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Best Coconut Perfume 2022: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Best Coconut Perfume 2022: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Top 5 Best Coconut Perfumes 2022:

  1. DOLCE&GABBANA Dolce Garden Eau de Perfume Spray, 2.5 oz
  2. Versace Crystal Noir by Versace for Women – 3 Fl Oz EDT Spray
  3. Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar Spray Perfume
  4. Ariana Grande Cloud Eau de Perfume Spray 3.4 oz
  5. Bronze Goddess Eau FraÃche Skinscent, 3.4 oz

There are few associations in our minds when we say coconut, and those are summer, white sand, tropical beach, sea breeze, and palms.

Who would expect that all of the above mentioned can be perfectly described with just one word? Anyhow, we can say that we went nuts over coconut-based fragrances. They smell magical, and they will lift your spirit even when you are grumpy.

But it seems that finding the right coconut based fragrance is a hassle after all.

While we did our research, we encountered so many perfumes that were too coconutty or not coconutty at all. Finding that middle ground was difficult, but luckily, in the end, we did find them, and we can say that we are very excited to present to you our list of five best coconut perfumes on the market.

Detailed Reviews: 5 Best Coconut Perfumes In 2022

1. DOLCE&GABBANA Dolce Garden Eau de Perfume Spray, 2.5 oz – Fresh, Fruity, And Creamy

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The pink fluid and the packaging may deceive you that this perfume has a floral, rosy scent, but that is not the case here. This perfume will provide a tropical flowery coconutty beach type of scent.

The D&G Garden opens up with a fresh fruity sweetness of mandarin orange mixed with a hint of white tropical florals like magnolia & neroli and some sweet, creamy coconut and vanilla in the background.

When the perfume settles down on your skin, the mandarin will quickly fade, making space for the sweet, creamy coconut to shine. After that, you will soon smell hints of tropical florals, almonds, and warm vanilla. Absolutely gorgeous if you ask us.

This combination will give you a tropical beachy Pina Colada vibe that smells delicious. It is sweet but not overwhelming, too thick, and sugary sweet. That being said, if you do not prefer sweet and somehow sugary scents, this perfume is not the deal for you.

This is a playful, youthful, and feminine fragrance, and it is best to be worn during warm months in spring and summer to show its full potential. No matter if it is used during day or night, this perfume will leave a subtle trace of freshness and sweetness.

The longevity is amazing. You can expect this scent to linger on your skin still for 6 to 8 plus hours.  Also, we could not mention how cute the bottle design is!


  • Great longevity
  • Amazing combination of coconut, warm vanilla, and tropical florals
  • Smells like beach and Pina Colada
  • Great for summer and spring


  • Not suitable for colder months
  • Not suitable for people who do not like sweet scents

2. Ariana Grande Cloud Eau de Perfume Spray 3.4 oz – Uplifting And Playful

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To be honest, we are always very skeptical about celebrity fragrances as well as other types of cosmetic products since most of them end up as a big overpriced disappointment. This perfume is light, playful, and it will emit the summer vibe all around you whenever you go. Be prepared to get a lot of compliments while wearing this perfume.

The new fragrance places coconut right at the heart of the perfume, which is very rare. To enhance the coconut, it also uses a variety of floral and fruity notes. You will notice traces of bergamot, pear, and lavender blossom at the top of this perfume. After the perfume lingers on your skin, you will start noticing sweet, creamy notes of coconut cream, praline, and vanilla flowers.

This combination might sound too sugary, but you will be surprised how gentle and light this mix is. In fact, this perfume is not too sweet and not too powerful, it is well balanced, and there is no age boundary for this perfume. You might think you are too old for this fragrance since Ariana Grande is a teenage pop star, but you are wrong.

The only downside is longevity. It barely stayed on the skin for 3 hours. This won’t be a problem if the price of this product is not as high as it is since, for that money, you can buy some other perfume that will stay on your skin for hours and hours.


