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How To Straighten Eyelashes?

How To Straighten Eyelashes?

Eyes are mirrors of the soul; it’s true. But lashes also have an important role in this. Whether you have eyes blue like the ocean or deep mysterious brown, those long lashes add to the beauty.

However, you are not satisfied anymore with your curly eyelashes, and you want to make a little change – how to straighten eyelashes?

If you are looking for quick ways to straighten your eyelashes without damaging them and a couple of other tips you should know, stay with us and learn all about it. 

3 Ways To Straighten Eyelashes

Suppose you are unhappy with the way your eyelashes look. In that case, you can straighten them in 3 ways: by putting false lashes on, by using an electric curler, or by applying an eyelash enhancer. 

Putting false lashes on (artificial eyelashes, mascara, and glue)
Step 1. Put glue on your false lashes – smear the adhesive carefully on the base of the lashes.
Step 2. Stick it close to the base – lightly press the base to your eyelids.
Step 3.  Let the glue dry fully – do not touch your eyelashes during this process. 
Step 4. Apply the mascara – gently apply the mascara over your false lashes to make them look more natural. 
Using an electric curler (clear and black mascara, electric curler)
Step 1. Preheat the curler – plug in the curler halfway through your makeup tutorial.
Step 2. Prepare the lashes – apply your clear mascara (not too much)
Step 3.  Uncurl the lashes in a downward motion – place the electric curler on the tip and move towards the center. Repeat a couple of times.
Applying eyelash enhancer (eyelash enhancing product, makeup cleanser)
Step 1. Clean your eyes – clean your eyes and remove any mascara residue with makeup cleanser. 
Step 2. Put on the eyelash enhancer – apply it from the ends to the tips of the lashes and leave it overnight. 
Step 3. Style it with mascara – when you leave it to stay overnight, you can apply the mascara without doing anything else.

Why Straighten Lashes And Not Lift Them?

  • Today, many women have engaged in both straightening and lifting their natural lashes to achieve the wanted results. But, which one of these beauty treatments is better for you?
  • Straightening your natural lashes involves much less time and products, and it doesn’t seriously harm them. This can take up to 10 minutes maximum, and you can choose to repeat the process whenever you like. 
  • With lifting lashes, the situation is different. This procedure includes some strong chemicals which could harm your eye. 
  • You could end up with:
    • Blisters
    • Rashes 
    • Redness
    • Inflammation
  • This procedure lasts a little longer, so you are looking at about 45 minutes. The aesthetician will make your lashes more curled and less long – so this will give the complete opposite results from what you would get by straightening them. 
  • This is also not recommended for people to suffer from specific allergies or difficulties such as eye allergy or infection, skin sensitivity, chronic dry eye, or watery eyes.

Eyelash Curlers And Enhancers 101

Since you have decided to straighten your lashes, you will need either an eyelash curler or an eyelash enhancer or serum. 

Before visiting the store, there are a couple of basic facts that you should look for in these products.

Let’s start with eyelashes curlers

When shopping for one, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

  • Eye shape – curlers are often designed for your eye shape (round, hooded, etc.), and you should choose them accordingly. 
  • Cushion – a good eyelash curler must come with a high-quality rounded cushion. This will protect your lashes. 
  • Comfort – look for an eyelash curler which you are comfortable holding.
  • Quality – never opt for cheap eyelash curlers. Quality means a lot, and if you have to save up some money – don’t hesitate to do it. 
  • Reviews – it is always helpful to go on the store’s web page and look for a review. The customers will always be more honest with you than the saleslady. 

On the other hand, eyelash serums are also very helpful.

They will both hydrate and strengthen your lashes. The components in the eyelash serums protect your lashes from breaking and falling off. It will also make them thicker.

The three main benefits of using this product are:

Serums contain protein that stimulates the growth and strength of your eyelashes and boosts your keratin production.

They can also be used with people who suffer from hair loss.

Eyelash serums are good for moisturizing if you are suffering from dry eyes. 

Use Olive Oil For Your Eyelashes

No matter what you are doing to your lashes, it would help if you learned how to take care of them. Olive oil is the perfect ingredient for your lashes to stay healthy. 

It has multiple benefits, but here are the most important ones:

  1. It protects from fungi and bacteria – it consists of antibacterial properties that protect your eyelashes. You should simply apply it after washing your face at night. 
  2. It is a source of nutrition – it is excellent for your skin, which helps you get rid of acne. 
  3. It is a natural conditioner – it will prevent your eyelashes from breaking and help them grow faster. 
  4. It improves blood circulation – good circulation is vital, and it gives eyelashes a strong base for growth. 
  5. It improves regrowth of eyelashes – olive oil can help your damaged eyelashes grow again, even more, healthy than before.
  6. It makes your eyelashes darker and shiny – some studies have shown that regularly applying olive oil will help your lashes become darker and more lustrous.

How To Straighten Eyelashes – Conclusion

Undoubtedly, many of us dislike how our eyelashes are curled and would like to straighten them but don’t know how to do this. Well, you can do this in three ways, and they are all very easy to follow. 

You can straighten your eyelashes by putting on false lashes and adding some mascara, by using an eyelash curler, or by putting on eyelash enhancers. This entirely depends on you.

This process doesn’t take long – you will need about 10 minutes to get it done. 

No matter what you decide to do with your lashes, it would be best to learn how to take care of them properly. Olive oil helps a lot. This product is perfect for your natural lashes, and it has many health benefits. 

It protects from fungi and bacteria because it consists of antibacterial properties, which protect your eyelashes. It is a source of nutrition – it is excellent for your skin, which helps you get rid of acne. Olive oil is a natural conditioner – it will prevent your eyelashes from breaking and help them grow faster.

It also improves blood circulation, and good circulation is essential, and it gives eyelashes a strong base for increasing. 

There has been a lot of talk about whether you should lift or straighten your lashes. When it comes to lifting lashes, it can take a lot of time, and people with allergies or sensitive skin should not engage in this process. They could end up with redness, inflammation, or even rashes. 

Straightening your lashes doesn’t include any hard chemicals, and it can be done in 10 minutes. 

When buying eyelash curlers, you should pay attention to the shape, quality, and even read some reviews online to see if this is a smart purchase. 

Eye serums are perfect for you because they promote keratin production in your body, moisturize your dry eyes, and treat hair loss. 

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