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Can You Use Super Glue On Nails?

Can You Use Super Glue On Nails?

You know how sometimes accidents happen, your nails break, and you don’t have your make-up bag with you to help you. This is every girl’s nightmare.

You start looking around what to do, and you search for any replacement to make your nails stick together again, so can you use super glue on nails?

If you don’t know what to do in this fashion emergency and what is the best way to handle it, stay with us, and we will reveal everything to you!

A Big Fat No

Super glue mustn’t be used on your nails, hence the name – super glue. 

It won’t kill you if you put just a tiny drop on your acrylic nails but don’t you dare use it in large quantities on fake nails. This will seriously weaken your natural nails and cause breakage. 

Many people tend to turn to this as a long-term choice because they either don’t have time to go to the nail salon or they can’t find nail glue somewhere near them. 

If the situation is that critical and you need to fix your nail, you should consider this option only for minimal repairs that are not connected to your natural nail. During this process, be sure to wear gloves to protect your skin from a sticky situation.

Also, be careful not to create any air bubbles with super glue – this can cause bacteria to breed.

One thing you must know is – never use this type of glue for nail application. If you do – say goodbye to your beautiful natural nails. 

You Messed Up, What Now?

If you messed up with this sticky product, you should learn how to remove it and considerably minimize the possible damage

You can save yourself from any possible damage by:

  1. Filling up a bowl with warm water.
  2. Putting a little dish soap to make that water bubbly.
  3. Soaking your fingers into the water and leaving them for a few minutes.
  4. Use a spoon, for example, to slowly scrape off the remaining glue from the nail.

If this doesn’t get all the glue off, repeat the process after a few minutes again.

For more precise instructions, here is a video tutorial:

A TIP: If you happen to spill some super glue on hard surfaces around you, apply acetone. It is also great for removing adhesive from nails.

Why Is Super Glue So Bad?

  • Super glue is very dangerous and not recommended for applying on your nails because it is a breeding ground for bacteria. 
  • If you are still not convinced of the damage super glue can cause, read the following facts
    • Super glue is originally not made to be put on the human body.
    • Super glue is not prepared in a sterile environment.
    • Super glue is not made for moist environments.
    • Super glue contains many dangerous chemicals that can harm your skin.
    • Super glue contains agents that etch the surface they are applied to.
    • Super glue can burn your skin in extreme cases.
    • Super glue can cause infection under acrylic or fake nails.
  • Stay safe, and stay away from this tiny but dangerous product. 

Turn To Press-On Nails

Avoid possible previous problems and try press-on nails. They are made of acrylic resin, and they are the perfect alternative when you don’t have time for another nail appointment, and they are mess-free.

Here is more about this great invention.

You can find them basically everywhere: Target, Walmart, CVS, etc. They are also very affordable, and you can get them for about $8 a set. 

The main perks of press-on nails are that they last much longer than your usual acrylic or fake nails and that they come in all kinds of shapes and colors, so don’t worry – you will find something for sure. 

A set of press-on nails comes with adhesive strips, so there will be no additional glue involved. What a relief, right?

They are also much healthier than other choices and come off quickly.

Can I Use Super Glue On Nails

Applying Press-On Nails

  • Press-on nails take about 10 minutes to apply, and it is just so easy to do.
  • Here are the steps:
    1. Put the nails on the table and match the nails with the fingers.
    2. Remove any previous nail polish from your natural nails.
    3. Apply a coat or two of clear nail polish and let it dry.
    4. Clean the surface of your nails and all of the possible residue around them.
    5. You are ready to apply press-on nails. Make your way from the pinkies to the thumbs. When pressing them on, do it moderately- hold the pressure for 30 seconds on each nail.
  • If you want to make your press-on nails last longer, don’t wash your hands two hours after you are done with the application process.
  • Removing them is also very easy. You can choose between applying cuticle oil on your nails, using nail clips, or removing them by simply using acetone.

Best Glues For Press-On Nails

If we have you hooked on the idea to try this, why not know the best choices for glues. Here are the top 4 options recommended by customers.

  1. Nailene Ultra Quick Nail Glue – you can buy this for only $2 on Amazon, and it is the top choice by customers. This glue will glue your nails together in just 5 seconds.
  2. Beauty Secrets Drip & Clog Proof Nail Glue – this is a bit more expensive option, and you can get it for $11 on Amazon. This vegan choice is alcohol and sulfate-free. 
  3. NYK1 Nail Bond Acrylic Nail Glue – this $11 glue producer claims that this product has antifungal properties and that it will prevent any bacteria from your nails.
  4. Kiss Nails 100 Full Cover Nails – Active Oval – buy this $6 set of 100 acrylic nails, and you get a nail glue that sticks in 5 seconds – who could pass on this opportunity?

Can You Use Super Glue On Nails – Conclusion

Your nail broke, and you need something to fix it. You don’t have your make-up bag with you, so you choose to go with superglue, but is this a good idea?

Absolutely not! Super glue is simply not the option you should consider when something like this happens, and there are a couple of reasons behind this.

Super glue is originally not made to be put on the human body. It is not prepared in a sterile environment or made for moist environments.

Super glue contains many dangerous chemicals that can harm your skin because it includes etching agents that etch the surface they are applied to.

You can get rid of it by filling up a bowl with warm water and dish soap, and soaking your fingers in it for a couple of minutes. Sometimes, acetone helps.

If you don’t have the time for another nail appointment, why not go with press-on nails? They are affordable, can last longer than your acrylic nails, and are extremely easy to remove. 

Some of the best glues for your new press-on nails can be found on Amazon, and they are Nailene Ultra Quick Nail Glue, Beauty Secrets Drip & Clog Proof Nail Glue, NYK1 Nail Bond Acrylic Nail Glue, and Kiss Nails 100 Full Cover Nails – Active Oval.