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Best Astaxanthin Supplement 2022: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Best Astaxanthin Supplement 2022: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Top 5 Best Astaxanthin Supplements 2022:

  1. Sports Research Astaxanthin with Organic Coconut Oil
  2. Nutrex Hawaii BioAstin Hawaiian Astaxanthin
  3. We Like Vitamins Astaxanthin 5mg
  4. Nutricost Astaxanthin 12mg
  5. Sports Research Astaxanthin 12mg

Leading a healthy lifestyle has never been exactly easy. With more time spent at work and less at home, who wants to slave away in the kitchen at night?

So many of us are guilty of picking up junk food and similar stuff instead of cooking. And who can blame us?

There isn’t enough time to make home-cooked meals and work full time. There simply isn’t. Of course, eating junk all the time takes a toll on our bodies.

Metabolism slows down from an imbalanced diet. So, a diet full of carbs and fats eventually results in weight gain. Weight gain is not only harmful to your self-confidence, it’s harmful to your health.

Changing your lifestyle and diet for the better is getting more and more popular. The easier way to get all the necessary nutrients for your body is by incorporating supplements.

Astaxanthin is a supplement that has many uses. Its primary use is as an exercise supplement, and for joint pain treatments. It can also be used for maintaining heart health, and better-looking skin. 

There is only one problem, though – there are so many different brands of astaxanthin on the market. How are you supposed to know which one is the best?

Well, lucky for you – you don’t have to. We picked the top five astaxanthin supplements and thoroughly reviewed them. All you have to do is continue reading!

Detailed Reviews: 5 Best Astaxanthin Supplements In 2022

1. Sports Research Astaxanthin with Organic Coconut Oil – Best Supplement Overall

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Sports Research is a brand of supplements that is well respected and has earned a good reputation. Because of that, it was no surprise their product made the top of our list.

Astaxanthin with organic coconut oil has been an absolute win. Coconut oil is added to the capsule to enable the absorption of the supplement.

Some supplements have no effect because they cannot be absorbed – but not Sports Research astaxanthin. It’s effective for your health – you will see the results in a short time!

The supplement is purely made from microalgae – which ensures the efficacy of this product. The dose is 6mg per soft gel, easy to swallow the capsule, which is a moderate amount. It should be taken once per day.

If you need a higher dose, you can easily take two every day – just make sure to consult your GP first. This is a large pack of 120 capsules, so you’re set for up to four months astaxanthin-wise!

This product has a non-GMO verification and it’s also soy-free. The capsule is made from kosher gelatin!


  • 6mg dose
  • Large pack – 120 capsules
  • Softgel capsules
  • Contains coconut oil for better absorption


  • None that we could find!

2. Nutrex Hawaii BioAstin Hawaiian Astaxanthin – High-End Supplement

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Nutrex Hawaii is one of those household brands for supplements. Their products are well-known across the entire country, so it was really no surprise they made a great astaxanthin supplement.

BioAstin Hawaiian Astaxanthin is our high-end choice. High quality is something you expect and get from this respectable brand.

This supplement is grown and derived from pure Hawaiian algae. They have a unique process from farm to bottle to ensure the best quality!

The dose in these capsules is 12 mg – the strongest one available on the market. Most people do need the largest dose.

BioAstin Hawaiian astaxanthin has an original and vegan version – something for everyone. The pack has 50 capsules, which will last you a little short of two months.

This product has a non-GMO verification, it’s free from soy, yeast, wheat (gluten), and lactose – all the dangerous allergens.

BioAstin went through extensive quality control to preserve your joints. This supplement boosts your performance and reduces muscle pain!

Do note that the capsules are not made from soft gel, and therefore can be hard to swallow.


  • 50 caps in one bottle
  • The largest dose of astaxanthin
  • Non-GMO, free from allergens
  • Good quality control


  • Caps can be hard to swallow

3. We Like Vitamins Astaxanthin 5mg – Best Value Pack

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We Like Vitamins made a rather large pack of astaxanthin supplements. We mean, it’s very large. It’s also a great option if you’re looking for some supplements at an affordable price.

