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How Long Does oVertone Last? How To Extend Its Life?

How Long Does oVertone Last? How To Extend Its Life?

Women throughout the world adore dyeing their hair and changing it up now and then. However, many of us have had unpleasant experiences where the dye has destroyed our hair texture. We are sure you can relate. 

oVertone has created a way to make the procedure easier for you. The brand offers products for various hair types and hair colors that will leave you delighted with the outcomes.

Another cool thing about oVertone hair colors is that they are intended to be a simple method of coloring the hair that does not contain the hazardous elements present in regular dyes.

But, how long does oVertone last?

oVertone generally lasts about 20 to 22 washes, according to the manufacturer and various laboratory tests. Nevertheless, the hair color’s longevity will primarily be determined by your washing routine and frequency.

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oVertone Coloring Conditioners

The moisturizing composition of the dyeing conditioner includes a lot of pigment that alters the color of the hair. If you’re dyeing it for the first time, it’s suggested that you use it once a week to help maintain the dye. 

The conditioner is available in 14 different tints and 14 different hues, by the way. 

You have to apply oVertone to sectioned hair from the base to the ends and leave it on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing. Simple, right? 

When it comes to everyday conditioners, they’re mainly used to maintain color between washes. 

After you color your hair, the dye fades after a few washes, so you can use a daily conditioner to keep it from fading. Try using them for 3-5 minutes in the shower to try and bring the color back to life.

Toning conditioners are another product that they provide. These are designed for people who just wish to keep their color and neutralize it. 

To assist in neutralizing yellow, orange, and red colors, they come in four shades – blue, green, purple, and pink.

How To Apply oVertone Correctly

Correctly applying products like hair dyes has an essential role in its duration. If you don’t use it as the dye’s instructions indicate, then your hair color might not last as long as the brand claims.

So, in this section, we’ll provide you with detailed instructions on applying the oVertone coloring conditioner.

You can apply it to dry or wet hair; the choice is yours. But we recommend that you do it on dry hair for the maximum color deposit. 

Apply a generous amount of oVertone Coloring Conditioner to your hair and spread evenly. Pay careful attention to any areas that require a splash of color. 

Are you worried about stains? Wear gloves.

Once applied, leave the conditioner in for about 10 to 15 minutes.

When the time is up, just rinse your hair well with warm to cold water. We recommend not using the shampoo immediately after applying the oVertone.

Repeat once a week – or anytime you need a splash of color!

Not getting the results you wanted?

If you didn’t get the coloring results you hoped for, leaving the oVertone conditioner on longer than 10-15 minutes is not the answer. Instead, you should try applying heat while letting your hair color sit. 

The heat opens up the hair’s cuticle, allowing each strand to absorb even more pigment and added moisture from the conditioner. It’s also vital to reseal the hair cuticle – especially if you’re using heat. 

Try a gentle conditioning treatment after using oVertone. After rinsing with cool water, you’ll see the sheen and smoothness emanating from your hair.

How Long Do oVertone Hair Colors Last?

Since temporary hair dyes generally don’t last forever, their duration is a frequent subject among those who use them. 

Now, oVertone is said to last up to 22 washes, as claimed by the manufacturer.

Granted, 22 washes could turn into three weeks if you wash your hair every day, which we don’t recommend. Yet, they might last 40 days if you wash your hair every other day.

In general, the manufacturer’s instructions will determine the longevity of the color, as they are familiar with their item. But it’ll also be influenced by the user – that is, no one but yourself.

You should remember that if you don’t use sulfate-free shampoos, your hair could become dull and lifeless. Also, it’s recommended that you use the oVertone daily coloring conditioner as part of your hair-washing routine to help the color last longer.

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Caring For Your Color

As we’ve already mentioned above, do not wash your hair instantly after applying the oVertone.

What we mean is, don’t wash it right away with shampoo. It’s recommended to let 72 hours pass before applying shampoo to your hair.

You’re probably wondering, why?

That way, the pigment of the coloring conditioner will have enough time to settle on the surface of your hair.

Recommended Shampoo Types

Should you use regular shampoo after using oVertone?

That’s a big no! 

You should forget the sulfate shampoos; they’re your biggest enemy when it comes to retaining your vivid hair color. 

To keep the pigments in the oVertone from disappearing, use shampoos that are free of sulfates and parabens.

