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Best Natural Primer 2022: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Best Natural Primer 2022: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Top 5 Best Natural Primers 2022:

  1. TULA Probiotic Skin Care Face Filter Blurring and Moisturizing Primer
  2. KYPRIS – Pot of Shade: Natural Heliotropic Sunscreen & Primer
  3. ArtNaturals Natural Face Makeup Primer Hydrating Foundation
  4. 100% PURE Luminous Primer, Silicone-Free Makeup Primer
  5. Honest Beauty Everything Primer, Glow with Hyaluronic Acid

Does your daily skin routine include a face primer?

We hope it does, and we hope you opt for the products that are organic and all-natural since nothing can harm your fragile facial skin like aggressive chemical ingredients that are common in most facial products nowadays.

In case you still you some of the commercial face primers, it is time to turn the page and lookout for the best natural primer that your money can buy. The difference between commercial and natural primers is only in ingredients. The natural face primers will offer you great coverage combined with nourishing ingredients, which, in the long term, will enhance your overall skin look and make you look younger.

Detailed Reviews: 5 Best Natural Primers In 2022

It is not easy when it comes to choosing a skincare product for your face.

No matter if we talk about face primer, moisturizer, serum, or foundation, you should always opt for a high-quality, all-natural product no matter how much it will cost you. If you ask us, it is always better to invest in skincare products than in dermatological treatments to help you repair the damage caused by using harmful products.

Face skin is very delicate and sensitive, especially under your eyes, so you must be very careful when it comes to choosing the right product. Fortunately, you are not alone in this. We’ve got you covered girl, just continue reading this post until the end and learn all about the best natural primers.

1. TULA Probiotic Skin Care Face Filter Blurring and Moisturizing Primer – Effortlessly Makes Your Face A Smooth Canvas 

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If you need a warm-toned skin primer, look no further since TULA Probiotic Primer will exceed your expectations. It has a light tan color so that this product can be used as a foundation for girls with light skin complexion. This primer features glow particles that give your skin a radiant and sun-kissed look.

On the other hand, since it comes in the light shade, this product might not be the best choice for girls with darker skin since it can leave traces on your face.

The primer locks the hydration and maintains your skin flawlessly, which is the main reason it is usually referred to as face filter. This primer smooths the uneven skin and fills in large pores, making your makeup stay on longer and provides the perfect finish. Also, if you have a problem with inflammation and redness, you will be glad to know that this primer reduces them to a minimum.

It contains powerful probiotics and other healthy all-natural ingredients such as chia seeds, turmeric, and licorice, which will nourish your skin. The primer is suitable for almost all skin types, from oily to normal. It will also do wonders for combined, sensitive, and mature skin.

Since it is all-natural, this primer will also not clog your pores. The formulation does not consist of any harmful chemicals like Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, Mineral Oil, Formaldehyde, nor Retinol. If you are Gluten intolerant, this primer is safe for you to use.


  • Makes your skin smooth, hydrated, and radiant
  • Reduce redness and inflammation
  • For all skin types


  • The product is light in color, so it might not suit well for dark skin girls

2. ArtNaturals Natural Face Makeup Primer Hydrating Foundation – Great For Nourishing Dry Skin

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ArtNaturals makeup primer is a great product for ladies with dry skin since it features a rich yet oily formula. It will gently cleanse and moisturize your face before you put on foundation, powder, or any other makeup product.

The formula is a bit thick yet silky and creamy, so it will cover your imperfections and even out the skin significantly. It makes your skin so smooth that the application of foundation or powder will be effortless. It will create a protective layer that will keep germs, free-radicals, and other toxins away from your skin. The makeup will stay put all day long, and it will provide a slightly radiant yet matte finish.

The problem may occur if you apply too much of the primer since it will make your skin heavy and oily, so the makeup will start slipping off your face.

The key ingredients are aloe vera, coconut oil, safflower oil, and vitamin E. The aloe vera will moisturize even the driest skin making it soft and highly absorbable. The vitamin E is a super-powerful antioxidant that will nourish sensitive skin and protect it from inflammations.

The coconut oil will reduce redness, smooth the skin, and protect it from bacteria and toxins in the air. The safflower seeds are rich in linoleic acids, which are great for removing dirt and germs from the skin, which will prevent inflammations and breakouts on sensitive skin. The product does not contain any Parabens, Sulfates, or other chemicals.


  • Great for dry skin
  • It makes skin super hydrated and smooth
  • Reduce redness and prevents breakouts


  • Too much of product makes skin oily
  • Not suitable for oily skin type

3. 100% PURE Luminous Primer, Silicone-Free Makeup Primer – Restore And Renew Tired And Aging Skin

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Usually, most primers make your skin matte while this one is all about making your skin glow flawlessly. It features small glow particles that will luminous your skin and make it look fresh but not greasy or too shiny. So in case you do not like any subtle glow, you should avoid this product.

This primer will boost your skin thoroughly and make it hydrated; this will significantly restore the skin condition and smooth down the wrinkles and fine lines, so this primer is a great choice for matured skin as well. Since it contains anti-aging ingredients like avocado, jojoba esters, and candelilla wax, this primer will fill in creases and pores and blur all skin imperfections.

The formula is thick and creamy, which may clog your pores if you have oily or combined skin. This means you should apply this product in small amounts to avoid breakouts.

This is an effective, all-natural silicone-free organic primer. This primer, instead of plain water, uses tea, aloe juice, fruit hydrosols, and rice water, which will reduce inflammation and redness. It is made with skin-nourishing ingredients like vitamin E, vitamin C, jojoba oil, aloe vera, avocado, green tea, and antioxidant-rich red wine resveratrol. A small hint of the mineral mica is what gives your skin a hint of glow.

