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Best Drugstore Body Wash 2022: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Best Drugstore Body Wash 2022: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Top 5 Best Drugstore Body Washes 2022:

  1. Puracy Natural Bergamot Sandalwood Body and Hand wash
  2. Purely Northwest Tea Tree Antifungal body wash
  3. OGX Extra Creamy Coconut Miracle Oil body wash
  4. Aveeno Skin Relief Fragrance Free Oat body wash
  5. Dove Deep Moisture body wash

Had a hard day at work and ready for a hot shower or bath to cleanse away the day? Want to soap up your skin in soothing scents and smoothing exfoliation?

If the answer to either of these questions is yes then you’ve come to the right place! Today we offer up 5 of the best drugstore body washes available for the ultimate in skin care and showering experience!

Detailed Reviews: 5 Best Drugstore Body Washes In 2022

1. Puracy Natural Bergamot Sandalwood Body and Hand wash – Editor’s Choice

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Puracy Natural Bergamot Sandalwood body wash offers up an excellent standard for superior ingredients. This includes essential oils and cleansers. Adding in a luxurious coconut cleanser along with clinical-grade moisturizers provides a wonderful, natural body wash experience. This formula was developed into a top class solution by Puracy and is 99.95 % all natural. It also boasts having no sulfates, formaldehyde, parabens, petroleum-based ingredients and more.

Puracy utilizes clinical testing by trusted and qualified chemists. This creates the best blend of body wash for any skin type. They’ve ensured no harsh chemicals are in their formula which could irritate acne or add dryness. Featuring ingredients like Himalayan salt – a known exfoliate and skin detoxifier – Puracy Bergamot Sandalwood body wash is an excellent choice when it comes to skin care.

This body wash has a subtle hint of sweet coconut, spiced bergamot and sandalwood. These sublime notes offer a wonderfully delightful scent experience.

Puracy Natural Bergamot Sandalwood wash lists purified water as the first ingredient. As with any other water-based solution, this can cause dryness. To combat this, Puracy has rounded up several oil-based cleansers including coconut and pink grapefruit. Together with plant-based softeners like vegetable glycerin, these work in synergy to preserve your skin’s hydration.

Puracy offers up an independent, verified account by third-party PhD chemists that their product is cruelty-free.  They are also certified by PETA. Absolutely zero animals are used for testing purposes.

While Puracy does combine several exceptional ingredients, this wash is the most expensive on our list. That comes in low on our affordability recommendation.


  • Oil-based cleansers to combat dryness
  • Subtle scent for a more luxurious shower/bath


  • Price; the most expensive out of all listed

2. Purely Northwest Tea Tree Antifungal body wash – Best in Skincare

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Sourced from within the USA, Purely Northwest is one of the best drugstore body washes. It utilizes natural oils that are environmentally safe and biodegradable. These oils also have proven skincare effects. The wash is blended with 100% pure, personally sourced essential oils. The wash also contains a high percentage of active ingredients. Purely Northwest Tea Tree Antifungal body wash is formulated, manufactured and packed in the US for excellent quality every time.

Purely Northwest Tea tree Antifungal body wash has one of the best all natural skin care essentials; tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil has been used for centuries to heal and mend wounds and is an amazing anti-acne treatment. Purely Northwest Tea Tree body wash is specifically developed for cleaning clogged pores and healing acne. It also reduces oil and dirt from the skin. This wash is popular with customers for addressing problematic skin through a powerful and proven method and rids the body of unwanted orders.

Furthermore, tea tree oil has an extremely strong scent and can be overpowering. Purely Northwest has added other soothing ingredients to try and balance this. These include rosemary, peppermint, camphor, oregano, cajeput, and eucalyptus. This blend, while appealing to some, can still contain a strong fragrance of tea tree oil which can irritate those with allergies.

Purely Northwest Tea Tree wash is a water-based formula. This means that there are less moisturizing benefits as opposed to a cream based wash. Having pure essential oils within the wash does help to add back moisture but most water-based washes have a tendency to dry skin out.

Purely Northwest stands by their ingredients, manufacturing process, and quality. They clearly state their Tea Tree body wash is animal cruelty and animal testing free.

While not the most expensive on our list, Purely Northwest Tea Tree Oil body wash does come in at a close second when it comes to the price. Considering their philosophy of USA ingredient sourcing and manufacturing, we aren’t that surprised. Holding to such quality is most certainly worth the price.


  • All natural ingredients
  • Ethically sourced


  • Tea tree scent can be overpowering to some

3. OGX Extra Creamy Coconut Miracle Oil body wash – Winning Scent Experience for the Best Drugstore Body Wash

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OGX Extra Creamy Coconut Miracle Oil pulls you into a realm of bliss. With quality ingredients like coconut oil, natural vanilla bean extract and essence of tiare, OGX body wash is an ultra-hydrating skincare affair. Add in the bonus of rich natural oils and silk amino acids and this drugstore body wash is both cleansing and heavenly to your skin. OGX is careful to select wholesome ingredients from reliable and verified sources. They strive to ensure their clients receive exceptional quality in every product. With this in mind, they are a sure contender for the best drugstore body wash!

