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Best Long-lasting Nail Polish 2022: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Best Long-lasting Nail Polish 2022: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Top 5 Best Long-lasting Nail Polishes 2022:

  1. Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail Polish 
  2. OPI Nail Lacquer
  3. Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear
  4. CND Vinylux Weekly Nail Polish
  5. ILNP Juliette Holographic Nail Polish

Every time you do your manicure at home, it takes time and effort for it to look beautiful in the end. So, noticing chipping after a few hours can be frustrating and daunting.

That’s where the long-lasting nail polish comes in! If you don’t want to invest in UV/LED lamps and you’re tired of spending a lot of money on salon treatments, this is the solution for you.

Long-lasting formula provides durable mani-pedi (up to two weeks!), but it also doesn’t chip so easily and is very easy to remove, unlike gel nail polishes. 

Do you want a long-lasting manicure? We created this list of the best long-lasting nail polishes on the market and provided you with some useful tips to help you choose the right one!

Detailed Reviews: 5 Best Long-lasting Nail Polishes In 2022

1. Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail Polish  – Best Overall

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First of all, this nail polish has the silky, creamy texture that won us over. But the best thing is, this nail polish is opaque enough, which means you only really need 1-2 coats and you’re good to go! The downside for us is that it takes a little longer to dry, but we think it’s worth that extra few minutes of waiting for this cost and quality.

What we didn’t like is the fact that we noticed some chipping after 4-5 days. Although, if you put some top coat after the color, it will probably last up to 8 days, so don’t forget to use one.

This collection comes in 40+ shades, and we had a difficult time choosing our favorites! The bottle comes in 0,32 ounces, which is fairly enough and has a wide, flat applicator/brush. In our opinion, the brush is too wide and makes a mess, but on the other hand, you can apply the nail polish faster. The brush is also 100% natural and has plant-based brush bristles.

Sally Hansen nail polish is a real therapy for your nails. It is free of toxic ingredients (16-free), mainly plant-based, and it is rich with several oils that nourish and strengthen your nails, all while looking pretty! It contains argan oil, castor oil, primrose oil, fruit oil, sunflower oil, and safflower oil, so it is instant moisture for healthy-looking nails. 


  • Best creamy texture
  • Toxin-free
  • Contains several oils for strengthening
  • 1-2 coats are enough


  • Takes long to dry
  • Could last longer
  • The brush is too wide

2. OPI Nail Lacquer – Our Premium Choice

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Consider spending some extra penny on a nail polish such as OPI nail lacquer, because it is definitely worth it!

OPI nail polishes have that smooth texture and high-gloss shine that will stand out. You actually only need one layer, but if you want the best result, we recommend using two layers and proper preparation (base and top coat). It dries super-fast, so no worries there.

After thorough research, we can proudly say that we have found the nail polish that can last up to 7 days without chipping. With a base coat and top coat, it can stay good up to 10 days or more! 

The bottle comes in 0,64 ounces and lasts for a long time. Moreover, it comes with a thick brush, which is a little tricky to control when applying the nail polish. 

OPI nail polishes are 3-BIG free, which means they are free of the three main toxic ingredients  –  formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate, and will not harm your nails. 

Anyways, if you want a manicure that will make a statement and look like you just got out of the salon, OPI nail polishes are the purchase for you!


  • Lasts up to 7 days without chipping
  • One layer is enough
  • Dries quickly
  • Smooth texture


  • It’s a bit expensive
  • Thick brush

3. Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear – Budget-Friendly Choice

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We know it seems like we prioritize Sally Hansen, but don’t mind us because this is a popular beauty trend best known for its quality yet affordable nail polishes.

This Xtreme Wear collection comes in vibrant and beautiful colors, and we actually tested every one of them! We have to admit you will need a few extra layers for that rich color. Although, the white one from this collection is actually pretty opaque.

It has that creamy, shiny formula, and you will be surprised when we say it lasted 7 days with only 1-2 chippings in the process. With the proper preparation such as base and top coat, it can last twice as much! 

