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Best Eyelid Tape 2022: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Best Eyelid Tape 2022: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Top 5 Best Eyelid Tapes 2022:

  1. D-UP Wonder Eyelid Tape
  2. Toullgo Double Eyelid Sticker Kit
  3. ZMBeauty 400Pcs Natural invisible Single Side Eyelid Tape
  4. Beauty Logic USA Ultra Invisible Eyelid Tape
  5. Pormasbenzer 1344pcs Eyelid Tape

Eyelid tape may seem new on the US market, but we assure you it isn’t. It’s been around for quite some time, but the popularity rose only in the last two or three decades.

What are eyelid tapes used for, even? They are these small, clear strips with adhesive. They’re used to create a crease on your upper lid. The eyelid tape is used when the upper lid doesn’t naturally have a fold. These eyelids are called monolids or double eyelids.

In some Asian countries, like Korea, having that fold on your upper lid is considered desirable. That’s why the eyelid tape is a booming industry in Korea – but it’s got quite some fame in the US, too.

Of course, they can be used to make your eyes seem more open and wider. So, it can be implemented in virtually any beauty routine.

That got you interested, so you decided to try to use some to make your eyes pop. But, there is the problem – with so many products on the market, how are you supposed to choose?

Luckily, you don’t have to – we did good research and found the best eyelid tape! All you have to do is continue reading!

Detailed Reviews: 5 Best Eyelid Tapes In 2022

1. D-UP Wonder Eyelid Tape – Best Eyelid Tape

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D-UP’s eyelid tape does wonders, as the name would have it. This product made such a boom in Germany (where this product is originally from), that we couldn’t wait for it to arrive in the United States!

D-UP’s bestseller tape is a double-sided type of tape. That means it’s never visible, even if you’re a newbie at taping up your eyelids. Double-sided can be a bit difficult to apply if you’re a rookie, but this tape is great and we’d dare to say, easily-applicable. 

Dual eyelid or a crease was never closer than with D-UP’s product. This eyelid tape is perfectly safe to use and if you’re worried it might move during the day – we assure you, it will not. It’s very high-quality and ideal for monolids and droopy lids. It will even and create a seamless look on anyone!

It’s durable and waterproof – so it’s ideal to wear even if you’re at a wedding and plan to dance all night. Some tears of joy or sweat from dancing? Not a deal-breaker for this tape!

D-UP double-sided tape made such a boom in Japan, we have no doubts it will make one too in the US! We couldn’t possibly find any flaw in this product!


  • Double-sided so it’s not visible
  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Bestseller


  • None whatsoever!

2. Toullgo Double Eyelid Sticker Kit – High-End Eyelid Tape Kit

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Toullgo’s double eyelid tape is not a tape per se, but a tape kit. This is our premium, high-end choice. Sometimes, the more expensive product doesn’t offer much more than a medium-priced one, but with Toullgo, that is not the case. With this high-quality kit, you get three amazing products, and we’ll walk you through each one.

First, you get 360 pieces of double-sided, waterproof eyelid tapes. That’s 180 pairs, so if you decide to wear it daily, you’re set for the next six months – great, right? Also, since the tape is double-sided, you don’t have to worry about the tape being visible when you’re out on the town.

Next, you get an eyelid styling cream. The cream acts like a frost and “styles” your eyelids to have a larger crease. This is especially great if you have monolids, and want to create a more dramatic look.

Lastly, you get a small, fork-like tool that is your assistant in applying tape or the styling cream. Just gently push it in where you want your crease to be and voila! There’s your deeper crease. The only flaw of this product? It doesn’t come with instructions!


  • Waterproof
  • Styling cream and fork included
  • Not visible due to double adhesive
  • Great quality


  • No instruction manual

3. ZMBeauty 400Pcs Natural invisible Single Side Eyelid Tape – Affordable Eye Lift

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ZMBeauty created an eyelid tape that got our motors running. This eyelid tape is our top affordable choice. A misconception is that a cheaper, budget-friendly product doesn’t do the job as well as an expensive one.

ZMBeauty’s product is so great, and will easily prove you wrong. This time, we’re talking about a single-sided tape of exceptional quality.

