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Can You Shave After A Spray Tan?

Can You Shave After A Spray Tan?

You have been looking a little pale recently, and some of your friends have talked you into getting a spray tan for the first time. This sounds like a good idea, and you decide to go with it.

After searching the internet, you still haven’t learned enough about this treatment. 

You don’t know much about the before and after, and you find yourself questioning – can you shave after a spray tan?

Don’t think twice. Just read this article, and we will explain everything to you – the tanning process, the dos and don’ts, how long it takes, etc.

Can You Shave After A Spray Tan? 

Sure, but you have to wait for at least 8 hours to pass and consider some other important factors. 

It would be best if you used a new razor – an old one will be hard to drag across your skin, and it might even remove some tanner. Just buy a new one and smoothly finish the process without any complications. 

Don’t force it – while shaving, try not to press the razor so hard. You will ruin both the tanner and your skin.

No shaving foam – this should not be used under any circumstances, because like many other maintenance products, it is packed with dangerous chemical ingredients that could easily damage your skin and cause irritation and rashes. 

Avoid shaving too often – don’t make this a daily thing. The more you shave, the more the tan will wear out. 

If there happen to be male customers who would like to get a spray tan, the procedure is almost the same. You should also wait for 8-10 hours after the spray tan appointment and avoid using any pre shave products – they will break your tan.

However, you are allowed to use alcohol free lotion if you want to soothe your skin.

Be Safe During Your Spray Tan

From a UV light viewpoint, spray tans are mainly safe. Of course, this has a lot to do with the quality of the salon you are visiting and how you are keeping yourself safe.

Here are some safety tips for those going to a spray tan appointment:

  • Use some eye protection (glasses)
  • Use nose plugs, so you don’t inhale the spray tan.
  • Use lip balm
  • It would be best if you choose to wear undergarments – bring loose clothes, so you don’t mess up your tan.
  • Avoid moisturizing and showering 8 hours after the spray tan. It would be best if you also avoid activities such as yoga or any other workouts. 
  • Always wear sunscreen – this will contribute to getting that natural glow that you always wanted without having to use any UV rays.
  • Before you go to your spray tan appointment, prepare yourself with a quick cold shower. Avoid soaps that have a strong chemical composition.

Don’t Do This Before Your Spray Tan

  • Since you are new to this and are still not familiar with the preparation process, you will certainly need some tips.
  • Here are the 11 things you absolutely must not do before you get a spray tan.
    1. Don’t use self-tanner – you shouldn’t use this because it can leave uneven shades all over your body.
    2. Don’t take a hot shower – the steam will open your pores, and you will be left with brown dots all over your body.
    3. Don’t wax – don’t risk any leftover wax getting mixed with a spray tan. This can end badly. 
    4. Don’t get a facial – this will create a lot of blackheads.
    5. Don’t wear tight clothing – this will cause a lot of stains.
    6. Don’t get a laser treatment – this is hazardous for your skin.
    7. Don’t tan outdoors – you will most likely end up sunburned. 
    8. Don’t apply acne medication – you will damage the skin on your face.
    9. Don’t over-exfoliate – this can cause irritation and rashes.
    10. Don’t wear deodorant – this will cause blue spots on your skin.
    11. Don’t get a lash extension – this can cause eye problems.
  • You will have your tan for 5-7 days – depending on the person. 
  • A little tip – it is best to get it in the evening, right before bedtime.
  • Now that you know this, you are all set to go.

How Often Should You Spray Tan?

Lav Can You Shave After A Spray Tan

Once they see their new tan, people tend to get hooked on keeping that shade. They start booking regular appointments at the beauty salon, but how often should you go?

Since spray tanning is not that dangerous, you can freely go every 9-12 days. 

No tan will last longer than 10 days, after that it will start to shed slowly. This happens because you are spending time outside – being in the sun, swimming and sweating. But if you want to keep your tan last longer than expected, the key is in taking care of your skin.

The best interspace between appointments should be 10 days. That is the time when your tan will notably start to disappear and it’s time for you to get a new one. 

But you also have to take care of your skin with every new appointment that comes. This means exfoliating every couple of days and using a very gentle body polisher and mixing it with water. You don’t want any strong chemicals near your body while you got your spray tan on.

You should get used to using some natural and healthy products – coconut oil. This is very good for people who recently had a spray tan because it is rich with all kinds of natural and healthy ingredients that will prevent your tan from disappearing.

Can You Shave After A Spray Tan – Conclusion

After talking to your friends, you have decided to do something about your pale skin and go to a beauty salon for a spray tan. The only problem is that you are not informed enough about this, and you don’t know much about the before and after. Well, we are here to help.

This process will last somewhere about 15 minutes, and it will last from 5 to 7 days – depending on the person.

You can shave after the spray tan, but I don’t recommend doing it right away. You should wait for about 8 hours to do so. There are also some other tips regarding this.

If there happen to be male customers who want to get a spray tan, the procedure is almost the same. They also shouldn’t use any strong chemicals and avoid pre shave products.

Men are allowed to use alcohol free lotions to soothe their skin after shaving.

There are things you should know before getting a spray tan: don’t use self-tanner, don’t take a hit shower, don’t wax or get a facial, don’t go to a laser appointment, don’t wear any tight clothing, don’t get your lashes done or apply any strong medication.

Use a new razor when shaving, do not use shaving foam because it contains strong chemicals, and try not to shave on a daily basis – this will take the tan off and damage your skin.

During your spray tan appointment, you should: use some kind of eye protection (glasses), use nose plugs, so you don’t inhale the spray tan, choose to wear undergarments – bring loose clothes, so you don’t mess up your tan, avoid moisturizing and showering 8 hours after the spray tan and always wear sunscreen.

Once people see their new tan, they tend to get addicted and start to book regular appointments. After a few done, they will be in doubt – how often is it safe to get a spray tan? Because this has no danger of UV rays, spray tans are not that hazardous to your health and skin.

You shouldn’t go crazy with the appointments, but it is absolutely safe to book an appointment every 9-12 days.

The best solution is to book a new appointment every 10 days, because after that your tan will notably start to shed and disappear. 

You should also take care of your skin so that your tan lasts longer and that you don’t have to go to appointments every 5 days. This means using only natural-based products – coconut oil.