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How Much Developer To Use With Toner?

How Much Developer To Use With Toner?

Most girls nowadays did try to color, bleach, and tone their hair on their own at least once. I believe that we all agree that move is not the smartest one to do since most of us do not know the hell we are doing.

Playing with toner and developer can be risky since it requires you to know a correct ratio so you can be sure it will be effective. That raises the question of how much developer to use with toner? Can I use the same developer for all hair colors? How can I damage my hair if I use the wrong developer?

Find the answer to all these questions in my newest post.

So What Is The Correct Developer To Toner Ratio?

The first thing you must understand is that the hair color you’re working with will affect what kind of developer you need to use.

If you want to tone dark hair colors like ash or deep grey, you need to use a 10 volume developer (3% hydrogen peroxide). For light hair colors such as platinum, you must use a 20 volume developer (6% hydrogen peroxide). Never use a 20 volume developer to tone dark hair since it will lift the color.

To tone your hair correctly, you should use a 2:1 developer to toner ratio. To put it in simple words, use two parts of the developer to one part of toner.  It is crucial always to use this ratio since your primary goal is to adjust your hair color lightly and not ruin it.

Of course, there are also 30 (9% hydrogen peroxide) and 40 volume developers (12% hydrogen peroxide), but they’re not used to tone hair, and it is not recommended to use it on your own. 

Developers in those volumes will severely damage your hair, and only professionals should use them!

If you want to tone down your hair in the comfort of your home, you should use a 10 or 20 volume developer depending on the color of the hair you’re going to tone.

Why Would You Want To Tone Your Hair?

Well, there are a few valid reasons why you would want or need to toner your hair.  

One of the most common reasons is the sun that faded your hair color, usage of the wrong shampoo, and the chlorine from the pool, which will make your hair lose its vibrancy. In all three cases, your hair will develop unwanted tones, so how do you fight it?

With a perfectly balanced mixture of toner and developer, of course. But be careful since you can greatly damage your hair if you use the toner and developer’s wrong ratio. Let’s talk about how to properly tone dark and light hair.

What Volume Of A Developer To Use When Toning Dark Hair?

When I say dark hair, I don’t mean black or brown; I mean colors like dark grey, dark ash blond, ash-blond, and light ash brown.  You will need to use an ash or grey toner for these colors and mix it up with a 10 volume developer. This way, you will avoid lightening your hair or the base color.

A 10 volume developer is the least powerful and works best for darker shades or trying to get rid of mild brassy tones.

Like I already said, always use a 2:1 ratio. In case you have very long hair and need to use an entire bottle of toner, you will also need to double the amount of developer.  For example, if you buy a 50 ml container of toner, you should mix it with 100ml of a developer.

But what will happen if you use the wrong ratio? What if I do not put enough developer in the mixture? Well, after you rinse your hair, you will notice it is much darker, but why? Your hair will become saturated with the excess pigment form the toner making your hair way darker than you expected.

The excess dye will wash out when you wash your hair since there wasn’t enough developer to open the cuticle and let the hair absorb the pigment, so you can expect your hair to look the same after a few days. Remember, ratios are not here for nothing; follow the rules if you want to get the best results.

What Volume Of A Developer To Use When Toning Light Hair?

Like already mentioned, light colors are toned only with a 20 volume developer. Use this developer if your base hair color is light ash blond, extra light golden blond, or platinum blond.  It would help if you used a toner in silver-grey, golden, or purple tones mixed in 2:1 ratio with volume 20 developer.

In case you have darker orange-tinted hair choose 20 volume developer since this developer will allow you to tone your hair to very light blonde shades. A more potent 20 volume developer will lighten your hair and open up your hair cuticle to help the toner take effect.

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How To Properly Maintain Your Hair and Shade After Toning?

Lav How Much Developer To Use With Toner

Hair remembers, I know it sounds creepy, but it’s true. Keep in mind that every product you use or every process you expose your hair can have permanent effects. That is why I always advise you to go to professional hairstylists and never make any significant changes on your own.

The right type of products such as dye, toner, developer, conditioner, and even shampoo is vital for maintaining hair in good condition and health. To help you maintain your toned hair, I wrote this six rule list for you, hoping it will be helpful.

Rule #1 – Do not wash your hair too often! 

Try not to wash your hair more than twice a week. This way, you will prevent fading of the color. Wash your hair only with a sulfate-free shampoo specifically designed for color-treated hair. 

If you must wash your hair more than twice a week, try using dry shampoo. If the dry shampoo does not work, the alternative solution is to rinse your hair with water and apply some conditioner.

Rule #2 – Purple shampoo or conditioner is a must! 

Use these products once a week. Evenly lather in the shampoo or the conditioner throughout your hair, and for a first few washes, leave it in for 2-3 minutes, then wash it out. Each time you use it, leave it in for a little longer until you reach up to 10 minutes. 

Please don’t leave it longer than 10 minutes or use it more frequently than once a week. Overusing these products will make your hair look dull or gray.

Also, only use purple shampoo or purple conditioner, never both.

Rule #3 – Reduce the use of heat!  

Try to use a blow dryer, hair straightener, or curler less. Every time you must use them, make sure you apply a heat protectant. 

Rub in a hair oil or hair protecting spray from the middle of your hair down to the ends to hydrate it and protect the color. You should turn down the heat on your styling tools as well. 

Avoid washing hair with very hot water as well. High temperatures will make the color fade away quickly.

Rule #4 – Get a gloss once per month!

If you notice your tone is still fading away, no matter how good you take care of her, a hair gloss treatment is a great solution! A hair gloss will close your hair cuticle, and help to hold in color, and give your hair some extra shine. 

You can do it on your own, or you can go to a salon for a gloss treatment.

Rule #5 – Rinse your hair before you get in a pool and wash it right after you get out!  

Soak up your hair for a minute or two with clean water under a shower; this way, your hair won’t be able to absorb as much pool water as it would if it’s dry. 

You can also rub a bit of conditioner into your hair. 

Wash your hair immediately when you get out with sulfate-free shampoo. 

Use the same process before and after you swim in the ocean, as well.

Rule #6 – Reapply the toner regularly! 

Make sure you reapply the toner every 5-6 weeks. Toner can last 2-8 weeks, but the color will start to fade before that. 

You can tone your hair again after about a month since this process is not so harmful to your hair.

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Long Story Short

Choosing the right developer strength, and getting the right ration for the mixture is essential for the final color result. You do not need to match the toner and developer’s brand as long as you use high-quality products.

Follow the coloring rules provided in this article, and I guarantee you, you will get excellent results every time.  I must say this one more time do not use developer volume 30 and 40 on your own you will only fry your hair and risk the unnecessary cut.

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