Moreover, it comes in a handy bottle, with 0,4 ounces of polish. It has a square, short, thin brush, which made the application process so much easier! However, we didn’t quite like the bubbles that were there even when we rolled the bottle in our hands a few times. The bubbles caused the cracks, which caused chippings after a few days of wearing.

Also, it dries a little slow, and since you need a few layers, it will take some time until you can use your hands without smudging your nails.

Nevertheless, it is very affordable and contains some calcium that will strengthen your nails and give them that shiny, long-lasting look!


  • Affordable
  • Thin brush
  • Beautiful colors
  • Great formula


  • Can contain the bubbles
  • Dries a little slow
  • You need a few extra layers

4. CND Vinylux Weekly Nail Polish – The Best All-in-one Formula

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If you don’t want to spend extra money on preparation coats and strengtheners, this CND Vinylux nail polish is your best option! 

We liked this collection because it comes in so many different shades that are opaque after only two layers. What’s more, it dries really quickly! 

Unfortunately, without a top coat, it has a dull and not so shiny and smooth finish. Also, we noticed some chippings after 4 days of wearing it. However, we have to admit, it wasn’t so bad and the cracks were easy to fix.

On the other hand, this formula doesn’t require any preparation, thus you won’t need a base coat. It also contains vitamin E, keratin, and jojoba oil, which will give you all the care your nails need! 

The bottle comes with 0,48 ounces of nail polish with a handy brush. The application process was a piece of cake because the brush is just the right size  –  it is wide enough and flat, thus providing no dripping. 

We called this collection a ‘wedding classic’ because it comes in 100+ colors and has perfect nude shades for your special moment. It has that gel-like shine, so your hands are going to get so much attention!


  • Doesn’t require a base coat
  • Contains vitamin E, keratin and jojoba oil
  • Perfect size brush
  • Dries quickly


  • Dull finish
  • Not so smooth texture
  • Chipps fast

5. ILNP Juliette Holographic Nail Polish – Best Glitter 

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The absolute queen of glitter nail polishes is Juliette holographic nail polish. This nail polish has a shine that will finally grab the attention of that special someone!

We promise you will fall in love after the first stroke because it comes in various holographic, sparkly shades. To tell you the truth, you only need one coating layer because it is very opaque. It dries fast; however, we always recommend using some base coating before applying the color because it will last longer and will be easier to remove. We know this because we made that mistake, and it took forever to remove the sparkles from our nails.

We noticed some chipping after only 3 days of wearing it, so we recommend also using a top coat. Moreover, store your bottle properly as the nail polish becomes thicker after some time, and you may notice some bubbles. Always shake it before usage.

It comes in a square bottle with 0,4 ounces of nail polish, and it has a nice, handy brush with which we were able to get the sides of the nails without making a mess.

This nail polish has a 7-free formula, which means it is free of toxins that can damage your nails. Furthermore, it has a smooth and glossy finish, which is not typical for glitter nail polishes, so it’s a big plus!


  • Very opaque
  • Gorgeous colors
  • Easy removal
  • Smooth and silk glossy finish
  • 7-free formula


  • Chipps easily
  • It becomes thick after some time

What To Consider Before Buying The Long-lasting Nail Polish

Best Long Lasting Nail Polish

1. Textures

There are a few nail polish textures that give different finishes:


This nail texture is not glittery nor shimmery. It is a rather classic, glossy nail polish texture.


These nail polishes are simply not glossy and have a dull finish. Often found in top coats.


Also known as pearlescent, these are icy-toned shades. They subtly sparkle even though there is no individuated glitter in them.


These have that ‘pearl’ effect as they glisten the same way the inside of a shell does.


Glitters inside the nail polishes come in various sizes and shapes, hence a wide range to choose from. The difference between the glitter nail polish and a frost nail polish are individual glitter bits.

2. Avoid Toxic Chemicals

Many ingredients go into nail polish, but it is best to look for the ones that don’t contain toxic chemicals that can damage your nails. Have you heard of the Big-3 toxic trio? These are formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate, and you should avoid them. 

3. Look For Vitamins

This is a big plus, but such nail polishes often cost a little more. Still, they provide healthy and pretty looking nails. Some of the ingredients your nail polish should have are the vitamins C and E, and different oils such as argan or tea tree oil. These types of nail polishes are usually free of harmful chemicals, and they are formulated to strengthen and nourish your nails, all while providing the beautiful, shiny finish!