We know that large, creased eyelids are not the norm, but they are somewhat popular. This is the ideal eyelid tape for those who want to create gorgeous makeup looks the easier way.

As we age, the eyelids are not as good-looking as they used to be, and they tend to become saggy. Surgery is not an option for everyone – but this tape offers surgical effects in just a minute.

The single-sided tape is a little more visible than double-sided, keep that in mind if you’re thinking of buying this product. On the other hand, it’s so much easier to apply this tape. It will take less time to create a great crease!

What’s more important – it’s waterproof and durable. It will survive hot summers or working out – whatever activity you need the tape to pull through – it will!


  • Exceptional quality
  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Easy to apply


  • Visible when applied

4. Beauty Logic USA Ultra Invisible Eyelid Tape – Simple Choice

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Beauty Logic is a US-based company that made so many amazing products. These tapes should be your go-to choice if you have no idea what to buy. This product has a satisfying quality, and it does the job it’s hired to do.

So, the now-improved formula made it perfect for anyone. The adhesive will not irritate even the most sensitive skin. You’ll be pleased to know that the product is latex-free, vegan-friendly, and made with a cruelty-free certificate.

Sometimes, you can buy a tape that doesn’t really work for your eye size. Luckily, Beauty Logic USA thought of this – so there are four sizes of this eyelid tape available: small, medium, large and extra-large.

Celebrities are never seen with droopy, saggy eyelids. The reason behind that is that they go under an expensive procedure to make their crease perfect. That is deemed unnecessary now, thanks to eyelid tape.

This eyelid tape is waterproof, and stays put for up to 18 hours – so it will survive a party, a wedding, whatever you need it to. Makeup is easily applied over it and it’s easily applicable, too since it’s single-sided. Do note that single-sided tapes can be visible.


  • High quality
  • Waterproof
  • Durable up to 18 hours
  • Easily applicable


  • Tape can be visible when applied

5. Pormasbenzer 1344pcs Eyelid Tape – Best Value Pack

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Pormasbenzer is one of the best eyelid tapes out there – without a doubt. This product is so great, it’s a must-have for anyone who’s involved in wearing eyelid tape regularly.

This product is an absolute winner in our value-pack category. We know how important it is to have a value pack of things you use the most.

If you like to use eyelid tape often, you’d be pleased to know that this pack has 1344 single pieces of tape. So, you’re good eyelid tape-wise for more than two years if you apply it daily – wow!

There are 4 different types of tape included in this pack: two packs of single-sided as well as two packs of double-sided tape. One pack of each is slim tape, and the other is wide.

This is an especially great product if you’re new at applying tape and haven’t yet figured out what your needs for eyelid tape are. The value pack offers a variety of easily applicable tape – something for everyone!

Do note that these tapes, however waterproof, aren’t very durable. They will stay put for a few hours, but not the whole day so keep this in mind if you’re serious about buying this tape.


  • Waterproof
  • Easily applicable
  • 4 different tapes
  • Value pack


  • Not long-lasting when applied

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What To Keep In Mind When You’re Buying Eyelid Tape

Best Eyelid Tape

We’ve already discussed what eyelid taps are used for. Sure, they’re a great product – and a holy grail for so many people across the world.

The most common misconception is that the eyelid tapes are used only by people with monolids. That is not true – there are so many other reasons to use it.

Who Is Eyelid Tape Meant For?

For example, people with a small crease can certainly benefit from using eyelid tape. It can create a larger crease, which will visibly make the eye seem larger and brighter.

And those that already have a crease, can make their eye shape a little different from the eyelid tape. It may seem like it’s rather hard, but we assure you it’s not. Sure, it takes some trial and error, but it’s not rocket science, either.

Those dealing with droopy eyelids – that can happen for several reasons. Some are genetics, and some are due to aging. However, it can affect your confidence if your eyelids start sagging at some point. Also, makeup is not as easy to apply when your eyelids are droopy, but some tape can help you create a better look.

And one more case: did you know your whole face is uneven? Your lips or your eyes, and it can even be visibly noticeable – to you, and others as well. One lid can have a good, large crease, and the other can have a tiny, almost nonexistent crease.