  • Light and playful
  • The coconut smell is very dominant
  • Great for summer


  • Must be topped up frequently since longevity is bad

3. Versace Crystal Noir by Versace for Women – 3 Fl Oz EDT Spray – A Daring Aroma That Will Leave You Speechless

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Versace Crystal Noir is a daring and beautiful fragrance with a spicy scent of coconut. Usually, coconut-scented fragrances remind us of the beach, tanning lotions, and warm sea breeze. This is not the case with Versace Crystal Noir. This perfume is elegant, and it subtly hints the coconut in the background combined with floral freshens.

We can safely say this perfume is sensual and mysterious. This fragrance opens with quite a fresh scent, along with some spices like black pepper, ginger, and cardamom. It also features sandalwood, which adds some warmth too.

The coconut is not very prominent in this combination, but it is still noticeable. Soon after applying it on the skin, the coconut scent will appear and combined with spices, it forms this fragrance’s main scent. From time to time, you can easily catch the glimpses of some floral notes, which will add a bit of softness to the fragrance.

Unlike most other coconut fragrances, surprisingly, this one always works best during colder months. This does not mean you can’t wear it during summer, but in our opinion, it is too strong for warm weather. During colder days, this fragrance will work perfectly for both the day and the night.

As said, the sillage is a bit strong, so make sure you wear it with caution and not apply too much of it. The longevity is great, and it will stay on your skin for approximately 8 hours and more.


  • Elegant fragrance
  • Combines spices, floral freshness, and a subtle hint of coconut
  • Great longevity
  • Perfect for cold months


  • Not for people who want pure coconut scent
  • Too heavy for warm months

4. Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar Spray Perfume – Affordable Delicious Sweet Coconut Fragrance

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You should not expect some sophisticated and complex scent from this fragrance. It is rather simple, sweet, and coconutty. So if it happens that you are one of those people who love rich, fatty coconut aromas in their perfume, this product will overwhelm your scents, and we can safely say it is a real deal for you.

It smells like tropical waves, summer breeze, and sunned beaches. It will give you summer vibes no matter where you headed off.

This perfume is an intoxicating blend of essential oils that are placed in a perfume formula made with natural ingredients such as vetiver, ambrosia, coconut, and warm vanilla. Now to be clear, for the first few moments after applying this perfume, the scent will be very sugary and sweet. But do not worry, it will smooth out into a moderate sweet smell of milky coconut and warm vanilla.

In our opinion, this fragrance adequately captures the true scent of this gorgeous fruit, and it reminds us of a warm coconut cookie.

It is a great and affordable everyday perfume suitable for summer months. Although this fragrance’s sillage is too soft for most people, it is not recommended to use it during colder months. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last very long on the skin, and it will last only for a couple of hours, to be more precise, up to 3 hours max! Luckily it is very affordable, so you can carry it in your purse and top up when needed.


  • Rich coconut scent
  • Affordable everyday perfume
  • Suitable for people who love the combination of sweet coconut and warm vanilla


  • Not suitable for colder months
  • Does not last on the skin for too long and needs to be topped up

5. Bronze Goddess Eau FraÃche Skinscent, 3.4 oz – Gorgeous Feminine Perfume

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Bronze Goddess smells like a luxury creamy coconut sun lotion, sand, bronze skin, and tropical flowers. In fact, it smells like a beach in the bottle!

The perfume opens up with a burst of fresh citrusy orange and bergamot enhanced with some warm milky coconut. Do not worry when the perfume settles down on your skin the citruses quickly fade into the background allowing tropical flowers, vanilla, and coconut to add some sweetness. But do not expect some sugary overwhelming sweet scent out of this fragrance!

Thanks to the citruses combined with lavender and tropical flowers, you will always smell fresh, light, and clean.

This perfume does not smell like sweet Pina Colada, so if you tend to achieve that type of scent, avoid this product since it will not offer you that strong sweet coconut smell. The scent is more subtle, elegant, and moderate. This fragrance is perfect for summer months since it needs the warmth to bloom properly, so it is not suitable for fall and winter. It is more fitted for the younger population.

