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Can You Dye Hair Extensions?

Can You Dye Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions have existed for a few decades now. Since they first appeared on the market, they instantly became very popular.

Extensions are usually added to hair because they add fullness and even length to your hair. So, if you have fine hair, or you just wish it was longer – some extensions can add volume!

When the hair extensions appeared on the market, it was a hit immediately. Now, the hair market is full of various types of hair extensions.

The types of hair extensions vary on quality – which affects the price. The best hair extensions cost significantly more than lower quality ones.

When you invested in some clip-ins, you had no idea you would want to dye your har at some point. Now, if you do dye your hair – the extensions will be nowhere near your hair color.

They did cost some money and you’re not sure you want to just make them obsolete. So, the only thing you could do is dye the extensions.

But, can you dye hair extensions? Can you ruin them or just give them a new color? Continue reading our article to find out!

Types Of Hair Extensions

Before we start talking about dying hair extensions and whether that’s a good idea, let’s talk about types of hair extensions. There are quite a few different types of hair extensions.

They differ in quality and price. The type of hair extensions usually tells us how long-lasting the set will be, and what can you do with them!

So, without further ado, let’s get into it – what are the most popular types of hair extensions!

Synthetic Hair

  • Synthetic hair extensions are usually the cheapest extensions you can get. These tresses don’t have any human hair content. They aren’t very long-lasting and this type of extensions is easily damaged with heat and even friction.
  • Synthetic hair is usually sold as single strands in bulk, for braids, and as full weaves. The quality can vary a lot, and sometimes synthetic hair sometimes looks close to real hair.
  • Sometimes, it looks extremely fake – the strands can be stiff and the hair can move differently than real hair. Also, it tangles a lot – and you could ruin the extensions when detangling.
  • Synthetic hair cannot be altered with heat stylers. So, if you buy this type of extensions, forget about curling or straightening irons – they can ruin your hair extensions!

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Futura Hair

  • Futura hair is one-up from synthetic hair. It’s usually woven and sold as a human hair blend. It’s more expensive than synthetic hair, but for a reason. The fibers are better than synthetic, so these extensions don’t tangle and they aren’t damaged by the friction. 
  • While this is still synthetic hair, it’s more heat resistant. So, this type of hair extensions can be altered with heat stylers – it just takes more time than real hair!

Human Hair

  • Human hair is completely different than synthetic hair – futura or not. Human hair extensions are extracted from donors after which they undergo a special cleaning procedure.
  • The procedure cleans each strand and the hair is woven into clip-in extensions, wigs, and so on. This is, by far, the most expensive type of extensions.
  • There are various types of human hair, which further affects the price. Let’s see what the most popular types are:
Virgin hairWasn’t colored or processed anyhowMay or may not still be growing from the headNo steam processes
Raw hairWasn’t colored or processedSometimes raw hair undergoes a few days of steaming to create lasting curls and to affect the natural texture
Remy hairHuman hair that was never inverted –  it’s extracted the way it grew downHard to tell if it’s correctly labeled
Single drawnProduced from a ponytail or a group of ponytailsShortest hairs are removedLower price
Double drawnThe manual process of sorting hair into lengths and making new bundlesIt’s called double drawing because it has to be drawn out twiceVery laborious process and mysteriousExpensive type of hair
  • When it comes to natural, human hair extensions, do keep in mind the price. They are rather expensive and it can cost more than 2 or 3 three times compared to synthetic extensions.
  • They are far more long-lasting, and they don’t tangle as much. If you invest in a good quality hairpiece, it will be good for use for years to come!
  • Of course, human hair extensions can be heat styled to match your look, just like your hair. If you style it often, you may notice a change in quality, but only after a long while. Be careful when heat styling your extensions!

Can You Dye Hair Extensions?

We would all like to dye our hair sometimes. Many people decide to change up their look after a stressful time, to make the change on the inside visible on the outside.

It’s only natural, but if you like to wear your extensions often, you will ask yourself what about them. Can you dye hair extensions to match your hair?

When you buy some, you will find some that look best compared to your hair. But if you dye your hair, they will no longer match – so dye on extensions could help if that works. So, can you?

The answer is yes, you can dye hair extensions. Unfortunately, not all hair extensions are suitable for dying and similar processing methods.

First, let’s talk about synthetic hair extensions. They are not eligible for heat styling, and therefore, they cannot withstand dye, either. You can try, but the dye will simply rinse off or just fry the synthetic strands.

So, if your extensions are synthetic, you will need to invest in some different ones to match your hair. That’s not too bad, because the synthetic extensions are pretty cheap.

What about futura extensions? They can be heat styled, so does that mean these extensions can be dyed? Unfortunately, no. Futura extensions cannot be dyed, either!

The only type of extensions that can withstand dying and a change of color is the human hair. Just like the hair on your head, the extensions can be dyed and toned and whatever you like!

Be careful when dying hair extensions if you’re doing it yourself. If you do it too often, it will cause irreparable damage to the extensions – and that can cost you a lot!

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Tips For Dying Your Extensions

Lav Can You Dye Hair Extensions

When you’re dying your extensions, there are some important things to remember. This is a delicate process, and you can easily miss the color of your hair.

Because of that, it might be best to leave it to a professional. A hairdresser will achieve the same color on your hair and your extensions without trouble.

Also, the extensions can be dyed right after you buy them if you have a specific hair color that isn’t available on the market. If that is the case, you should pick extensions that are lighter than your hair color, rather than darker.

The reason behind that is that darker color is easier to achieve without damage. When going lighter, the lift will dry out your extensions, so it’s always better to go lighter.

Before you start dying your extensions, wash them first with a deep cleansing shampoo to remove any product buildup. Use lukewarm in a sink and swish the extensions for a little while.

If you want your extensions to last a long time, you have to be careful when dying. Pick a semi or demi-permanent dye for them, because these colors don’t penetrate the hair shaft as deeply, and they won’t damage your hair extensions.

Apply the dye in a downwards motion. When doing extensions, it’s better to use too much dye than too little – too little dye can make the extensions look patchy.

Also, make it a good habit to use a moisturizing mask from time to time. Some hair extensions manufacturers recommend using a moisturizing mask once every two weeks. You can use it more often if you feel it’s needed, but it’s usually enough.

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Can You Dye Hair Extensions? – Bottom Line

To conclude, you can dye hair extensions. On the other hand, not all hair extensions are eligible for dying when you’re up for it.

While human hair can be dyed and styled however you like, synthetic cannot. Synthetic and futura hair extensions cannot handle being dyed, and they will likely be ruined afterward.

Dying hair extensions may seem easier than dying your hair, but it can be difficult nonetheless. It’s still a job that you should leave to pros unless you’re entirely confident you can do a good job.

Take good care of your hair extensions if you want them to last a long time. Use moisturizing, high-end masks once every two weeks on them.

Also, try to style them as rarely as you can. High-quality extensions will not be damaged if you style them, but if you do it often, you will notice a change in quality after some time!