We Like Vitamins made a bottle of – believe it or not, 180 hard capsules. One small, easy to swallow cap contains 5mg of astaxanthin.

This could be enough for some, but the manufacturer recommends taking two caps at once. We recommend going to your general practitioner for a consultation about the dosage. 

This product is encapsulated and packaged in the USA. This product is used for improving the skin condition, preserving good vision. It’s also good for cardiovascular health, and reducing joint pain.

This product is free from preservatives, artificial colors, and flavors, milk derivatives, yeast, corn, salt, sugar, gluten, or starch. So, no allergens found in this astaxanthin supplement – amazing!

Do note that this product doesn’t have an oil base, so the absorption might not be ideal. Either way, take the capsules with a meal, preferably the main meal during the day.


  • Free from allergens
  • Very large packaging
  • 5mg capsule, take two if a larger dose is needed
  • Affordable price


  • Doesn’t have an oil base

4. Nutricost Astaxanthin 12mg – Simple Choice

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Nutricost makes the supplements that are good quality for a good price. If you want to buy a product without doing thorough research or extensive reading of the ingredients list – choose Nutricost.

They are, like the title says, our simple choice. This product does the job – it keeps safe your vision, heart health, preserves your muscles – all in one small capsule.

The capsules are soft gel, easy to swallow. This package contains 120 capsules, so you’re set for around four months.

The dose is the largest allowed dose of astaxanthin – 12mg. This is the ideal package if you hate ordering supplements all the time and waiting for it to arrive via mail.

It will last you a good while, so you need to order it up only three times a year. Amazing, right?

Nutricost’s supplement is high quality and the third party tested. It’s also non-GMO certified and free from allergens – so it’s the ideal choice for pretty much anyone.

This astaxanthin supplement has a safflower, oil base for the best absorption. Consume the capsule with a meal, preferably a fat-containing one.

Do note that many people experienced poor communication with customer service – according to product reviews.


  • Large pack
  • 12mg, large dose
  • Oil base for better absorption
  • Soft gel caps


  • Poor customer service

5. Sports Research Astaxanthin 12mg – Best Choice For Vegans

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Sports Research is one of our fave supplements brands – and for more than one reason. It was no surprise they made it twice on our top five list.

This product is our number one choice for vegans. You may be wondering why – when astaxanthin is derived from algae. Algae are plants, but not all plant-based supplements are vegan.

The reason behind that is because the gelatin capsule is made from beef gelatin. Moreover, astaxanthin supplement also can contain milk and milk derivatives.

Sports Research astaxanthin has an oil base made from organic virgin coconut oil. This powerful antioxidant contains 12mg of astaxanthin, which is strong and potent. Furthermore, the soft gel capsule is smaller and easy to swallow.

Say goodbye to joint pain with this large packaging of supplements. With 60 caps in a bottle, you’re settled for two months!

Take the product with a meal – it’s best taken with a fat-rich dish. Consult your GP on the optimal dose for you.

Do note that these caps have a certain, unpleasant smell. Keep that in mind if smells bother you.


  • Large packaging
  • Dose of 12mg
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Organic coconut oil base
  • Soft gel capsule


  • Capsules have an unpleasant smell

What To Keep In Mind When Buying Astaxanthin

Best Astaxanthin Supplement

When you’re buying supplements, you have to be very careful. There is something to think about before you decide whether you need them or not!

First, answer this question: do you even need this supplement? Some supplements are best to make sure you get enough of a specific nutrient.

But what’s best is using something your health-care provider suggested or prescribed. So, if you believe you need a dietary supplement, consulting your general practitioner is the best idea.

If you’ve talked to your GP and you got the green light for astaxanthin, yay! Let’s talk about things to keep in mind when you’re out to buy some.

Read The Ingredients

When you’re looking at the bottles and labels, don’t just look at the front of the packaging. There, you will find claims that this particular supplement will save your life or whatever.

Turn the bottle and read up on the actual ingredients. Look at the amount of the actual supplement – sometimes you can even find it has a meager amount of the stuff that is supposed to be the main ingredient.

