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Best Japanese Mascara 2022: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Best Japanese Mascara 2022: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Top 5 Best Japanese Mascaras 2022:

  1. Dejavu Fiberwig Ultra Long Mascara – Pure Black
  2. Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara Super WP 01 Jet Black
  3. Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara
  4. PDC Pmel Essence Mascara Base
  5. KOJI Dolly Wink Volume Mascara Black

Beauty is impressive even to the one who doesn’t behold it. Every lady wants to look cute and feel good. The manicure, pedicure, and hairdressing make every woman beautiful. Still, one small part matters the eyelashes.

The identity of a person is in his or her eyes. Most people are keen on the appearance of the eyes. Cosmetics are mandatory investments in the fashion and beauty industry. Mascara is one of the cosmetics on demand for thickening, dying, and curling the eyelashes.

In the history of cosmetics and fashion, mascara predates the Bible. The Arabs of the pre-bible days used kohl to darken their eyes, eyebrows, and eyelashes with a spiritual connotation of scaring away the evil spirits. The scientist Eugene Rimmel takes credit for developing and popularizing the mascara in the 19th century.

Today, mascara is available in the market in numerous brands that may render one confused on which type to buy. You cannot do a trial and error with a sensitive organ like the eye. Therefore, you need to Tbe enlightened on some of the best options of mascara to buy.

This review will keep you posted on the five top products to consider as you shop for mascara. The five varieties of mascara reviewed are some of the best-sellers manufactured in Japan with recent technology. Most brands have been in the market for long, and have been improved to correct their past shortcomings. Innovations inspired by advancing technology have made a difference in the manufacture of mascara.

The needs of customers have also influenced the improvisation of cosmetics that provide amicable solutions. Especially, considering the adverse side effects the conventional mascara varieties had on the users, there has been a need to make new varieties that resolve the identified usage conflicts.

The unique nature of the eyes of some people needs to be addressed. This review is also intentional to help you pick the best mascara that suits your needs from a range of options.

Detailed Reviews: 5 Best Japanese Mascaras In 2022

1. Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara Super WP 01 Jet Black

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Heroine Super WP Mascara is a quality product from Japan. It is shipped in one pack weighing 2.1 ounces.

This formula is a super waterproof product thanks to its unique ingredient – Super Guard Polymer. It prevents smudging all day long because it is resistant against oils, sweat, tears, water, and abrasion.

Heroine Mascara exhibits a super dynamic lengthening effect separating lashes without clumps. It has four natural eyelash essence ingredients: Royal jelly extract, Camellia oil, Wild rose oil and Argan oil. They guard your sensitive lashes against damage when you apply makeup.

Do you want your lashes to remain curled upward longer? Then take advantage of the curl locking memory-shape polymer ingredient for great results. Heroine Mascara curls, lengthens, separates, volumes, and lifts your lashes keeping them in a conspicuous position. It is one of the best sellers. Order your package now.

2. PDC Pmel Essence Mascara Base

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PDC Pmel Essence Mascara Base is a must-buy mascara for dramatic eyelashes. It makes your eyelashes curl and remain firm all-day. Get rid of clumps and avoid smudging for an excellent finish.

Use the versatile brush in the pack to layer and polish up your lashes properly.

The formula is eye-friendly and easy to remove. It encompasses all the essential properties: curling, lengthening, and thickening. Let your lashes define your countenance with PDC Pmel Essence Mascara

3. Dejavu Fiberwig Ultra Long Mascara – Pure Black

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This lovely Mascara ships from Japan and comes in 7.2g/0.25oz pack. It is a new improvement for intense lengthening. Dejavu Fiberwig Mascara is developed with Eyelash Film Technology to coat the lashes in a beautiful film. This mascara features a clump-free formula that lengthens lashes. It is free of smudge and comes with an ultra-long brush that extends to the roots of lashes.

Dejavu Fiberwig keeps off any sweat and sebum away from your lashes for absolute freshness. Enjoy enhanced beauty with the distinct natural false-lash finish. You can easily remove Dejavu Mascara by lukewarm water while keeping your lashes safe.

Do you have squinty eyes, and other mascaras have been leaving a residue under your eyes? Dejavu Fiberwig is the best option. For those who detest the waterproof varieties, you have a recommendable option. If you use glasses, you can be sure of no dark spots underneath.

4. KOJI Dolly Wink Volume Mascara Black

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Here is another popular Japanese mascara you can sample. This is a nice option for coating lashes smoothly. Volume up and improve your looks while protecting your eyelashes with this top seller.

