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How To Wrap Long Hair?

How To Wrap Long Hair?

We all want to do something new with our hair but don’t know exactly what. We search for unique but easy hairstyle ideas that will look good and not take too much time.

Suddenly, it has occurred to you. Why not try to wrap your hair? That is both simple, and it looks good. But your hair is way too long, and you aren’t quite sure how to wrap long hair?

We’ve got this covered.

By reading this article, you will learn how to wrap long hair in a few steps, what to use, and a couple of other hair hacks that can come in handy.

Wrap Long Hair In 5 Steps

Okay, so you have places to be but don’t have the time for some extreme hair makeover. This is the perfect time to wrap your hair, and here is how to do it in just a few steps. 

1. Prepare Your Hair And Pin Up The Sides

  • First, you need to use a comb and go through your hair a few times. After you did this, split your hair into two even parts. You will need two mirrors behind you to see what you are doing, so you might need a helping hand from a friend.
  • Now, pin-up the left side first. Take the brush in your left hand and place the outer part on your hairbrush’s left side, the hair toward the temple. Place a pin on the nape of the neck and near your ear. If you have curly hair, use hands instead of a brush to prevent the extra frizz. After you did this with the left side, do the same with the right side.

2. Wrap The Headwrap

  • Take the material (scarf) and fold it across so that you are left with a perfect triangle. You will achieve this by taking the corner and bringing it to the opposite one. Do this on a flat surface. 

3. Lay The Wrap On Your Hair

  • Take the two triangles of the scarf in your hands and put them on your hair, with the “pointed” part touching the nape of your neck. 

4. Tie The Wrap

  • Bring the corners of the triangle also to the nape of your neck and tie them up in two knots – to be sure that it doesn’t accidentally untie. 

5. Tuck The Rest Of Your Hair In

  • You might have some baby hair sticking out, and that’s fine. While some people decide to leave them, others want everything under the wrap. If you want them inside, tuck them in but do it carefully so that you don’t mess up the scarf and untie it. 

Can I Wrap Short Hair?

  • Even if you have short hair, you can rock this hairstyle with no problem. The procedure is very similar to the one with long hair. 
  • Wash your hair, condition it, and use a comb or a brush and go through it after you have dried it. Use whatever product fits your hairstyle (straight, curly). Be sure to get out any knots or tangles because this can hurt when you are tying the wrap.
  • Divide your hair by using a comb or hair clips. Divide it into 3-4 parts and put pins on each part, just like long hair. 
  • If you have really short hair, and I mean ear-length short, don’t bother doing this step.
  • Fold the scarf in a triangle, put in on your head, and tie the two ends at the nape of your neck. Don’t tighten it too much because you have short hair, and this will hurt your head. 
  • Take out any clips that bother you and if some extra hair falls out during this process, tuck it back in carefully. 

Go With A Silk Wrap

Lav How To Wrap Long Hair

You can choose between many materials from when you want to wrap your hair, but one stands out – silk. Apart from being a beautiful and soft material, it brings some good news to your hair. 

Silk maintains your hairstyle for longer – this is the perfect material for wrapping your hair – long or short. It doesn’t matter if this is a daily hairstyle or if you want to protect your braids overnight. Silk prevents friction and helps your hair stay in one place.

Wearing silk on your hair encourages natural oils to spread, and this will cause less greasy – good news – you won’t have to wash your hair that often. Sleeping on a silk pillow also helps your hair grow faster and prevents any hair breakouts that a usual pillow material might cause. 

Silk also prevents tangles. Wrapping it in silk won’t cause your hair to form some knots or tangles that would hurt when you decide to take the wrap off. 

If you have curly hair, this is the perfect overnight wrap. Sleeping in a silk wrap will preserve curls. You know how it is waking up in the morning, and your hair is everywhere—no more undefined curls.

Does Wrapping Hair Damage It?

Don’t be silly. This hairstyle is an excellent way of saving your hair from any damage – hair supplies and environmental factors. Although this is considered one of the safest hairstyles, that doesn’t mean that you should stop caring about it. 

Here are a couple of tips for you.

  1. Deep condition your hair by using Chebe Powder – this product has become very popular among women recently. It originates from the Chad Republic, and it has quite a few benefits – it moisturizes your hair and helps to grow faster. 

This little bottle of 50 gr isn’t cheap, but it is worth it. You should use it once or twice a month and leave it on your hair for 5-8 hours. 

  1. You can use a Leave-in Conditioner – you should buy this one if you want to wear straw hair during summer. Why? Well, this conditioner will protect your hair from the UV rays. You can either buy one or make one yourself, and you will save your hair from unnecessary chemicals. 
  1. Adjust the scarf, turban, or hat – it’s obvious that you like to wrap your hair, but you should pay attention to one thing. Do not tighten it too much. Whatever you decide to put on your hair, adjust it to the extent you feel comfortable.

You can do some severe damage if you jam it too tight – let your hair breathe a little!

How To Wrap Long Hair – Conclusion

You are looking for a simple and pretty hairstyle you can wear every day. Well, wrapping your hair is the perfect solution.

You don’t need a hair salon or too much time. You can do this all by yourself in the comfort of your home. And best of all, you can do this with both long and short hair. 

If you have long hair: prepare your hair, pin up the sides, wrap the headwrap, lay the wrap on your hair, tie the wrap, and tuck in the hair that has been falling out.

You can do this also with short hair. The process is almost the same. You just might need a little more hair clips to prevent your hair from falling out the sides, but you will manage.

Among the many materials you choose to put on your hair, silk might be the best option, and there are a couple of reasons for this. Silk maintains your hairstyle for longer, silk on your hair encourages natural oils to spread, and this will cause less grease. It prevents tangles, and this is a perfect overnight wrap if you have curly hair. 

This is a hairstyle that is 100% safe for your hair. It doesn’t damage it in any way, but there are still some tips for your hair to look even lovelier. You should deep condition and use a Chebe Powder, apply a Leave-In Conditioner, and pay attention to how much you tighten it.