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How Much Does It Cost To Dye Your Hair?

How Much Does It Cost To Dye Your Hair?

Most women dye their hair. Even if you prefer the natural look, you too will likely start dyeing your hair once you notice the greys coming through – sooner or later. 

But how much does it cost to dye your hair?

The cost of dyeing your hair depends on many different factors. If you’re on a limited hair-coloring budget, you should explore all the options before doing anything. Why? 

Well, it’s not a one-time thing. Once you start dyeing your hair, you’ll have to do it regularly. 

Stick around to learn more!

The Average Cost Of Coloring Your Hair

There are two options when it comes to coloring your hair. You can either do it yourself or go to a hair salon and let a professional hairstylist (i.e., colorist) do it for you. 

Let’s see what both options entail – and if one is necessarily better than the other budget-wise. 

Dyeing Your Hair At Home

Typically, the DIY option will save you a lot of money, but it might not deliver the results you are hoping for – especially if you’re inexperienced in hair coloring.

To dye your hair at home, you’ll have to purchase a DIY hair dye box kit. You can buy it online too, so there’s no need to leave your house at all – which could be a bonus for some! 

On that note, over 40% of people prefer to color their hair at home. The popularity of DIY hair dyes has resulted in companies competing to produce hair dye box kits, and you can now find almost any shade of color you imagine.

For the majority of people, the cost is probably the most significant factor in choosing to color their hair at home. Even though the price of different hair dyes you can buy varies greatly, you can generally find the color you want in the range of $3 to $20.

Make sure you consider the length of your hair when buying hair dye on your own, though. One tube will be enough for shorter hair – but ladies with medium or long hair will probably require at least two boxes of hair dye. 

So, the longer your hair is, the more you’ll need to spend. 

The good news is that you can generally find hair dye packages at a significantly discounted price. Therefore, spending some extra time finding a good deal could save you some money when you’re working on a tight budget. 

There is more good news: 

Coloring your hair is not rocket science. You can do it quite easily – as long as you follow the instructions on the packaging. 

And how often will you have to dye your hair at home?

Well, your new color will probably last at least a few weeks. If you chose a color similar to your natural shade, you could even get by for a few months – as long as you do a few touch-ups on your roots during this time. 

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What Are The Disadvantages Of Dyeing Your Hair At Home?

Unfortunately, DIY hair dyeing is not all rosy. There are quite a few possible problems you are likely to encounter. 

But when you know what to expect, it might help you overcome some of the obstacles.

For starters, the process of hair coloring could damage your hair. Professionals know how to assess what’s best for your hair – but you might make some costly slip-ups. 

Moreover, not all people will know how to apply the hair color directly to their hair and get the shade they have chosen. Often, it is required to put in more effort and bleach the hair before applying the actual hair dye. 

On that note, harsh chemicals in bleach can be even more damaging if misused, and your hair could easily pay the price of your inexperience, becoming very dry and brittle. 

The straw-like texture is not only bad-looking but extremely hard to repair because, at that point, the hair’s keratin protein structure is impaired. Besides, your hair will be more prone to damage in the future, too, due to increased porosity. 

Always read the instructions that come with the hair color you have bought. If you fail to do that, you risk ruining your hair – or worse.

There might also be some other costly consequences. For example, hair dye could stain your clothes, towels, or furniture and carpets. On that note, you should clear out the space you will be working in and wear old clothes. 

And what if you don’t like the new hair color?

The truth is, you’re more likely to dislike the new color when you dye your hair at home. You lack the experience the professional colorists have – and you generally can’t predict the outcomes as well as they can.

Disliking your hair color will undoubtedly be a difficult pill to swallow.

However, it’s not a mistake you cannot repair. 

You can always color your hair again, but keep in mind that it will cost you more money – and could damage your hair even more. We highly recommend turning to the professional this time around. 

Alternatively, you can try to make the best of your new hair color. 

Try to find makeup that will complement your new look, or get hair accessories that will draw attention away from your hair. For example, you can opt for thick decorative headbands or an elegant-looking hat. 

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Dyeing Your Hair At The Hair Salon

Dyeing your hair at a hair salon will undoubtedly cost more than doing it at home. The actual price varies from place to place – but the average range is from $50 to $100.

The price will be influenced by numerous factors, including the hair coloring technique you’ve chosen, the popularity, or even the location of your hairstylist or colorist. 

For example, ultra-trendy balayage highlights cost way more than regular hair dyeing. 

That might be surprising given that highlights generally require less hair dye – but the price is higher because the stylist needs to spend more time doing them. The cost will increase if you choose to do highlights and lowlights in multiple colors, too.

Not only do the coloring options factor into the final price, but so do the length and thickness of your hair. 

The longer your hair is, the more product the colorist will use to color it – and that means you’ll have to pay more. 

On the bright side, professional hair colorists have the experience you lack. They’re educated in hair dye science and know how to dye your hair without damaging it too much. 

Furthermore, they have the right tools and professional hair colors that are usually more efficient and long-lasting than the ones you can buy. And you don’t have to worry about ruined clothes or stained towels, either. 

They’ll have you covered – literally!

What Are The Disadvantages Of Dyeing Your Hair At A Hair Salon?

Besides the higher cost, another potential disadvantage is leaving your home and going to the salon. 

It sounds silly, but living in the post-COVID world has brought many new challenges. 

Coping with social distancing and isolation has become the “new normal.” And for this reason, many people strive to become self-sufficient.

Knowing how to dye your hair at home eliminates the need for you to go out and interact with other people. So, as the last two years showed us, DIY hair coloring is sometimes your only option. 

Oh, and another thing: 

Even though a professional hair colorist will keep the damage minimal, continuous coloring will affect your hair nonetheless. Choose your stylist carefully since only experienced colorists can assess when your hair requires a break from hair dyes and harsh chemicals. 

It can help you avoid costly consequences.

How Can Your New Hair Color Last Longer?

The longer you wait between two hair coloring sessions, the more time your hair will have to recover from the treatment. So, it’s in your best interest to color your hair as rarely as you possibly can – without compromising your looks, of course.

How can you make your hair color last longer, though? Here are a few tips: 

  • Avoid vivid hair colors such as red, pink, purple, blue, and green: These rainbow hair dyes might be trendy – but they wash out pretty quickly. It doesn’t happen only when washing your hair; even rain and sweat can drip color down your neck and face. It’s pretty annoying – and can ruin your outfit, too. 
  • Opt for permanent hair dyes rather than semi-permanent dyes: Even though semi-permanent colors are less damaging than permanent ones, the fact that they need to be applied more often evens the score in the long run. Permanent hair dyes last much longer – and cover your greys more efficiently. 
  • Do not wash your hair every day: You shouldn’t wash your hair every day – even if you prefer it clean. Shampoo can make your hair dry and prone to breakage. Besides, your color will wash out much quicker. Use a shower cap and rescue your hair from exposure to chemicals – especially sulfates. 
  • Use hair products designed to enhance color-treated hair: You can now purchase specially-designed hair conditioners and shampoos to maintain color integrity and longevity. And besides protecting your color, these products will make your hair shiny, too.

How Much Does It Cost To Dye Your Hair: Conclusion

Even though coloring your hair at home will definitely cost less, leaving it to the professionals has its advantages, as well. You have to carefully weigh in all the pros and cons of both options and choose one that suits you best.

Consider your budget, your expectations, and your hair-dyeing talent, too. If you doubt you can do it on your own, better leave it to someone who knows what they’re doing. 

We all love saving money – but it is not always worth it! After all, a little bit of research can help you find a budget-friendly hair salon that’ll help you look your best without breaking your budget! 

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