Washing Frequency 

Always remember that oVertone is a semi-permanent hair dye – meaning, don’t wash your hair daily if you can avoid it. 

First of all, washing hair every day, or even every other day, is unnecessary. We know oily hair has a bad reputation, but the sebum produced by the scalp is essential for healthy, lustrous hair.

Also, washing your hair every day will weaken your hair, cause more split ends, and it will dull its natural shine.

And, finally, it will make your hair dye fade faster!

So, limit your hair washing to three times every week. That’ll not only keep the color from fading but will also keep your hair from drying out and thinning.

The most important thing you should do to retain the color vivid for a more extended period is to use an oVertone coloring conditioner every time you wash your hair. It will keep your color vivid and your hair well-moisturized and silky.

What happens when you stop using the oVertone coloring conditioner?

Because you won’t be placing new pigments to rejuvenate the color, the tone will gradually fade – nearly totally disappearing after about 20 washes.

Heat Tools

We all know that heat affects hair color in many different ways – whether it’s through the sun, blow-drying, curling irons, or even washing your hair with hot water. 

That’s right: Heat tools will also make hair color fade quickly, leaving hair dry and damaged.

If you can’t avoid them, though, at least use a heat protectant as necessary.

Getting Rid Of Your oVertone Hair Color

What if you want to modify the color of your oVertone coloring conditioner before it disappears, or if you don’t like the color you chose initially?

Well, it’s pretty easy – and you’ll be able to do it at home. Here’s how!

Washing Your Hair

The first crucial step is to stop using oVertone as a conditioner to prevent more pigmentation.

As we said before, sulfate shampoos are a bad choice if you want your hair color to last longer. So, logically, they are perfect for getting rid of your hair color as soon as possible. 

But, always remember that they can dry your hair out.

If you don’t want to dry your hair out, make sure to use lower-quality shampoos for removing the oVertone. They will do the job – without damaging your hair.

Olive Oil Mask

You can also remove the hair color with an olive oil mask. 

Semi-permanent hair coloring clings to the hair fiber and encapsulates the pigment molecules that have been deposited there.

This natural treatment has been around for a long time and is known for healing damaged hair immediately. Olive oil enters the hair fiber and plugs the cracks caused by the hair’s permanent color.

How should you apply it?

Wash your hair with hot water for as long as possible. Warm water helps to open the pores of the hair, making it easier for the color to show through.

Then, microwave a half-cup of olive oil on high for around 10 seconds. It should be warm – but not boiling. Apply olive oil to wet hair with gloves and rub it in from the roots to the ends to coat the hair thoroughly.

Allow the olive oil to sit on your hair for 30-40 minutes.

Using warm water, rinse off the olive oil. Apply a heavy shampoo (or dishwashing detergent) to remove the oil. Massage until rich lather forms – for as long as your hair feels greasy.

Your hair is already hydrated, so there’s no need for a conditioner to be applied.

The procedure removes your oVertone in 2 or 3 treatments and deeply moisturizes your hair. It’s a win-win!

Clarifying Shampoo

The first step in eliminating a temporary or semi-permanent color is to use a potent clarifying shampoo.  

Here’s how to use it:

  • Thoroughly wet your hair and lather a quarter-sized quantity between your palms.
  • For optimal results, lather the clarifying shampoo into portions of hair where dye removal is required, making sure to massage it evenly from base to ends.
  • Allow the shampoo to settle for about a minute.
  • Thoroughly wash.
  • For optimal hydration, consider using a coloring conditioner or a conditioning treatment.

If your undesirable color has initially been a pastel or a lighter hue, the clarifying stage might be sufficient for total color removal.


Honestly, the oVertone coloring conditioner is a work of art in terms of application and upkeep. So, let’s summarize: How long does oVertone last?

oVertone will last between 20 and 22 washes. Nonetheless, it is primarily determined by your hair-washing routine and frequency.

Although oVertone is not a permanent color, you can still prolong its longevity by applying the conditioning dye with each washing. That’s essential since semi-permanent colors fade with washing. 

As a conditioning dye, oVertone allows you to replenish color with each wash.

To maintain the color for as long as possible, you must follow the instructions we provided in this guide. And if you want it to fade faster, you now understand how to accomplish it – without jeopardizing the health of your hair.

oVertone’s a real hair industry miracle, wouldn’t you agree?