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How to Remove Semi-Permanent Hair Dye: Get Temporary Hair Dye Out

How to Remove Semi-Permanent Hair Dye: Get Temporary Hair Dye Out

Experimenting with different rainbow colors on the strands of your hair is definitely something you’ve tried, at least once. Frankly speaking, this is a trend that is a must, especially during the summer, when you’re looking to try something “new.” 

It’s all fun and games until it starts to fade, and now it’s time to get back to your natural hair color. Luckily, you’re not dealing with a permanent hair dye, so you don’t have to go to the hair salon. You can do this on your own, as long as you follow the steps.

Stick with us till the end, and we’ll go through three ways in which you can remove semi-permanent hair dye on your own, and some hair care tips you shouldn’t skip while you’re at it.

Method #1: Using Color Remover

The first option, and often the most common one, is to use a color remover that you can find in any major store. Here’s a step-by-step process:

1. Purchase the Remover

If this is your first time removing a semi-permanent hair dye with color remover, and you don’t already have it somewhere in your home,  it’s time to make the trip to the supermarket, or any larger beauty store in your area, and purchase your color remover.

Of course, when shopping for this product, take a good look at the instructions on the back of the package. You should make sure you’re purchasing the color remover that’s meant for semi, and not for permanent hair dyes

Otherwise, this can damage your hair. With color removers, you should purchase the ones that are ammonia and bleach-free. This is also for the benefit of your hair. Color removers are a stronger option as is, but without these two ingredients, the effect is milder.

2. Mix It With the Activator

Once you get home, the process is officially a go. Take the color remover and mix it with the provided activator in a bowl. 

Stir for a minute or two, while it’s all blended. Before mixing, read the instructions on the box, because they may include specific steps you’ll need to take, or an additional ingredient that you’ll need to include.

For this process, you can use your kit brush. Also, make sure that you throw on some gloves and an old T-shirt so you don’t get stained.

3. Perform a Strand Test (Important)

Since you’re using hair dye, you should first do the strand test to make sure it works. Here’s what you need to do:

Tie a small strand of hair and apply the color remover mix that you prepared, and then wrap a thin piece of foil around it. Wait for how long it says on the instructions to wash it off. 

If you are satisfied with the result, you can proceed with the rest of your hair. Sure, it can be a bit annoying, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

4. Apply the Mixture

Once you’ve performed the test and it’s successful, it’s time to move on. First, section your hair to make this process easier and faster. 

After that, take the brush and apply the mixture to each section, carefully. While applying, make sure that you go over each section twice to ensure that your hair is fully saturated, and reduce the risk of leaving spots.

5. Dry and Rinse

Once you are officially done with the applying, take a grocery bag, and wrap your hair in it. Make sure there are no strands falling out.

Let the hair sit like this for an hour, or as much as it says on the instructions.

After that, take off the grocery bag, and wash your hair. The washing process should be done thoroughly, and don’t be afraid to use additional hair care like conditioners, and hair masks.

That’s the whole process right there. With some hair dyes, though, the color won’t come off so easily, so you’ll need to repeat this process two or three times.

Method #2: Baking Soda & Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

The second method requires using baking soda and anti-dandruff shampoo. However, these are the two main ingredients, so if you’re interested in the rest of this process, here’s a short guide.

1. Create the Mixture

First thing you need ingredients for your mixture:

  • 1 tablespoon of baking soda
  • 1 tablespoon of anti-dandruff shampoo
  • clarifying product

Once you have them all at hand, pour them into a bowl and mix for a couple of minutes. Make sure that the mixture is stirred well.

2. Apply the Mixture to Your Hair

Unlike the previous method, this doesn’t involve sectioning your hair and using a kit brush. Here, instead, you should wet your hair so it’s damp.

Next, you should put on some gloves and apply the mixture equally, by rubbing it in. Do not forget the inner part, the scalp, and around your ears.

3. Wait & Rinse

After you’ve massaged it in, it’s time to wait. Let this mixture sit on your head for about 20 minutes before rinsing it. While you’re waiting, grab a towel to put on your shoulders, and take a coffee break.

Method #3: Vitamin C & Clarifying Shampoo

The last option involves using vitamin C and clarifying shampoo. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Mix the Vitamin With the Shampoo

First, prepare the mixture:

  • 16 vitamin tablets
  • 1 tablespoon of clarifying shampoo

Use a pill crusher to crush the vitamin C tablets into a bowl, and on top of that, add the tablespoon of clarifying shampoo. Stir it for a couple of minutes until the mixture is ready.

You can also use 1/2 cup of acidic powder instead of vitamin C tablets. Just like baking soda, they all have brightening properties.

2. Apply on Damp Hair

The second step involves applying this mixture to your damp hair. Again, you shouldn’t apply it to completely wet hair, as it will only wash off without any effect.

If your hair is thicker, make sure you rub on the entirety of your hair. The mixture should reach the inner parts as well, so take your time.

3. Let It Sit And Wash Off

Put a grocery bag over your hair, without any of the strands falling out, and let it sit for an hour. If you have long hair, it won’t hurt to add a few more minutes to your wait.

In the meantime, pick up a book or drink some coffee – just don’t fall asleep. When you take off the grocery bag, rinse your hair well, and that’s it.

These were the three most commonly used methods with which you can remove the semi-permanent hair dye. Of course, you shouldn’t neglect hair care.

Additional Hair Care Tips 

Once you have successfully returned to your natural hair color, it’s important not to neglect your old hair care routine,  and continue with tips that will keep your hair looking healthy and shiny.

In case you forgot, here are a couple of haircare do’s.

  • Use chemical-free shampoos: We’ve already stressed this out in this article. All things considered, it’s always better to spend a few more bucks and buy a less-extreme hair care product than to burden your hair with damaging chemicals.
  • Dry your hair naturally: Curls and waves that we make with our blow dryers and curling irons are stunning, sure, but we should also be aware of their damaging effect on our hair. It is actually much healthier to let your hair dry on your own.
  • Trim your hair: According to the recommendation of many hairdressers, you should make a trip to the hair salon every 6-8 weeks to get a trim and get rid of those split ends. This is, of course, a rule of the thumb, and each person’s hair is different.
  • Wear hats and caps: Hair dyes are not the only thing that can overwhelm your hair. During the summer, strong sun rays can actually damage the surface of your hair. For the inside of the house, it is advisable to wear silk caps, especially when you’re asleep.

Sticking to these tips won’t take you long, and they will mean a lot to your hair.

So, How to Get Temporary Hair Dye Out?

We’ve gone through the three most common methods for removing semi-permanent hair dye and a couple of additional hair care tips that you shouldn’t neglect.

Essentially, there are three methods to choose from:

The first one involves buying a color remover, which is a strong chemical as is. The second method relies on mixing baking soda with anti-dandruff shampoo. The third method involves mixing vitamin C with clarifying shampoo.

All three methods are completely DIY appropriate and they won’t take a lot of your time.

Since you’re trying hair dyes, your hair care should be on-point. Don’t forget about proper hair care tips like trimming it regularly, letting it dry on its own, and preferring chemical-free products.

Healthy hair is reflected in choosing the right products and sticking to the routine.

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