Moreover, avoid formulas with extra ingredients. You need the supplement to do the job it’s supposed to, and nothing else. A supplement with additions of any sort is more likely to cause a side effect or worse, an allergic reaction.

One more thing: astaxanthin binds to fat for absorption. So, you will want to see olive or coconut oil in the ingredients list that serves as a carrier oil.


When it comes to supplements, you want them to be easy to swallow. So, you want them to be in a capsule or tablet that it’s too large.

Furthermore, astaxanthin is usually formed as a gel capsule – so they’re usually easy to swallow, but you’ll want to check that, just to be safe.

Also, when astaxanthin is extracted from the algae, it’s kind of like an oily resin. It’s best contained in a soft gel capsule.


Some supplements can be tricky to dose and can cause you some trouble to figure out how much you need. Luckily, that’s not the case with the astaxanthin supplement.

The dosage rules are easy and standard – and the dosage usually goes somewhere between 4 and 12 milligrams of astaxanthin.

Is Synthetic Astaxanthin As Good As The Natural One?

Well, to be completely honest, no. Avoid synthetic formulas at all times – but the odds are you’re not likely to even find synthetic astaxanthin.

Nevertheless, we decided to mention it. Synthetic supplement of this kind is nowhere as potent as the natural one, and it’s used for feeding animals. It’s not even tested for humans, so it’s best if you avoid it completely.

Place Of Origin

Almost all of the natural-derived astaxanthin is derived from the same strain of algae – haematococcus pluvialis. What is different is the growing conditions and the location in the world where the algae are grown.

There are about ten major manufacturers of astaxanthin supplements in the world. It’s grown in three different ways: outdoors in ponds, outdoors in tubes, and indoor in tubes.

Indoors in tubes produces astaxanthin supplement of the lowest quality. Since this is the cheapest way to produce them, it results in the product being more affordable.

Outdoors in tubes is a better method than growing them indoors. However, the method that produces the highest quality astaxanthin is growing them outdoors in ponds.

This method of growing algae is the most expensive, so it’s no surprise that the supplement derived this way costs more money.

Essentially, they all produce a very similar product. Choose according to your budget – they all offer the same effect in the end!

Effects Of Astaxanthin On Human Health

General uses of astaxanthin are mostly for:

  • Carpal tunnel – reduces pain
  • Reduces joint pain
  • Indigestion – reduces acid reflux
  • Muscle damage and muscle soreness caused by exercise
  • Boosts exercise performance
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Reduces fatigue and so on

Also, using astaxanthin during menopause reduces symptoms like hot flashes, pain, and moodiness. Using this supplement will make the transition more bearable, so consider that if you’re experiencing the nasty symptoms. 

Astaxanthin also prevents age-related vision loss. It even improves the damage in the center of the retina and keeps your good vision for longer.

No supplement can guarantee that you will have no side effects. Watch how you’re feeling once you start using Astaxanthin and read about the side effects. If you notice that the side effects are worse than the improvements to your health, stop using the supplement!

Do note that if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, you should not use astaxanthin. The effect on pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers is unknown and therefore, discontinue the use as soon as you know you’re carrying a child!

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Best Astaxanthin Supplement – Conclusion

To conclude, we did it. We found the best astaxanthin supplements available on the market. Believe us, this was no easy task – there are so many great supplements on the market, making it super-hard to choose. But, we managed to do it, nevertheless.

Now, it’s time to pronounce the best of the best. Without any further ado, here are the best astaxanthin supplements available:

Best Overall: Sports Research Astaxanthin with Organic Coconut Oil

  • Sports Research astaxanthin is our choice for the absolutely best astaxanthin supplement. This product will do as promised, and it should last you for a while!

Premium Pick: Nutrex Hawaii BioAstin Hawaiian Astaxanthin

  • Nutrex Hawaii made our high-end, premium pick for an astaxanthin supplement. This supplement does the job, and one bottle will last you for around six weeks!

Budget-Friendly Choice: We Like Vitamins Astaxanthin 10mg

  • We Like Vitamins made the product that made it into our budget-friendly, affordable category. If you’re looking for a supplement for your health but you don’t want to break the bank – choose We Like Vitamins!