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Best Korean Foundation 2022: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Best Korean Foundation 2022: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Top 5 Best Korean Foundations 2022:

  1. Missha Magic Cushion Cover Lasting Foundation
  2. Etude House New Double Lasting Foundation
  3. TROIAREUKE A+ Cushion Foundation
  4. Touch In Sol Advanced Liquid Foundation
  5. Touch In Sol No Pore Blem Primer + Advanced Real Moisture Liquid Foundation (#21 Set)

Here’s the question: Does make up make you feel beautiful?

It depends on who you ask. Some say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, while others feel beauty is only skin deep. Of course, if you’re a woman who cares about her appearance, you don’t want to walk around with a face only a mother could love. You always want to put your best face forward and that could include applying some form of makeup.

Wearing makeup has been known to boost a woman’s confidence by making them feel more physically appealing. This sense of feeling physically attractive can contribute to an increase in self-esteem and ultimately change a woman’s personality. Not only can makeup change a woman’s personality, applying it can be somewhat therapeutic.

Remember those days as a little child when you sat in the mirror and played with your mother’s makeup. Those were fun times. Just because you’re an adult, doesn’t mean you have to give up those fun moments. Sitting in the mirror playing in your own makeup while experimenting with new looks, can be therapeutic, fun and teach you new ways to apply your makeup.

Makeup has been an influence in beauty culture since the ancient egyptian times. The makeup rituals of ancient times still have strong influences today. Those movies with Elizabeth Taylor dressed as Cleopatra is a prime example of how makeup influences have transitioned from ancient times to modern times.

Some of the beauty tips that were used in ancient Egyptian periods are Incorporated in today’s makeup routines. For example, the eyeliner Around The Ridges of the eyes to create a smokey eye effect. From this ancient ritual, the beauty industry has become a multi billion dollar business.

The starting point for any makeup routine is the foundation. It is important to choose the best foundation color, texture and minerals for your skin type. I like selecting foundations that nourish my skin but don’t clog my pores. Since I have acne prone skin, I always choose foundations that are good for that reason.

Detailed Reviews: 5 Best Korean Foundations In 2022

1. TROIAREUKE A+ Cushion Foundation

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This ultra hydrating makeup is great for all skin types. Whether you have extremely dry, oily or combination skin types, this foundation is a great fit for your skin. It is designed to give your skin the tender loving care it deserves. This lightweight formula provides natural coverage to conceal skin imperfections. The extracts of centella, tea tree and marigold soothes and whitens the skin and reduces wrinkles.

This makeup offers the skin residual effects that last beyond usage. There is nothing more frustrating than applying makeup that looks smooth in the morning, then by lunch time it is cakey and makes you look unfinished. The cushion foundation is focused on skin care.

It enhances the beauty of your skin and doesn’t cover it up. It offers SPF50 for protection from harmful UV rays. It gives you a dewy fresh look all day. It blends perfectly with the skin giving a glowing airbrushed look that doesn’t make the skin look dry and prevents dehydration for the skin.

The hypoallergenic properties in this makeup prevents acne breakouts and skin irritations. The redness and pimples that some makeup causes can be unsightly and embarrassing. This makeup is recommended for sensitive skin because it helps to prevent acne breakouts. If you are needing extra coverage, you are able to build the makeup to your desired coverage level for the perfect look.

You are able to apply extra coverage without your skin feeling clogged with excessive makeup. The ingredients in the makeup helps to reduce the excessive sebum that causes acne. This makeup is an all-around perfect pick for individuals with oily and acne-prone skin. The long-lasting coverage of the makeup ensures that you’re able to maintain your perfect look from sun up to sun down.

2. Touch In Sol Advanced Liquid Foundation

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It’s always fun and exciting to try makeup that is used by highly acclaimed makeup artists. After all, you figure, if a makeup is good enough for a makeup artist and a celebrity, it should be good enough for you.

This advanced liquid formula is a makeup that is highly recommended by makeup artists and beauty editors. It is perfect for any complexion and is lightweight with a hydrating formula to nourish the skin. The creamy rich formula moisturizes your skin without making it feel oily or greasy.

