Culture Trip: Adventures in Wellness, episode 1 Posted on 05 Jun 13:00

    The description “beauty treatment” just doesn’t do justice to the Crystal Cleanse Ritual, which has a holistic quality not generally associated with hair salon services.

Once you’re comfortably settled at the wash basin, Hack incorporates reiki healing and crystal therapy that sends tingles down your spine and then induces relaxation so complete it’s almost trance-like.

By the time Ungaro has finished precision-styling your hair it’s like you’ve experienced a mini vacation from the city. Both your locks and your aura feel shinier.

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 Image: Ben Hassett

Style Caster: Products Celebrity Hairstylists Swear By Posted on 10 Mar 23:00

“It's a 10 Miracle Finishing Spray is incredibly lightweight, brushable and flexible—it's especially great for humid days. Shake the can first, then hold 10 inches from hair and spray to lock in your style. It can be used as a working hair spray or a finishing hair spray, and layered for extra hold or just at the roots for volume.”—Lauren E. Hack and Vanessa Ungaro, cofounders of LAUREN + VANESSA whose clients include Lisa Edelstein, Ana Beatriz Barros, and Molly Sims

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THE NUMINOUS Posted on 08 Mar 09:00

"Favorite, favorite new pampering self-care treat: the Crystal Ritual Cleanse from colorist-stylist duo LAUREN+VANESSA. Which is essentially a wash + blow-dry…with added reiki, crystals and essential oils! Designed to balance and activate the upper chakras (heart, throat, third eye, and crown), the treatment begins with me laying back at a hair washing station and Lauren asking me to select the essential oil I want her to work with. She then places crystals in each of my hands, and proceeds with a reiki treatment and head massage—working the oil into my crown chakra…with more crystals! The treatment ends with a blowout from Vanessa, and I leave feeling deeply revitalized. And something has obviously worked on a “material girl” level too—literally every person I encounter during the rest of the evening tells me how great I’m looking."

- Ruby Warrington

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Livingly: The Most Interesting Beauty and Wellness Trends To Try in 2017 Posted on 06 Mar 09:00

“2017 is all about new beginnings, so what a better way to do so than to experience a crystal cleanse ritual,” says Lauren E. Hack of Lauren +Vanessa. “This is the perfect treatment for the woman seeking a fresh start, inward peace, and outward beauty. The treatment is relaxing, grounding and rejuvenating.”

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New Beauty Posted on 02 Mar 08:00

“Silence is the best tool for peace of mind and mental clarity,” says Lauren E. Hack of New York’s LAUREN+VANESSA. The duo recently introduced the Crystal-Infused Chakra Therapy in their downtown salon, a scalp massage-meets-blowout that’s a lot more holistic than harried when compared to your typical blow-and-go.

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InStyle Posted on 25 Feb 13:51

"Dry cutting is perfect for someone who wants perfectly imperfect hair,” Lauren + Vanessa  co-owner Vanessa Ungaro tells us. Which basically means if you want to master that model-off-duty look, dry cutting is for you. Ahead, Ungaro breaks down the benefits and the rules of the dry cut so you can enjoy better hair days this summer and beyond.

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The Observer: ‘Crystal’ is the Latest Beauty Buzzword Posted on 30 Jan 13:30

This past summer, I experienced the most new-age blowout one could ever imagine. I was at Lauren + Vanessa, a boutique hair salon in Manhattan’s Financial District, to experience a treatment called the Crystal Cleanse. The salon’s co-founders, Lauren Hack and Vanessa Ungaro, are the type of people who have a soothing effect, no matter what they’re saying; they are essentially beauty-therapists, the kinds you want to spend time with after a really bad day.

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8 Beauty Trends We’ll Love in 2017 Posted on 06 Jan 06:00

Red might have always been in, but now the trend is to turn up the heat with a more electric hue. “The true apple red has gotten a makeover towards orange-red this spring 2017,” Vanessa Ungaro, hair and makeup artist of LAUREN+VANESSA Salon in New York City, says. And the key to achieving the right kind of bold-lip look is to stick with matte and satin finishes that give that fresh, sporty and young vibe. “Gloss is still out for the time being, with more of a focus on pigment and finishing.” One of Ungaro’s favorites for the winter season is Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick ($20,

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READERS DIGEST: 7 Makeup Tricks You Need to Help Hide a Hangover Posted on 23 Dec 09:30

A rosy blush and a kiss of cream-based bronzer, which quickly brighten up a dull complexion. "Blend bronzer into the top of the hairline, the hollows of your cheeks, and under your chin for a subtle sun-kissed glow," says Ungaro.

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InStyle: Can a Healing Crystal Blowout Treatment Help You Feel More Zen? Posted on 20 Dec 08:00

The Crystal Cleanse Ritual at LAUREN+VANESSA focuses on the opening up and promoting circulation of your crown chakra (located at the crown of the head) with essential oils and crystals that hold cleansing properties. In turn, the treatment is supposed to help you feel more balanced throughout your day-to-day and encourage a healthier scalp.

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