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How To Dispose Of Acetone?

How To Dispose Of Acetone?

Acetone is a very well-known product for women. It is used as a nail polish remover, and this is a very delicate cosmetic product that you should pay attention to when disposing of.

Just as you need to know precisely how to handle other products such as various shampoos and lotions, you should be careful with this flammable substance as well.

To safely dispose of acetone, you must have the following essentials: gloves and a seal metal or fireproof container. Sometimes, you may be required to dump this substance at a local hazardous waste

Due to the diverse composition and various purposes: removing ink stains, paint, and cleaning shoes, you often think – what is the right way to dispose of this substance when it is all used up?

Take a few minutes, and you will find out how acetone is disposed of, what are the top brands and suppliers, as well as some other significant facts you might not have known that could come in handy the next time you enter your local drugstore.

How To Dispose Of Acetone – Methods

Acetone is most commonly found in beauty and nail salons. Nail polish is removed by soaking a cotton pad with a special nail polish remover (acetone), putting it on your nail, wrapping it in foil, and after ten minutes, the nail polish is successfully removed.

Nails remain beautiful, undamaged, and refreshed after all the gels have been used. However, this means that a huge amount of acetone is consumed every day. But what do we do with all these used up acetone bottles?

To dispose of acetone properly, you must have:

  1. A mask (if you are sensitive to smell)
  2. Rubber or latex gloves (because this is a flammable substance)
  3. A sealed metal or fireproof container 
  4. A large garbage bag

When you checked everything on this list, do the following:

  1. If you are working with acetone, make sure that you are using it on a hard surface. Accidents are common, and if this substance comes in touch with something soft like a paper towel, it might catch on fire. Be careful when spilling a large amount of acetone on your furniture. The best solution is to get rid of it because inhaling it might cause some health issues. 
  2. Put on gloves and a mask. Workers in a salon exposed to this substance daily should take these precautions seriously because they work with numerous substances that do not mix with acetone. 
  3. Always have a metal container near the table that you work on. Don’t just throw your used-up bottle and risk to spill some remaining acetone next to the box. 
  4. You can find these containers at your local fire department store or even order some high-quality brands online. Salon professionals should visit the Environmental Protection Agency for more information.
  5. Paper products should be thrown in a separate garbage bag. Since acetone is flammable, don’t risk putting these two things in the same bin. 

In Case Of An Emergency: If you or the client by accident spill or inhale acetone, seek medical attention. Another option is dialing 1-800-222-1222 – Poison Control Hotline.

What Kind Of Alcohol Is Acetone?

Lav How To Dispose Of Acetone

Apart from being the number one nail polish remover, acetone is also found in plants and trees. It is even in your body – when the body loses fat

Just because this substance can remove paint, wax, and ink stains, it doesn’t mean that there are no side effects. Poor quality acetone can cause skin redness and inflammation, and if inhaled, you might feel dizzy and have a headache.

Some nail salons may brag about purchasing 100% acetone. That is not true. The most purity an acetone bottle can contain is 99.99%.

In order to better understand this product, here are the pros and cons:

  • Pros: Removes all kinds of nail polish (glitter, gel, acrylic, glue)
  • Cons: Dryness can cause white spots and melt artificial nails.

Acetone Formula

  • Acetone is a widely spread substance in nature. It is characterized by being colorless and a little odor in smell
  • For those who have additional inquiries about the chemical compound of this product, the formula is CH3COCH3. 
  • This is the simplest ketone formed by a three-carbon chain, and its molar mass is 58.08 g mol-1.
  • The melting point of acetone is -94.9oC, and the boiling point is 56.08oC.
  • The density of acetone in a bottle is around 0.785 g mL-1. (depending on the brand)
  • As far as the preparation is concerned, it can be done in two steps:
    1. First, benzene reacts with propane – producing the cumene, which is oxidized by the flow of O2. The result is cumene hydroperoxide (CHP).
    2. The catalyst action cuts the CHP into phenol and acetone.

Top Acetone Brands And Suppliers

You want your clients to be 100% satisfied with your services, so you opt for high-quality nail polish remover. We are here with the top 5 nail polish removers:

  1. Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover – This product has proven to be very effective, and it won’t damage your skin and nails. It comes in a portable spill-proof dispenser.  
    • You can find this on Amazon for a reasonable price. 
  2. Cutex Twist and Scrub Instant Sponge Regular – This is a unique drugstore brand that is ideal for natural nails. With this type of nail polish remover, you won’t need to buy pads. 
    • NY Mag highly recommends it.
  3. Pure Body Naturals Nail Polish Remover – This is an all-natural and non-toxic nail polish remover. It is plant-based, and it helps your nails strengthen.
    • It is among the “most wished for” items on Amazon.
  4. Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover – This is ideal for strong and thick nails. It is perfect for removing dark colors and glitter. 
    • Apart from Amazon, you can find this nail polish remover on StyleCaster.
  5. OPI Expert Touch Lacquer Remover – This is famous for its fruity aroma and very good online reviews. 
    • You can buy the OPI brand on Amazon.

Where To Keep Your Acetone?

You must pay attention to how you use and store this flammable substance. You must not rush and put it anywhere you want. 

If you are a beauty salon worker, put this substance somewhere near the table you work on. It should be kept on a shelf that has the needed space because you absolutely can’t risk spilling this in your workplace.

On the other hand, if you have acetone in your household and you also have children, put it somewhere dark and far away from their reach. Be sure to seal the lid tight

How To Dispose Of Acetone – Conclusion

Acetone is a very well-known product among women and beauty salon workers. It has many purposes: removing nail polish, ink stains, paint, and even cleaning shoes. It can be either ordered online or found in every drugstore. 

It would be best if you were very careful when disposing of this substance. Before you do anything, you should put on a mask and gloves. The next thing you should have is a metal container next to you. You must not throw paper products in the same bin as acetone. 

Of course, accidents happen, and if a client of yours or even yourself spills some acetone or inhales a large amount of it, you should seek medical attention. 

Poor quality acetone can cause skin redness and inflammation, and if inhaled, you might feel dizzy and have a headache. So be careful when purchasing!

Acetone is seen almost everywhere in nature, as well as in the human body. The formula for acetone is CH3COCH3. There is no 100% acetone – the most purified acetone has 99.99% acetone.

Top 5 nail polish removers on the market right now containing acetone are: Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover, Cutex Twist and Scrub Instant Sponge Regular, Pure Body Naturals Nail Polish Remover, Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover, and OPI Expert Touch Lacquer Remover. 

Keep your acetone on a separate shelf with enough space and no danger of spilling the bottle. This substance should be out of children’s reach.