KOJI Dolly Wink Mascara is a suitable proof against water, sweat, and tears. The finish is incredible with jet black bright eyes.

5. Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara

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This award-winning Mascara has been a top seller in Japan since it won the Best Cosme Award in 2009. Kiss me Heroine Mascara is a global solution to many ladies who cherish its exceptional properties. It protects your eyelashes from sweat, grease, water, and tears.

Kiss Me Heroine Mascara is a pure fiber-in black mascara that curls eyelashes keeping them in position. The polymer fibers in Kiss Me Heroine lengthen eyelashes by 120%. This mascara is waterproof and easy to apply. Kiss Me Mascara contains Camellia Japonica seed oil and Chamomile Recutita flower extract. These ingredients moisturize and smoothen eyelashes.

Many customers who have mono-lids have found a lifetime solution for their eyelashes. Thus, if your eyelid has been pushing the curl down when you apply other mascaras, try this. Need a lightweight, curl-maintaining, durable mascara? Kiss Me Heroine Mascara is a perfect choice for your eyelashes. Make an order online, pay, and get your delivery on time.

What Should You Look For In A Mascara?

Volumizing Mascara

  • Want to enlarge your lashes? Choose a mascara with a thick buildable formula. Use a dense brush to plump up individual lashes with the product. Apply enough coats of the mascara while it is still wet so that it doesn’t get flaky and clumpy.

Lengthening Mascara

  • If you want your short lashes to appear longer than they are naturally, then you need a lengthening mascara. Select a fiber mascara that will attach fibers to the lashes adding length. Other mascaras make lashes appear fluttery. Apply the formula with the brush, gliding it gradually from root to the end so that each hair tip is coated.

Curling Mascara

  • Have straight lashes that don’t curl easily? A lash curler might be quite uncomfortable, and you want to avoid the pinching feeling. Then your best option is a mascara that is purposely made for curling.

Waterproof Mascara

  • Do you go workouts and sweat a lot? Are you a crier? A smudge on your cheeks would be quite embarrassing. Waterproof mascara is all you need. A non-smudging formula is ideal for you to repel sweat and tears. Perhaps you are a bit reluctant to use a waterproof formula, fearing to have problems removing it. Well, when you want to wash it off, use an oily cleansing balm. You massage your lashes with it gently, then rinse it away.


  • Formulation entails how the formula of the product reacts with the eyelashes of an individual. Each mascara exhibits different reaction from one woman to another.
  • All mascaras use similar essential ingredients: pigments, film formers, and wax. However, to achieve specific purposes of different mascaras, the combination ratios vary.
  • Need a mascara that is easy to remove? Go for water-soluble formula. They are easy to layer and wash off without clumps or flaking.
  • Do you prefer a waterproof product? In addition to the standard ingredients, waterproof formulas have a new compound – dodecane is one of the best. Dodecane is a hydrocarbon (used in jet fuels) that is insoluble in water.

Nature Of The Mascara Brush

  • The size, shape, and material of the brush you use to apply mascara matters. For some users, it is a giant fat brush that works while others need a small skinny brush. To increase the volume of your lashes, you need a wand with long bristles. A short-bristle wand will make you apply several coats, leading to clumps.
  • In terms of size and shape, a universal fit for all eye shapes and sizes is a medium-sized, densely-packed wand with a pointed tip.
  • Have short, thin lashes? A wand made of rubber or silicone is ideal – more mascara is dispensed on your eyelashes.
  • Have thick, long lashes? You need a wand made of cushiony material. Your lashes push back on the wand easily to pick up much of the product.

Best Japanese Mascara

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Mascara

1. A Long-lasting Mascara

  • Every lady prefers a mascara that keeps them going throughout the day. Choose a formula with high-quality ingredients that can hold lashes on your desired position for long hours. Thorough research on several products may be helpful.

2. Ease Of Application

  • A good mascara should be easy to apply. The wand should match the size and shape of your eye. It should maneuver through your eyelashes without poking or clumping. If you want to remove often and apply a formula, the water-soluble variety is better than its waterproof counterpart, which takes more time. Often, personal bias prevails, but also diversifying is okay.

3. Duration Of Drying

  • In a busy world, everyone wants makeup products that don’t waste time. A mascara that dries fast yet provides an allowance for one to finish applying enough layers without drying is preferable. Save time as you prepare for the day.

