes out there. The Nautica Voyage is vibrant, sporty, and a very summery scent. It’s long-lasting, even for toilet water. A blend of apple and woody notes will keep you fresh all day long!