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How To Thicken Nail Polish For Stamping?

How To Thicken Nail Polish For Stamping?

Having to spend more time at home has blessed us with an opportunity to learn new skills. If you have been eager to try out all those DIY beauty hacks you have spent countless hours watching on youtube, you finally had enough time to do it. 

If, on the other hand, you were too scared you would mess something up and did not want to risk anything, it is high time you try a thing or two. We can help you!

Our first advice is to start out with something small and risk-free – like your nails. For example, nail art is an excellent opportunity to explore your creativity. If you mess things up – simply use the nail polish remover to wipe everything off and start over.

Today we will teach you how to thicken nail polish for stamping so that you can apply this super-easy technique to beautify your nails whenever you want! Our step by step guide is as simple as it can be – you’ll be ready to do everything on your own in no time at all!!

Let’s start! Holidays are just around the corner, and we want you to be ready in time! 

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What Is Nail Stamping?

As we have already mentioned, nail art is a great way to express your creativity and add a personal touch to your everyday look. It might be subtle, but everyone will surely notice your beautiful nails too.

There are different nail art techniques you can turn to to make your nails gorgeous, but most of them are quite elaborate and require a lot of time and effort to master. Therefore, it would be best to leave complicated nail art to the pros and stick to simple and effective techniques such as nail stamping. 

Nail stamping is quite a ”young” nail art technique. It has been around for much less than hand-painting but has become almost as popular due to how easy it is to learn and apply. Hand painting elaborate designs require talent and a steady hand, while stamping delivers similar results and does not require either of the two.

Moreover,  nail stamping will provide you with detailed designs that would be almost impossible to get even if you are already experienced in freehand nail painting. Plus, you can easily change the design as soon as you get tired of it. The choice of designs is almost limitless, so you can easily find the ones that best suit your style. You will never run out of options – there are so many of them available in stores and online!

You do not need any expensive equipment either, so affordability is yet another reason for how quickly this technique has spread in the nail art realm. All you need is a stamper, a scraper, and a few metal plates with engraved designs of your choice. 

The best thing of all is that you can buy nail stamping kits that already include all the necessary tools you need to start making your nails gorgeous. Later on, as you advance on your nail stamping journey, you can begin purchasing individual tools.

How does the process go?

Thicken Nail Polish For Stamping
  • Apply a thick nail polish onto the metal plate.
  • Use the scraper to scrape off the excess nail polish from the stamping plate.
  • Press the stamping tool onto the design you have chosen to apply. At first, use only rubber stampers that are usually part of any nail stamping kit. Later on, you can move on to transparent stampers for better accuracy and ease of use.
  • Transfer the design to your nail by pressing a stamper on its surface.

That’s it, the process is quick and easy, and even kids can do it and have fun. Just make sure that the nail polish is thick enough for the process to be successful. We will help you thicken up your nail polish in the section that follows!

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Step By Step Guide: How To Thicken Nail Polish?

Lav How To Thicken Nail Polish For Stamping

Why Should You Make Your Nail Polish Thicker Than It Already Is?

When you buy nail polish, it is most likely too watery and runny for almost any nail art technique, nail stamping included. Moreover, thicker nail polish will be much easier to use to create perfect nail stamping designs on your nails. 

How To Thicken Your Nail Polish?

  • Start by opening the nail polish bottle.
  • Soak the brush with some nail polish remover and set it aside. That will prevent it from getting hard while you thicken the nail polish.
  • Place the open bottle of your nail polish in a warm area and expose it to a continuous air-flow by opening a window or turning on a fan.
  • Check the bottle every ten minutes or so to see if its consistency has changed. The best method is to use a toothpick. 
  • When the nail polish has become thick enough, simply screw back the cover. You are done!

As you can see, this method is quick and easy, and it costs nothing at all. You can turn any nail polish into a perfect tool for nail art stamping. 

What happens?

  • As soon as you open the nail polish bottle, the natural process of evaporation starts. Namely, all nail polishes contain liquid solvents that evaporate quite quickly when exposed to air. You simply used this fact to thicken your nail polish. 

Why do you need to put the nail polish in a warm area with good air-flow?

  • You do that to speed up the process so that you can proceed to nail stamping sooner. 

What if you overdo it and your nail polish becomes too thick?

  • If you have dried out your nail polish more than you have intended to and it has become too thick to work with, you can reverse the process by adding a little bit of a nail thinner. It should bring it back to its normal consistency in no time at all.

Are there any drawbacks to thickening nail polish?

  • Well, drying out a nail polish will make it suitable for nail stamping, but quite useless otherwise. You will not be able to use it for its usual purpose anymore. In a way, you are wasting a perfectly fine nail polish, especially if you do not apply the nail stamping technique often in the first place. 
  • Luckily there is an alternative – you can buy a stamping polish that has been made especially for nail art stamping. Besides, stamping polishes take the guessing out of the whole process. They are naturally perfectly thick but also more pigmented.

Alternative Method To Thicken Your Nail Polish

If you fail to thicken your nail polish the way we have just explained (which is highly unlikely), you can try adding Xanthan Gum Powder to the nail polish bottle. 

What is Xanthan Gum?

It is a thickener widely used in the food industry to thicken jams and sauces. it is also often used in cosmetic products such as shampoos.

If you decide to use it to thicken your nail polish, start slowly and add only a little at a time. Make sure you mix it in well before you add more. Check the texture of your nail polish with a toothpick and if it is still too runny, add a little bit more of Xanthan Gum until you are satisfied with the result.

Final Words

Nail art used to be an expensive treatment at a beauty salon. It also required a ridiculous amount of upkeep. Now that nail art stamping is here, things have changed in your favor. You can enjoy beautiful nail art designs of salon-quality without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Nail stamping is cost-effective and easy to master. Now that we have taught you how to thicken your nail polish, you are ready to try it at your home! Invest a few bucks into a nail stamping kit – it is reusable! 

Feel free to share the pictures of your beautiful nails with us! Happy stamping!