It can affect your makeup look – because it can be challenging to apply makeup evenly when the eyes are so uneven. But this great little tool will be of service to you to create a better makeup look!

Now, let’s talk about things to keep in mind when you’re choosing eyelid tape for yourself.

Color Of The Tape

There are two colors available: nude-colored tape and the transparent one. If you ask for our honest and unbiased opinion, always go for the transparent one.

Transparent tape is less likely to be noticeable by others, as it will fit in with your skin tone, whatever it is. On the other hand, the nude tape is usually nude-toned for someone who has fair skin. If your skin tone is not fair, it will be very noticeable and you will create a bad look for yourself.

So, if you’re thinking about the color – just go for the transparent eyelid tape. You will not make a mistake if you buy some see-through tape, but with nude – you can choose poorly!

Type Of Eyelid Tape

On the global market, there are three different types of eyelid tape, and we’ll discuss each one of them so you can figure out what is the best choice for you.

First, eyelid tape can be divided into two basic categories: single-sided and double-sided. The difference is that single-sided tape has adhesive on one side, and double-sided eyelid tape has adhesive on both sides.

So, single-sided tape exists in two varieties: pre-cut and tape roll.

The pre-cut single-sided tape is pretty easy to use. This is the type you should go for if you’re a beginner in this. They’re easy to apply and don’t take much trial and error to figure out what’s your best look. Do note that this is the most visible type of eyelid tape.

Single-sided tape roll is a little harder to figure out than the pre-cut variety. It will annoy you at first, but it comes with certain benefits. The first one is – you will likely not require to buy it ever again because this roll virtually lasts forever. It can be visible as well, so keep that in mind as well. 

As for the double-sided tape, we recommend using it if you’re a bit of a pro in applying the tape. It’s tricky to apply it, even if you applied the single-sided tape for years. This is the toughest type to apply, so keep that in mind if you’re looking at some double tapes.

However, they have some benefits too. They are not visible at all, hence why this is the most popular type of eyelid tape in Japan. Also, this type of tape is a little more on the expensive side, but in our humble opinion, it’s completely worth it. 

Be Careful About The Sheen

Some tapes are matte and therefore, not visible at all. But some low-quality tapes will reflect when in direct exposure to sun or light and create a bad look on you.

Be smart – don’t cheap out when buying this product. If the tape is light-reflective, you will look unprofessional. Spend a little more money on some good quality tape for the best results.

Extra tip: pick an eyelid tape that has a smooth surface to it. A smooth surface will be easier to cover up with makeup and so on.

How To Use Eyelid Tape – Tips And Tricks

As we already said, it can be a bit tricky to apply eyelid tape. So, here are our top tips:

  • Apply tape only on a clean, makeup-less area – it will stick on better;
  • Apply eyeliner on your upper lash line to make the tape less noticeable;
  • Consider wearing false eyelashes to further draw attention from the tape in your crease.

And that’s that. You can easily use makeup over the tape – after all, you can create so many fabulous looks with eyelid tape!

Best Eyelid Tape – Conclusion

To conclude, we did it – we found the best eyelid tapes ever! It was super-hard for us – there are so, so many great options for eyelid tapes on the market.

We hope our ‘what to keep in mind when you’re buying eyelid tape’ section helped you figure out what your needs are. But don’t beat yourself up trying to figure it out – just pick one of our top five eyelid tapes and you will not make a mistake – believe us!

However, now is the time to pronounce our top three. Without any further delay, here they are:

Best Overall: D-UP Wonder Eyelid Tape 

  • There’s a reason why this eyelid tape won the ‘best overall’ category. A bestseller in Japan is taking over the world, and it’s so good we’re glad it is!

Premium Pick: Toullgo Double Eyelid Sticker Kit 

  • Toullgo’s eyelid tape kit is our premium choice for getting your crease on. This kit is suitable for everyone and super-easy to use, try it and you’ll love it for sure!

Budget-Friendly Choice: ZMBeauty 400Pcs Natural invisible Single Side Eyelid Tape

  • ZMBeauty single-sided tape is our number-one choice if you need eyelid tape without getting the credit card involved. It’s affordable and high quality – what’s not to like!