4. Durability

Even the long-lasting nail polishes don’t last forever, so this factor is also important to watch out for. While it is different for every person and it depends on many factors, you should look for the ones that will last at least 6-7 days without chipping.

5. Drying Time

Well, who wants to sit around all day and wait for their nails to dry? While this can also depend on the number of layers applied and the type of nail polish, you must wait around 3-5 minutes for each layer to dry. Additionally, you can put your nails into cold water so they can dry faster! Also, avoid hot water as this can create bubbles and cracks.

Useful Tips

1. Your Body’s Color Palette

Just like makeup, not every nail polish shade will compliment the best your skin undertones. Try finding the best nail polish shades for your skin tone:

Fair Skin

Because of the cool undertones and natural pink tint, blush-like pink is a must for those with fair skin. Pink nail polish is both neutral and classic!

Light Skin

Light skin also tends to have cool undertones; hence some cool-colored lavender shade could be the perfect match!

Medium Skin

The medium skin type is a mix of both cool and warm undertones, and a peachy-pink orange may really point it out the best.

Olive Skin

Something like burgundy shade works the best for olive skin types. It also makes the nail beds appear thinner! 

Deep Skin Tones

The best shade for deep skin tones is actually a cross between blue and green  –  mint! Moreover, it can create an illusion of younger-looking hands!

So, for the cool undertones, hot pink works the best; for the warm undertones try using peach shades, and as for the neutral undertones (mix of those two), stick to red or orange shades.

2. Wait Between Coats

For the best results and faster drying time overall, we recommend waiting for 2 minutes between each coat. You need to get the dry-enough surface so you can apply the next layer. 

3. Always Use A Base Coat

For the better application, longer-lasting nail polish without chipping and healthy nails, always use a base coat before the color! Apply it in an upward motion and let it dry for 2-4 minutes.

4. Don’t Forget Top Coat

This is probably one of the most essential things when doing your manicure and it’s also the final step that gives your nails that high gloss. The top coat will ensure your nails last longer without chippings.

Just be careful to put it precisely, as you don’t want to ruin your color layers. The best one we’ve found so far is this Seche Vite top nail coat!

5. Don’t Shake The Bottle

Just roll the bottle back and forth between your hands instead of shaking it. This way there will be no air bubbles on your nails or in the lacquer.

6. Storing The Nail Polish

Direct sunlight and heat can alter your nail polish’s thickness and color, so the best way to store it is to put it in the refrigerator as it will help the formula last longer.

7. Hairspray Your Nails

This is a very useful hack as it provides faster drying, so the chances of smudging your nails are very low!

8. Soak Before Removing

Long-lasting nail polishes are harder to take off, so the best way to remove them is to soak the cotton balls in the nail polish remover and form around each nail. Let them sit for a few minutes and then gently wipe each off; they should slip right away!

Best Long Lasting Nail Polish – Final Thoughts And Recommendations

It’s easy having beautiful nails nowadays with so many different brands offering great quality nail polishes. With long-lasting nail polishes, your nails will be on point for up to 14 days and the best of all –  you don’t need a UV/LED lamp!

Don’t forget to follow our buying guide, so you can finally have long-lasting manicure! We gave our best at finding the best long-lasting nail polishes on the market, and here are our top 3 favorites:

Best Overall: Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail Polish

  • Our favorite and best overall is undoubtedly the Sally Hansen Color Therapy nail polish! This nail polish has the perfect creamy formula full of oils, that nourishes and strengthens your nails.

Our Premium Pick: OPI Nail Lacquer

  • Amongst the best long-lasting nail polishes on the market is the OPI nail polish. It can last up to 11 days without chipping, and it leaves a beautiful smooth texture after application! Moreover, it dries very quickly and you only need 1-2 layers. Definitely worth the extra penny!

Budget-Friendly Choice: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear

  • This is the cheapest nail polish on the market, which also provides very good quality and a wide variety of colors to choose from! It can last up to 7 days, and a thin brush makes it very easy to apply.