This luxurious body wash provides a beautiful texture experience. OGX Extra Creamy wash is not only full and vibrant but leaves your skin soft to the touch. Miracle coconut oils soak deep into your skin for the perfect silky touch.

An irresistible blend of coconut, vanilla bean and tiare lands this body wash in the top when it comes to scent. Tiare is a common flower found in the French Polynesia. It offers a rich succulent scent that is both sweet and heavy. This blended with the rich oils of coconut and sublime sweetness of vanilla bean will take you on a wonderful tropical journey. All right from the comfort of your shower or bath!

Water or purified water is one of the first ingredients listed with OGX Extra Creamy Coconut Miracle Oil body wash. As we’ve pointed out before, with water as a first ingredient, you do risk a less hydrating experience. A careful balance of water to oil or additional extracts is important to give the best when it comes to moisture and body wash.

OGX states on their website that they do not do any type of animal testing with their products.  All their ingredients are carefully curated and monitored for quality assurance. Each supplier or source must confirm their materials have not been animal tested to any degree.

OGX is the most affordable of all of our drugstore body wash products. Not only do you get a tropical getaway right in your own bathroom but you benefit from rich oils and engaging skin softness. 

OGX doesn’t offer completely all natural when it comes to ingredients and isn’t a USA based product. With that in mind as far as an import when it comes to body wash, we’d say the price is comparable to others in its class. 


  • Excellent price vs the quality
  • Wonderful rich scent


  • Water-based formula that can contribute to skin overall dryness
  • Not all natural ingredients

 4. Aveeno Skin Relief Fragrance Free Oat body wash – Nutrient Rich, a Natural Winner

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Aveeno Skin Relief Fragrance Free Oat body wash is specially formulated for dry itchy skin. It nourishes and maintains the natural barrier of your skin.

Aveeno uses a combination of natural ingredients and qualified science to create this gentle wash. Their special formula was developed by brothers Sidney and Albert Musher. This body wash uses the benefits of oats since 1945. This is a finely-milled colloidal oat which is an excellent source of nutrients. It gives your skin a wonderful exfoliating wash.

Sensitive skin is a problem for a lot of individuals. Aveeno Oat body wash taps into the most beneficial combination of nature vs science. With their formula, you can count on a gentle lotion-like wash every time.  It smooths and plumps up your skin leaving you feeling rejuvenated and revived.

This is one of the only drugstore body washes on our list that offers a scent free experience. Aveeno Skin Relief Oat body wash eliminates the risk of irritation with even the slightest of scents. This product aims to soothe sensitive skin while gently cleansing it. While important to some allergy suffers – being unscented does leave us wanting more when it comes to an overall rejuvenation showering experience.

Water and glycerin both top the list of ingredients and this gives you an excellent balance. With glycerin, you can be confident your skin will feel soft and nourished. The water gives you an oil free rinse. The addition of colloidal oatmeal for sensitive skin offers essential vitamins and minerals. This gives you a perfect ‘yin to yang’ combination.

Just as iconic as the previously named Dove, Aveeno has an exceptional reputation. This means that being free of animal testing is extremely important. Aveeno applies this philosophy to all of their product lines.

With a name like Aveeno you are guaranteed to get value for your money. Rising to the middle of the pack for affordability, Aveeno Skin Relief Fragrance Free Oat wash gives you skincare benefits and quality ingredients. All from a name you can trust.


  • Sensitive skin focused formula 
  • Competitive price and well known brand


  • Unscented

5. Dove Deep Moisture body wash – Affordability vs Quality

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Utilizing carefully curated preservatives along with natural derived cleaners, Dove Deep Moisture is an excellent body wash. This wash is specifically tailored to combine with your skin’s natural microbiome. Dove boasts a Deep Moisture wash as both gentle and effective. Check out our review on the skin care benefits from more on your skin’s microbiome. The downside of the added preservatives is a less than all natural ingredient list. While Dove is focused on providing a great body wash this comes at a cost. The more natural the ingredients, the more benefit to your skin,body, and the environment as well. This being said, Dove Deep Moisture does lose a bit in points for ingredients.

Dove is one of the most iconic of skin care product providers on our list. It certainly holds its own when it comes to one of the best drugstore body washes. With Dove’s Deep Moisture body wash, you can bet that reputation is well deserved. Created sulfate-free and expertly pH balanced, Dove’s Deep Moisture body wash is a gentle cleanse for your skin. With their specially formulated Moisture Renew Blend, they  focus on your skin’s microbiome.

