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Best Balayage Brush 2022: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Best Balayage Brush 2022: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Top 5 Best Balayage Brushes 2022:

  1. Framar Classic Pink Hair Color Brush 
  2. Framar Power Painter Hair Color Brush 
  3. Diane large tint brush
  4. Framar Family Pack Hair Color Brush Set 
  5. Colortrak Wide Color Brush 

Balayage became an absolute hit a few years ago because it was a game-changer for hairstyle trends. Instead of sitting in the salon for a few hours, we can now have beautiful sun-kissed hair in no time. 

Same as for makeup, a perfect hair coloring style simply can’t be made without proper tools, and that’s where the balayage brushes come in. Undoubtedly, you will achieve excellent saturation and highlights with these brushes. 

As picking the right balayage brush isn’t easy, we decided to help you by creating this ultimate buying guide. We have listed the top 5 balayage brushes and provided you with helpful tips on what to know before getting a balayage brush, so here we go! 

Detailed Reviews: 5 Best Balayage Brushes In 2022

1. Framar Classic Pink Hair Color Brush – Best Overall

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Framar is amongst the leading hair tools manufacturers since 1985. We can easily say they have the best quality hair color brushes. 

Ask any hairstylist – every last one of them would recommend Framar without a doubt. Naturally, this Framar classic pink hair color brush deserves our first place.

For starters, this brush has very soft bristles with tapered edges that you can feather upwards, and they will not leave harsh, chunky lines. This feature makes it perfect for Balayage and similar techniques, but also for other coloring styles that demand precision. 

But even though bristles are soft, the brush is a perfect balance between the soft and stiff to give you that optimal control when coloring.  The brush head has finger dent, which makes it more stable when working. 

The head of the brush is broad enough to cover larger sections of hair, but it’s a little thinner than expected, and so we find it a little uncomfortable to grip on. Nevertheless, it can hold a lot of product, and there’s no mess when working with this brush as it doesn’t drip.

Moreover, it has a convenient pointed end for easier sectioning of hair strands. It’s also effortless to clean and dries quickly. This brush will cost only a few dollars, and will last a long time!


  • Soft bristles
  • Jagged bristle edges
  • Sharp tip for quicker separation
  • No dripping
  • Handy finger dent for a more comfortable grip
  • Easy to clean


  • Thin handle

2. Framar Power Painter Hair Color Brush – Premium Pick

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The brush that proved its value for balayage purposes is this Framar Power Painter brush. We can’t exactly say it’s expensive as the package comes with two quality hair color brushes for only 10$!

The brush itself is more of a traditional paintbrush. Paintbrushes are commonly used amongst the hairstylists as they’re great for different techniques like Balayage and Foilyage. Not only they’re great for larger sections, but they’re also great for creating instant blur!

However, these brushes are not suited for dense and thick hair and are more suitable for fine to medium hair. The excellent thing about this brush is that it has a ton of bristles, which can hold up a lot of product and provide a faster and easier application.

Incredibly soft bristles are ideal for blending and creating a perfect color transition, that looks more natural. There also eliminate any traces of harsh lines. 

Also, they are very flexible, and bristles bend easily, so sometimes they can’t thoroughly saturate the product onto the hair. We recommend going for smaller sections if you have thicker hair.

The handle is wide and shaped for more comfortable holding. It’s made from high-quality plastic material, and the bristles are from synthetic material.

On the other hand, this brush doesn’t have pointed end for hair sectioning, which is a downside for us. That means you have to use additional tools for something that can be quickly done with only one brush. 

Also, it was a little tricky to clean the brush as the bristles are so dense. They also dry slower than other brushes from this category. 


  • Very soft bristles ideal for blending
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Fast application due to wide head
  • Dense bristles
  • Quality materials
  • Perfect for balayage


  • Doesn’t have a pointy handle for separation
  • Can be tricky to clean them

3. Diane large tint brush – Budget-Friendly Choice

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Diane tint brush will make your hair look like you’ve just got out of the salon! First and foremost, the brush is very sturdy and will easily last you for a long time.

The handle is made from high-quality plastic, and the bristles are synthetic. The brush is straightforward to hold as it features finger dent for easier and more comfortable holding. 

However, the handle is a little thinner than we expected and slipped a few times from our hands. The pointed end works fine at separating hair; we just wished it was sharper.