It provides buildable coverage to conceal any scars and the ingredients help to combat skin irritations and acne breakouts. The buildable coverage of this makeup helps to color correct any red patches on the skin and conceals unsightly blemishes to leave you with flawless skin. The makeup provides a perfect match for your skin tone and gives you a dewy fresh look.

You can beat your face to perfection by applying a base or primer and just the right amount of this advanced formula foundation.The smooth formula easily blends into your skin by dabbing it all over your face. The water holding technology of this makeup retains moisture of the skin which helps to prevent wrinkles. It has skin lightening properties that allow your skin to glow beyond the usage of this makeup.

The SPF formula helps to block harmful UV rays from the skin and from elements from the environment. It does not contain any parabens, oils or animal ingredients. The formula of this makeup ensures that your skin will be protected as you use it.

This makeup is recommended for individuals with drier skin and lasts for up to eight hours. It is an excellent solution for women who have dry skin and want to introduce moisture into their makeup routine without an oily buildup.

3. Touch In Sol No Pore Blem Primer + Advanced Real Moisture Liquid Foundation (#21 Set)

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There’s nothing like a good makeup primer. Primers are an excellent way to get a smoother and more flawless look when applying your makeup. They help to even out the skin surface so your makeup goes on smoother and finishes more perfectly.

The touch in Sol no pore blem primer is designed to minimize your pores and provides a smooth airbrushed finish for your makeup application.There are some primers that you can use without makeup. These primers are color correcting and can make your skin look more even. Unfortunately not every woman is born with perfectly flawless skin.

I know myself personally, I have visible pores that I desperately try to cover up every time I apply my makeup. It’s nice to have a primer that helps reduce the appearance of pores and allows your makeup to be smooth and even. This lightweight primer provides seamless coverage to your skin and leaves it looking flawless with a glowing effect. It is infused with collagen to help maintain the skin’s elasticity. As we age, our bodies produce less collagen, having a makeup primer such as touch in Sol helps to increase the collagen in our skin.

The touch in Sol primer functions in three ways. It whitens the skin, prevents wrinkles and blocks harmful UV rays from affecting the skin’s surface. The SPF30 in this primer ensures advanced protection from the elements of the environment.

If you have large pores or suffer with deeper wrinkles, that’s not a problem for this makeup primer. The ingredients in this primer covers up large pores and reduces the appearance of wrinkles to provide a smoother and more even finish to your makeup. This long-lasting primer allows you to build to your desired coverage level. You can build this primer without it looking cakey and clumpy.

4. Missha Magic Cushion Cover Lasting Foundation

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I, personally, love makeup foundations that provide the right amount of matte finish with the perfect combination of dewy freshness. For me, a makeup formula that is too matte makes me look cakey and dry. Even though I have oily skin, I still like to balance a matte finish with a dewy fresh airbrushed look.

The missha magic cushion foundation provides a perfect combination of matte coverage with the perfect balance of hydrating properties. While this foundation comes in powder form, it still provides moisturization to the skin. It provides the perfect combination of coverage and oil control. This foundation is great at hiding those little imperfections on the skin and brightens the skin to avoid a dull cakey look.

It has an SPF 50 formula to protect against the harmful UV rays of the environment. The silica bead powder formula helps to control sweat and shine while wearing the makeup throughout the day. It also helps to reduce the sebum in the skin which helps to prevent acne breakouts and skin irritation.

It is great for hours of long-wear and has excellent adherence to the skin. The ingredients of bamboo water and baobab fruit extract help the skin maintain the much-needed moisture for the entire day. Due to the highly concentrated pigments in this makeup, a little goes a long way. You’re able to apply the appropriate amount needed for your skin’s coverage.

If you need to build on this foundation, you’re able to do so without it being clumpy on the skin. The makeup is so concentrated that there is still enough product in the sponge to reapply without having to dab it in the makeup. Even though this is in powder form, it still leaves your skin moisturized without drying out the skin. You still have the moisturizing and hydrating effects of this makeup.

5. Etude House New Double Lasting Foundation

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A long-lasting makeup is something every woman looks for. There’s nothing more embarrassing and frustrating than applying your makeup in the morning to achieve one look and by the afternoon the makeup has worn away.