The longevity is not something we expected honestly. Since this is a summer type of perfume, of course, you do not want to wear something strong that will choke the people around you, but this perfume will sit on your skin no longer than 3 to 4 hours. Considering the price, this is a bit disappointing.


  • Smells clean, light, and fresh
  • Perfect for summer months
  • Smells like coconut, vanilla, and tropical flower
  • Fitted for a younger population


  • Not suitable for fall and winter
  • Longevity is a bit disappointing

When Is The Right Time To Wear Coconut Perfumes?

Best Coconut Perfume

We’ve been all aware of the appropriate wearing fragrance in certain instances. So it is only natural to ask yourself what time of the year is most suitable to wear coconut-based fragrances. In most cases, logically, the warm months are ideal for coconut fragrances since the warmth will help the scent to blossom and achieve its full potential. Also, coconut-based fragrances are usually light and created for a day more than for night.

Of course, there are some excuses, depending on other components of the perfume, which are better performing in colder months. Anyhow, we do not want you to think that you can’t wear your favorite fragrance at any time of the year. It is all down to you and your preferences. The only point is that most coconut-based fragrances are too light for harsh winter months.

What Scents Make A Great Pair With Coconut Scent?

  • The legit question is, what other fragrances should be paired with coconut scent? Well, while we all know that pineapple and coconut make a great pair, most of us are not aware that there is a wide variety of other scents that make an excellent combination with coconut.
  • Those notes are:
    • Pear
    • Fig
    • Lemon
    • Lime
    • Violet
    • Praline
    • Whipped Cream
    • Bergamot
    • Mandarin Orange
    • Lavender

Tips To Make Your Coconut Perfume Linger Longer On Your Skin

Do you know that iconic scene where Audrey Hepburn spray the perfume in the air and walk through the cloud?  Well, that is not a good way to apply coconut-based fragrances. Unfortunately, many of the coconut perfumes are very perishable, so they need to be applied precisely on the pulse points to make them linger on your skin longer.

Always spritz the nape of your neck, insides of your elbows, wrists, back of your knees, and brush it into your hair. Yes, the perfume can damage your hair, but the hair holds the scent very well, so do this only on some special occasions like date nights when you want to leave your scent trail even after you are long gone.

Another way to prolong the coconut fragrance is to buy matching coconut-scented soaps, body washes, lotions, and use them together to layer the scent on your skin.

One more thing that you must expect is that perfume smells different on different people. So if some perfume smells incredible on your friend, it does not mean it will smell the same on you. The same goes for coconut scent since each person has different skin chemistry, which will significantly affect the scent.

Also, the more oil-filled your skin is, the longer the coconut perfume will cling to it and linger for a longer period of time.

Are You Brave Enough To Wear The Coconut Perfume?

Coconut is a kind of hit or miss ingredient for most people, especially for men. However, it seems coconut scores well in ladies’ perfumes, so we hope this article will encourage you to explore the exciting and rich world of coconut-based fragrances.

As we mentioned already, there are some good and some very bad perfumes out there. But if something smells bad to us that does not necessarily mean that it will smell bad for you too. In the rows below, we will narrow down our list of top three choices that we think everyone should at least try out.

Best Overall: DOLCE&GABBANA Dolce Garden Eau de Perfume Spray, 2.5 oz.

  • This is a perfect combination of slightly sweet coconut and floral scent, which is not overbearing at all. The smell of this perfume will immediately remind you of sandy beaches, tropical flower gardens with a hint of a sea breeze.

Premium Pick: Versace Crystal Noir by Versace for Women – 3 Fl Oz EDT Spray

  • Sensual and delicate are the words that perfectly describe this fragrance. No milky or creamy scent that is common in coconut-based fragrances it will even make you ask yourself is this even coconut perfume at all. But when you expect it the least, the refreshing scent of coconut will hit you.

Budget-Friendly Choice: Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar Spray Perfume

  • This perfume screams Living La Vida Coco! This perfume is made for all the true lovers of coconut scent. If you aim for full, the warm, roasted scent of coconut, do not miss out on this deal since you won’t find a perfume that smells this great for the price.