Summer Hair Tips to keep your hair healthy and shiny! Posted on 01 May 14:36

Over-exposure to the sun breaks down the hairs natural Keratin leaving hair looking dry and dull. Here are some Summer hair tips to keep your hair healthy and shiny!

Seek hair products with sunscreen. Products with sunscreen protect the hair from UV Rays because UV Rays break down hair Melanin. 

A great product to try is PHYTOPLAGE Protective sun veil

Lightweight SPF for your hair! Preserve color and prevent fading by filtering out the sun's damaging rays.

Even a little exposure calls for extra protection. PhytoPlage Protective Sun Veil is a lightweight spray that leaves a natural, transparent finish to protect hair against dehydration and damage from sun, salt and chlorine. It delivers softness, volume and shine and preserves color radiance with a natural UV filter.

When your on the beach make sure to apply sunscreen to your hairline and PART to prevent a burnt scalp.

"Although those with thick hair have less to worry about — the hair acts as a barrier to the sun and protects the scalp — those with balding or thinning hair are more susceptible to developing skin cancer." (Alexandra Drosu, LA Times)

Try CLARINS Sunscreen Stick For Sun-Sensitive Areas SPF 30 High Protection UVB/UVA.

If you have had over exposure to the sun and feel your hair color has faded, visit the  salon between appointments for a color refresh! 

Last but not least, make sure to deep condition your hair regularly with a masque and always rinse with cool water. This will add LOTS of shine and close the hairs cuticle. My favorite is Oribe's Intense Moisture Control Masque.