Your microbiome is a living protective layer of your skin. In combination with their Moisture Renew formula, you get a lot of benefits. This body wash gently cleanses skin and renews hydration. It also gives a balance to your skin’s protective layer. Unlike some of the other candidates on our list, Dove isn’t completely all natural. It does contain some chemical preservatives to be aware of. It is, however, paraben and sulfate free.

With Dove Deep Moisture, there are a few scents available to choose from. Whether a subtle waft of cucumber or the buttery enjoyment of coconut, Dove doesn’t disappoint when it comes to engaging your senses!

Dove Deep Moisture body wash is a cream-based wash. It offers a thick texture that soaks into the skin rapidly. With a delicate but rich lather, you will feel an instant change in your skin. This wash leaves your skin silky soft and luxurious.

With a world-class brand like Dove, you can rest assured they take pride in their reputation. They offer cruelty-free, no animal testing products. Dove also aims to enrich the plant through the use of 100% recycled bottles. Enjoy this body wash with the knowledge you are helping the planet too!

As the second most affordable drugstore body wash listed here, Dove more than makes up for value vs cost. Especially when you feel the difference this body wash gives to your skin.


  • Scientifically proven support your skin’s microbiome layer
  • Trust name in skin care products


  • One of the less naturally sourced ingredient body washes

6 Things To Consider Before Deciding On The Best Drugstore Body Wash For You

1. Ingredients

When looking for the best body wash, always consider the types of ingredients you want and how they benefit you. It’s also a good idea to know whether these ingredients are ethically sourced and environmentally friendly. 

All natural ingredients like essential oils, fruits, and even nuts should be responsibly sourced. This way you can enjoy the benefits to your skin and body while understanding exactly how and where those benefits are combined.

2. Skin Care

From acne-prone skin to dry skin, the right body wash can both cleanse and address these pesky problems. It’s recommended with any new skin product to test a small patch of skin first before full use. Even a slight irritation can turn into a much larger issue. 

If you are looking to address something like acne, we suggest you make sure your body wash has cleansers that give your skin what it needs. This will make for a much more enjoyable showering experience plus leave you with soft and clear skin.

3. Scent

From sweet to spiced, woody to floral – body wash scents are one of the highlights to any shower or bath. Some body washes include ingredients like eucalyptus and rosemary for a scent that is both relaxing and clarifying. 

Others provide a sweet tropical and heady scent that takes you away to some white sandy beach and blue waters. Enjoying soft skin with a lasting effect of subtle scents is something anyone can benefit from. 

We suggest popping the top to any body wash before buying and seeing how these scents affect you. Scent is vital when it comes to the best drugstore body wash!

4. Body Wash Base

Body wash can be water or cream based, or a combination of both. For the more dry prone skin types, a cream based wash is best. They typically contain higher moisture content and provide a very rich and milky texture. Water-based body washes provide an exceptionally clean feel to most skin and rinse away easily.  Water based solutions are important to reduce irritation and balance out essential oils.

5. Animal Testing

Like ingredient sourcing, it is important to know how your body wash of choice is manufactured and how it’s tested.

Clinical testing has advanced to the point where very few companies use animals as test subjects. Most companies will clearly state either on their website or on the product label whether their formula is cruelty-free.  Some even provide PETA certification.

6. Affordability

No one wants to pay too much for anything, especially when it comes to value for money. We’ve listed both some more expensive lines as well as some more low priced body washes in our top 5 best drugstore body washes.

Remember that quality can be found at either the top or low end. More importantly, combine affordability with what your skin needs for the ultimate in skin care and value vs benefit.

A Final Word On The Best Drugstore Body Wash

There’s nothing like the perfect shower or bath. Hot steam, clean water, relaxing warmth. With that in mind, let’s do a recap.

For the ultimate in skincare and scent experience look no further than Puracy Natural Bergamot Sandalwood Body and Hand wash. With 99.95% natural ingredients, responsible sourcing and subtle scent – it’s a clear winner. While it is the most expensive of the top 5, it’s well worth the price. Your skin will thank you for such an experience.

A more affordable choice with excellent skincare benefits is Purely Northwest Tea Tree Antifungal wash. This runner up is naturally sourced and uses essential oils. With the addition of Tea Tree oil for acne-prone skin you can’t go wrong. The scent can be overpowering but the benefit of glowing skin balances this out. Plus you can enjoy the hints of peppermint and rosemary as well as other nutrient rich oils.

Coming in at a close third on our best drugstore body wash list is  OGX Extra Creamy Coconut Miracle Oil wash. This exotic scented wash fulfills the senses with sweet aroma and creamy texture. It is affordable, of fantastic quality, and extremely enjoyable to use.

Whether you are looking for a solution for problematic skin, more moisture, or a very rich scent experience, our list of the best drugstore body wash is sure to give you the right choice. Spoil your skin and make your next shower or bath something your skin will thank you for! Please like and share this article and stay tuned for more reviews on the products you know and love!