This reminds me of a time when I used a makeup of lesser quality for a speaking engagement. Immediately after I applied the makeup, I looked absolutely gorgeous. As the night went on, the makeup began to fade and so did my confidence. In my attempt to save money, I sacrifice beauty for my budget.

The Etude house double lasting foundation doesn’t require women to make that sacrifice. It has a 24-hour perfect stay feature that gives you long lasting makeup throughout the day. Because of the highly concentrated pigment in the makeup, you’re able to get great coverage and a flawless look with just one layer.

It has a magnet effect that provides a lightweight long-wearing coverage for your skin. It adheres to your skin like a magnet to provide full coverage of the imperfections you like to keep out of sight.

The shades are formulated by color professionals and are designed to fit your skin tone perfectly. It is perfect for those problem areas, such as your T-zone, where acne and blemish scars are known to reside. It provides effortless coverage in those areas giving you a soft and fresh look.

The long-lasting makeup does not transfer from your skin to your clothes which keeps you beautiful and fashionable all day long. After 12 hours of wear, your makeup still adheres to your skin like a magnet. The etude makeup lasts throughout the day without becoming sticky or tacky. This feature is highly desired by makeup wearers because it keeps your skin from feeling grimy and sticky throughout the day.

This makeup has been acclaimed to be the perfect foundation for those who become oily by 3 pm. The 24 hour long lasting makeup has been clinically proven to last all day. With a simple standard application, you are ready to apply your makeup, put your best face forward and take the world by storm.

Best Korean Foundation

What To Look For When Buying A Korean Foundation

Makeup foundation is an essential part of our beauty routine. It creates a beautiful and smooth look for the rest of our makeup application. Not having the right foundation is just like Picasso not having the proper canvas and paint to create some of his most beautiful masterpieces.

When you apply makeup to your face it’s like you become an artist. You have to apply the right amount of foundation and combine it with the right shades of eyeshadow, blushes and lipsticks to create just the perfect look.

If you’re the type of girl that likes an extra pop for your overall makeup look, you have to apply the right type of mascara. If mascara won’t do it, then you need the right false lashes to complete the look. Foundation is just what it means. It provides the foundation to build upon a beautiful finished product.

You don’t necessarily have to wear foundation, but not wearing it is like building a house on sand. Some women are blessed to have beautiful smooth skin naturally. Most of us, however, need a little extra help in this area. This is where foundation is essential in our makeup routine.

When choosing your foundations, it is important to make the right choices for the right time. What I mean by that, is in the winter time you may choose a foundation that has a lighter tone. Whereas, in the summer months you may need to choose a foundation that has a richer deeper tone to match your skin. The time of year should definitely be a factor in choosing the best foundation for your skin.

Other factors to consider are foundations that have a positive residual effect after you use it. You do not want a foundation that’s going to clog your pores and cause inflammation and acne after you remove it. For this reason, it is important to choose a foundation that is specifically formulated for your skin type. For example, if you have acne prone skin, it is important to choose a makeup that caters to skin that is more likely to have acne.

What Is The Best Korean Foundation?

Overall, all the makeup listed here are excellent choices.

My favorite choice, however, is the Missha magic cushion cover. This one is my overall pick because I love a makeup that can be easily applied. While liquid foundations are great in providing moisture, if you’re able to find a powder makeup that gives great coverage, moisturizes the skin and is easy to apply then you found a winner. For me this makeup is the overall winner.

Budget-wise, I would go with the same choice. The Missha magic cushion cover has a price that is perfect for any budget-conscious makeup connoisseur. As mentioned before, it is easy to apply and it is easy on the budget.

A close runner-up would be the Etude house double lasting foundation. I like this choice as a close runner-up because of the features and because of the price. The fact that the makeup has been clinically tested and proven to last 24 hours is a game changer. No one wants to apply makeup in the morning only to have it fade away by lunch time.

Overall, all of the makeup items listed above are great. Each of the foundations would provide you the coverage you need to give you a flawless, dewey and perfect look. Always remember, the key to beautiful makeup is to start with the right foundation. When you look in the mirror, you can say “I woke up like this”.