The wide brush head is ideal for fast coverage and covers a lot of hair at once. There’s no mess as this brush isn’t dripping the dye around and can hold a lot of product.

The bristles are stiff and almost work like a comb. So, there’s not much flexibility here, but they are ideal for very thick and dense hair as they won’t bend during the application.

Although soft bristles are better for the balayage technique, it can also be done with this brush. We recommend applying the color using your brush and rubbing it with your fingers to get a better color transition between the layers.


  • Sturdy
  • Easy to hold
  • Ideal for fast coverage
  • Has pointy end for separation
  • Ideal for thick and dense hair


  • Bristles could be more flexible

4. Framar Family Pack Hair Color Brush Set – Amongst the top rated

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We know by now it seems like we prefer Framar, but that’s only because the quality of their brushes is exceptional. This package comes in a set of 3 brushes, and each does a different job. Not to mention how affordable this collection is  –  considering the number of brushes and their quality.

The smallest brush in the set features a metal pin tale for easier separation of the hair and is perfect for mixing dye. The extra-wide brush is ideal for root touch-ups and balayage and will provide a much faster application. The medium-sized brush is a classic Framar brush suitable for almost all kinds of applications. 

All of the brushes have soft, flexible, and jagged bristle edges that will provide smooth application and more natural-looking hair. The bristles won’t break or tangle your hair, and dye is distributed evenly.

However, the bristles are very thin, and overall, the density could be better, in our opinion. The medium brush features finger dent, and the extra-wide and small ones have a thicker and fuller handle for a comfortable grip.

Lastly, brushes are very easy to clean and dry fast. These are reusable quality brushes that would make a perfect addition to your hair dye kit!


  • Three brushes for an affordable price
  • Soft bristles
  • Variety of sizes
  • The pointy end for separation
  • Even dye application
  • Won’t break or tangle hair
  • Jagged edges


  • Low bristle density

5. Colortrak Wide Color Brush – Good value for the price

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The last on our list is this Colortrak wide color brush. This brush is excellent for almost any coloring style, especially for highlights and dying your roots.

For starters, the plastic handle of the brush has a textured rubber cover that will prevent slipping from your hand. It also features a circular finger dent on the head of the brush, which will allow more accessible and more comfortable usage.

The head of the brush is broad, allowing it to cover more surface, which will save you a lot of time. Bristles are rounded and firm and provide a smooth and precise application. They also spread the product nicely and cover each strand of hair perfectly.

However, bristles are too hard, which can be a problem when doing something delicate like Balayage. Also, the hairs are too short and can’t hold too much product, but that’s not a big issue.

Moreover, cleaning the brush is a piece of cake, and it also dries fast. That’s great in terms of durability, as you can reuse it a number of times.

Nevertheless, the brushes are very precise and even have pointed ends for easier hair separation. Furthermore, one package includes three brushes in vibrant colors at a very affordable price, so don’t miss out!


  • Won’t slip from hand
  • Easy to hold
  • Spreads product nicely
  • Very precise
  • Wide brush head


  • Too stiff
  • Bristles are too short

What To Consider Before Buying Balayage Brush

Best Balayage Brushes

Brush Size And Shape

A wider brush can paint larger surfaces, and you will get the job done faster. In contrast, smaller brushes are for more precise and delicate applications and are perfect for mixing the hair dye. 

The shape of the brush’s head and angle of the bristles are beneficial for a particular hair coloring style. For example, smaller, angled brushes are perfect for highlights and harsh lines, and broader brushes are suitable for roots and dying larger pieces of hair.

Bristle Edges

The edges of the bristles are essential for saturation of the hair. For example, if you are doing Foliyage or Balayage, you will definitely want to use a brush with jagged bristles. That’s because these types of brushes offer a more subtle transition between the colors, and they can feather out the product without leaving the harsh lines.

On the other hand, flat, thicker brushes are for equal and precise tint applications. It all really depends on the hairstyle you are doing and the hue transition you want to achieve. While all types can achieve a particular look, it’s easier to have a suitable brush for the job.

We always recommend jagged, wispy brush bristles when doing more artistic and not so definite highlights, as they will give more natural transition between the colors. Whereas, if you want more defined highlights, use the ones with flat edges.