4. Ease Of Cleaning

  • It is disgusting to struggle to scrub mascara off your eyes in the evening while feeling sleepy. The hard-to-remove mascara may affect your eyelashes or damage your eyelid. Buy a mascara that is easy to remove and doesn’t smudge. What if you often arrive home late and sleepy? Purchase a user-friendly formula that you can wash without difficulty.

5. Not Clumpy

  • The next time you shop for a mascara, go for one that does not look clumpy. A quality mascara contains a moisturizer, such as emollient. It strengthens and stretches the eyelashes.

6. Genuine Formula

  • In the flooded global market, beware of counterfeits and low-quality commodities. Fake products come at reasonable prices and luring descriptions. Beauty is costly, but you should always go for the best because, on the other hand, cheap is expensive. Authentic products are made of the right ingredients in their correct proportions. They are also endorsed by relevant authorities such as the FDA. Also, check the demand and customer feedback. Your eye is a sensitive organ, and using any adulterated product may cost you more on optical procedures. Check the labels for quality assurance and pick the best formula.

7. Quality

  • Ever been disappointed by a makeup product? It feels terrible. Don’t go for the conventional mascara variants that are all over the place. Look for unique products to stand out. Apart from the formula, also check the wand for easy application. A high-quality mascara ensures a super sexy look. That’s the desire of every lady.

Favorite Mascara Tips

Are you a mascara enthusiast? Here are a few hacks we want to share with you for an enjoyable experience during your makeup time. It’s not just about applying but also how you do it, to optimize the benefits and attract people all day.

Baby The Eyelashes

  • Want your mascara to cling to the lashes? Using a little shadowy brush, dust those lashes with a baby powder within the coat of mascara. Your lashes will look thicker and more attractive.

Mix And Match Formulas

  • A cocktail of mascaras may give you the incredible finish that you are always pursuing.

De-clump The Lashes

  • It is not uncommon to experience flakes and clumps. Undo the spider eyes and clumping by combing the lashes with a toothbrush.

Take Time To Layer

  • Go beyond the front side of the lashes. Layer the backside of your lashes for a thickening effect. Add another front coat for more volume and lift.

Lay It On The Line

  • Want to line it up entirely? An angled eyeliner brush will do you right. Dip it into a mascara tube and line your eyes, clearing every pinch. You can curl and separate with one formula, volumize and thicken with another, then wide up with a waterproof formula. However, it’s good to try each of the products separately before the blend. To blend nicely, you may require a wand for each formula.

Twirl It

  • A standard tip you might have heard! Pumping your formula quickly every day is detrimental. Air easily penetrates the product and spreads bacteria. As you layer, pull up the wand and twirl it gently to distribute the formula evenly. Your health comes first, even as you enhance your looks.

Snap It

  • This sounds rather unimpressive, but it works: snap your brush accordingly! Bend the tip gently to let the wand catch up with the places that are hard to access. Maneuver the unreached corners of your eyes for a uniform stratum.

Guard Against Smudges

  • Use a liner or improvise (a card would do) to keep your eyelid still as you layer.

Customize Your Lash Look

  • To curl up, wiggle your wand. To coat the lashes for a smooth, natural finish, hold the rod vertically. Hold it horizontally to thicken.

Heat It And Replace Your Wand

  • Is your mascara getting clumpy? Tighten the cap and position the tube into a glass of hot water as you apply the liner to smoothen it. A three-month-old wand requires replacement for hygiene and efficiency. Toast it and renew it now!

What’s The Best Product?

The best overall, among our top 5 products, is the Dejavu Fiberwig Ultra Long Mascara – Pure Black. This formula is a great innovation that provides ultimate solutions. No matter the nature of your eyes, you can comfortably use it. It comes with a user-friendly brush that leads to an excellent finish.

The budget pick is the Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara Super WP 01 Jet Black. The formula displays an array of fundamental features. It is a must-buy for all and remains the top seller because of its incredible features and competitive price.

The runner-up of the roundup is the Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara. This product is cherished for its lengthening property. Also, it corrects clumpy lashes and maintains curls.


You cannot exclude mascara from your makeup bag. Do away with all the disappointing products and get yourself a formula that does what it says. An excellent package should comprise of a quality formula and a user-friendly brush.

Now you know what to look for in a mascara and what to consider when shopping. Apply practical hands-on skills for the best results. Navigate the beauty aisle to spot your best match of mascara and enhance the glamour.

Grab one or more of the five Japanese mascara that we have reviewed here. Look cute and remain fresh for longer with Japanese mascara. Choose wisely, buy quality, look elegant all day long!