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How To Remove Ash Toner From Hair?

How To Remove Ash Toner From Hair?

Ash toners and ash tones on hair, in general, have been the color to have for quite a few seasons now. Ash highlights, ash balayage, or the whole hair… you name it.

Everyone wanted to have some ash tones in their hair. The look can be quite difficult to achieve, though. Achieving ash highlights can result in irreparable damage to your hair if you’re not careful.

Despite being the popular look for a few years, golden highlights gained their fair share of popularity, too. Sunkissed highlights and babylights worked their way to one of the most demanded looks.

So, maybe you’ve looked into it, or you’ve just become bored with the way your hair looks now and want a change. The ash tones in your hair just seem unattractive to you, and you used to love them!

So, you decided you want a change – and you’ve started wondering how to remove ash toner from hair. Can you do it yourself or is it better to leave it to professionals? How is it done? Continue reading to find out!

How To Remove Ash Toner From Hair: The Guide

Toner is usually used for getting a different tone of your hair – usually for light-colored hair. Toner is not a permanent dye – it only gives your hair a slight change in tone.

Since it’s not permanent, it doesn’t stay on your hair very long. Permanent dye penetrates the hair shaft and the color seeps into the hair follicle.

On the other hand, toner only dyes the surface of the hair strand. Since it doesn’t enter the follicle, toner does not damage your hair in any way, unlike the permanent dye which can cause irreparable damage to your hair.

Bleached hair can turn brassy in just a few washes, so some at-home toner is due at least once every few weeks. Toner removes the brassy or yellow tones from your hair in a matter of minutes.

However, you can leave the toner on for too long and your hair could become too ashy or even violet. How long should you leave the toner on, anyway? Read our article to find out!

Since toner doesn’t last very long, you can always wait it out until it washes out eventually. Of course, sometimes you just can’t wait – and we feel for you.

Maybe your hair is just not the color you wish it was, or you made a mistake while toning -all in all, you just want some ash toner out of your hair! There are a few methods out there on how to remove ash toner from hair, so let’s get on it!

Method #1: Using A Clarifying Shampoo

Clarifying shampoos are used to thoroughly clean your hair if you usually use a low or SLS-free shampoo. Those shampoos are more gentle and suitable for dyed and damaged hair.

However, they do not clean your hair as well as regular shampoos, so you would need to clean your hair with a clarifying shampoo from time to time. Clarifying shampoo removes dirt, oil, and various buildup from your hair and scalp.

Since clarifying shampoo is more aggressive because it needs to clean your hair better, it can remove the color from your hair. It’s especially good at removing ash toner from your hair – so if you don’t like the look, you can speed up the process of toner washing out with this shampoo.

Check your local beauty store for a clarifying or deep cleansing shampoo. If you’re a little lost, ask the beauty consultant about their recommendations. We would certainly advise you to wash the hair at least twice in a row with this shampoo to see some satisfying results.

Avoid washing your hair with this shampoo more than five times in one day. This can dry out your hair and damage it, so if you must do it today, leave your hair alone for at least a day or two afterward.

After you’re done washing, a deep conditioning mask is a must-have. Your hair is more porous after treatment with a clarifying shampoo, and the mask will lessen that effect!

Can you darken your highlights with the toner? Can you change your look without the damage? Read our article to find out!

Method #2: Using Lemon Juice And Conditioner

Lemon juice was once used as a natural hair lightener! However, lemon juice can dry out your hair a lot. It can also remove ash toner from your hair well, due to its lightening agents.

So, to make sure your hair won’t dry out from the lemon juice, you should mix it with conditioner. Conditioner will keep your hair moisturized and prevent damage.

To make this mixture, you will need a tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice and a quarter-sized amount of conditioner. Hair will become more porous from the juice, but the conditioner will bring back the moisture.

This amount of lemon juice will lighten your hair just enough to remove the ash tone, in this ratio. If this ratio doesn’t cut it, use 3 or more tablespoons of lemon juice to a generous amount of your daily conditioner.

Make sure that the mixture is thick enough to be applied to your hair. Put it all over your hair (or just the parts with ash tones) and use your fingers to work it through your hair.

Leave the mixture on your hair for 10 minutes. Don’t leave it on for too long, because it can damage your hair. If the results aren’t satisfying, you can repeat the cycle two more times. Rinse out with cold water once the time is up.

Lav How To Remove Ash Toner From Hair

Method #3: Using A Color Remover

Using a color remover is one of the safest ways to remove ash tones from your hair. A color remover has a small amount of bleach which will remove the color from your hair without damaging it the way a full round of bleach would.

Most beauty stores sell color remover, as well as drug stores. Keep in mind that color remover can damage your hair nevertheless, especially if you’re not extremely careful.

Apply the color remover according to the instructions on the box. Use a brush to apply it evenly to your ash-toned hair strands. Leave on your hair for no more than 30 minutes.

Once the time is up, use cold water to remove the mixture from your hair. Afterward, apply a deep conditioning mask to restore moisture in your locks. Color remover can be very drying for your hair!

Method #4: Using A Bleach Bath

Bleach is by far, the most aggressive way to color your hair – ever. Since you don’t need your hair to be any lighter, just less ashy – doing a bleach bath will do wonders for your hair.

A bleach bath is less drying and damaging, and it reaches the desired effect easily. The bleach bath will remove the ash tone from your hair without irreparable damage.

Mix a 1:1:1 ratio of bleach, shampoo, and 10 volume developer. We recommend that you use a clarifying shampoo for this mix, and to use bleach and developer from the same brand for the best results.

Make a mix large enough to cover all parts you need to be covered. Use 10-volume because it’s mild and won’t damage your hair.

Do note that damaged and bleached hair can be damaged with a bleach bath nonetheless. Use a brush to apply evenly the mix to your hair. Leave the mix on for 10 minutes.

Then, use cold water to remove the bleach bath from your hair. Use a gentle shampoo to remove the bleach from your hair.

Taking Care Of Your Lightly Colored Hair

When you decide on light highlights or bleach blonde hair, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you must say goodbye to a good looking hair if you only use a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner.

You will need a gentle, SLS-free shampoo to cleanse your scalp. To be able to comb your hair without breakage, you will need to invest in a high-quality conditioner or, if your hair is damaged, a hydrating mask. 

If you style your hair often with heat, a heat-protecting spray or balm is in order. Professional brands offer better hair care, so consider investing in something high grade, if you want your hair to truly look its best.

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How To Remove Ash Toner From Hair: Bottom Line

To conclude, ash toner can be removed easily from your hair. There are quite a few methods available to remove that pesky tone!

Whatever method you decide on, you can damage your hair if you’re not careful. Every agent that removes the ash toner from your hair can dry out your hair.

Light-colored hair is more susceptible to drying out because it underwent a bleaching or processing session. If you want your light hair to look healthy and vibrant, you will have to invest in some good hair products!

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