Brush Handle

The shape and thickness of the brush handle can determine how easy it will be to get a grip on it. If the brush handle isn’t ergonomic, then dyeing process will be very uncomfortable, especially if you are doing something that will take time to create.

The brush with a thin stem and flat handle can easily slip from your hands, even more so if you’re wearing gloves. Aim for ones that have dents on the head of the brush, so you can grab on it more leisurely and hold it more comfortably while dying hair.

Bristle Material

Synthetic bristle brushes are more suitable for medium to rough hair. They’re designed for heavy loads and dense saturations. They have many bristles built-in, which will ensure a lot more product saturation and faster application. 

In contrast, natural bristles are better for fine to medium hair. They provide gentler kind of saturation, and are ideal for transition areas and softening the flow of the product.

Those who are beginners at the Balayage technique will find this brush very helpful.

Soft Vs. Hard Bristles

The softness of the brush is essential in terms of brush flexibility. Flexibility is responsible for distributing the hair dye across the hair. Sturdy brushes are best for applying the color on your roots, while flexible bristles give that soft and smooth transition across the hair strands.


Buying one quality brush is a good investment, but buying a brush with accessories like a plastic bowl, comb, smaller and bigger brushes is profitable. Not only do you get a good quality brush in the package, but you also get all the necessary stuff for dyeing your hair at an affordable price.

What Is Balayage?

Balayage is a hair coloring technique, and it’s a French word meaning ‘to paint’ or ‘to sweep.’ ‘To balayage’ hair means gently sweeping through your hair locks with hair dye, giving them that sun-kissed look. It should be very soft at the roots, leading to thicker and lighter highlights at the ends. 

Balayage is a more free-hand and artistic technique and isn’t done with precision, unlike highlights. With this hair coloring technique, you are merely underlining your natural hair tone rather than completely changing it.

What Is The Difference Between Ombre and Balayage?

Ombre is also a French word that means ‘shading’ or ‘shaded.’ Ombre hair is lighter at the ends and goes darker towards the roots. 

Balayage is a coloring technique by which you will achieve an ombre look. So, technically, ombre is an effect or the result of balayage. But an ombre look is not necessarily made with balayage. You can also achieve ombre by dip-dyeing your ends a few shades lighter.

Why Using The Right Brush Matters

Choosing the proper brush for the job is crucial for ensuring excellent results. That’s because different brushes are designed for different uses (same as with makeup). They’re designed with different materials in various shapes and sizes, making them a better fit to work with a specific type of hair or perform particular techniques.

If you’re trying to use a particular brush for something that it isn’t designed to do will not give you the best results. That’s like using a concealer brush for blending eye shadow. While it can be done, it certainly won’t give you the expected results.

Final Thoughts And Recommendations

Every hair coloring technique demands a good brush, and as you can see, there are some essential factors to watch out for when buying one for balayage. 

A few things are certain – an excellent balayage brush has to have an ergonomic handle, and quality soft bristles, if you want to have a good color transition.

Choosing the best hair coloring brushes for balayage was not easy as there are many excellent brushes on the market. Still, we are confident in our choices as every single one of them was carefully tested. 

You clearly won’t make a mistake whichever you choose, as they’re all fantastic and get the job done pretty well. Now it’s time for our recommendations:

Best Overall: Framar Classic Pink Hair Color Brush

  • The absolute classic and our favorite for this round is this Framar Pink hair color brush. A wide brush head makes it perfect for smooth application. Moreover, edges are tapered for precise lines, and bristles are soft. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best brushes for balayage, and we can’t wait for you to try it out!

Premium Pick: Framar Power Painter Hair Color Brush

  • There are a few reasons why this Framar Power Painter hair color brush is in our second place. The package includes a set of two brushes with ergonomic handles for comfortable usage. The brush can cover a big surface, so your hair will be done in no time! Also, the bristles are dense and soft, which makes it perfect for blending and balayage. The price is worth it if you ask us, as you get not only one ideal brush – but two of them!

Budget-Friendly Choice: Diane large tint brush

  • Diane tint brush is amongst the best hair coloring brushes out there and still very affordable. Stiff bristles allow you to push a hair dye into every little strand of your hair and make a perfect color transition. The brush is robust, and the bristles are very well incorporated. Pointed end allows you to separate your hair quickly, and the brush itself has a circular dent on the head so your hand won’t slip away during the dying process!