There are no chemicals in this product, so you can be sure it is free from silicone, synthetic chemicals, alcohols, heavy metals, and anything unnatural.


  • Great for aging and mature skin
  • Reduce inflammation and redness
  • Makes your skin glow naturally
  • No chemicals
  • Fill in pores and creases


  • May cause breakouts on sensitive and oily skin

4. Honest Beauty Everything Primer, Glow with Hyaluronic Acid – Stay Shine-free All Day Long

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This primer will give your skin a matte finish, which will make your makeup last longer without creating that oily and shiny look that many girls do not like. This product will perfectly blur skin imperfections and make your skin look flawless since it features a unique ingredient called micronized bamboo powder.

The formula is completely oil-free, so you can be sure this product won’t clog your pores. This is very important to girls that have acne-prone skin. Luckily this product is non-comedogenic, so even if you have problems with acne, you won’t worsen up your skin condition, and you can safely wear makeup as long as you apply this primer first. It will create a protective layer on your skin, which will prevent makeup and dirt from getting in your pores.

The primer will make your skin look firmer, and it will even out all the fine lines and pores, making them less visible thanks to the hyaluronic acid and peptides. Honest Beauty prime does not contain Parabens, Phthalates, Silicones, Mineral oils, Paraffin, or Steareth-n. That means this product is 100% hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types.

Instead of unnatural and harmful chemicals, this product consists of ingredients like black current and raspberry extracts that provide a major boost for your skin since both ingredients are very rich antioxidants. The only problem with this product is the sharp and not so pleasant smell.


  • Provides matte finish
  • Makeup will stay on the face all day long
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Suitable for all skin types


  • Sharp smell

5. KYPRIS – Pot of Shade: Natural Heliotropic Sunscreen & Primer – Prep Your Skin For Flawless Makeup Application

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This is a multifunctional product that will protect your skin from the negative effect of UVA and UVB sun rays since it features SPF 30, and it does a great job when worn as a primer under foundation. It is translucent, so it is suitable for all types of skin color.

This primer contains zinc oxide, probiotics, water, coconut alkanes, glycerin, sunflower seed oil, pomegranate seed oil, sweet iris stem cells, rose flower extract, radish root ferment filtrate, algae extract, etc. All those all-natural ingredients that will boost your skin and make it plump and radiant.

The formula is light, creamy, and luxurious, and it will glide on your skin perfectly without the risk of clogging the pores down. The zinc oxide is added to this product so it can provide sun damage protection. The sea algae extract will soothe irritated and inflamed skin, while the probiotics will protect it from free radicals, bacteria, and germs and reduce redness.

This product will smooth down all the skin imperfections, fine lines, and pores. Your skin will become hydrated and soft, so you will be able to apply the makeup with ease and create a flawless complexion with a matte finish. The makeup will stay on your face all day long without the need to retouch it.

The product is gluten-free. This is a luxurious line of skin product, so the price is a bit higher than any other product on this list, but since it offers both primer and sunscreen protection, we still consider this as a great deal.


  • The rich and luxurious formula
  • Offers SPF 30
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Reduce redness and inflammations
  • Hydrate skin perfectly
  • Gluten-free


  • High price

What Is A Facial Primer And How Does It Work?

Best Natural Primer

Makeup primers are used to fill in lines, wrinkles, creases, and other skin imperfections, creating perfectly smooth skin.  The primer is best to apply after cleansing and applying a serum or moisturizer, but if you do not like to layer too many products on your face, you can apply primer after cleansing.

The natural face primers do not contain petrochemicals or hormone disruptors such as phthalates & synthetic fragrances, artificial colors, silicone,  Paraben, or any other allergens. Instead, high quality natural and organic makeup primers use plant-based oils and waxes, minerals and fruit pigments, skin-plumping actives like hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, and moisturizing butter.

These ingredients will, over time, smooth skin and gradually improve the look of uneven skin.

How To Choose Natural Primer For My Skin Type?

  • No matter which skin type you have, the ideal natural primer will contain ingredients that will smooth your skin and help your foundation last throughout the day. Of course, there are few tips you should take into consideration when choosing the right natural primer for your skin type.
  • If you have oily skin, you will need to look for an oil-balancing primer to keep a foundation looking matte and help it stay on the face. This primer type is often made with natural minerals like titanium dioxide, iron oxides, mica, and silica. They also include an absorbent powder base made from ingredients like kaolin clay or bamboo powder. These ingredients will absorb excess oils and smooth down the skin.
  • Ladies with dry skin should always choose primers that offer hydration, anti-inflammatory properties, and skin-plumping ingredients such as vitamin E, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, plant oils, and butters. The main reasons are that dry skin is flaky and dehydrated, which will make the application of foundation hard. This way, you won’t be able to cover fine lines, wrinkles, and creases, and your face will look unnatural.

Which Ingredients To Avoid When Choosing The Face Primer?

Unfortunately, some brands still claim that their products are all-natural, while they still consist of some of the not so recommended ingredients. But luckily, you can always read the list of ingredients on the back of the product and make sure you won’t buy a product that is full of harmful ingredients and chemicals.

  • One of them is Siloxane, also known as an endocrine disruptor. Siloxane is silicone-based compounds that can soften, soothe, and moisten the skin, which makes it suitable for use in primers, but they are very dangerous. This ingredient will affect how hormones function in the body, and in some more severe cases, they can cause infertility and uterine tumors.
  • Silicones are similar to plastics, so applying a primer based on silicone on your face is neither healthy nor suitable for a skin that is sensitive and fragile like facial skin. It will clog your pores and not allow your face to breathe during the day, which over time, leads to the forming of acne, rashes, and other skin irritations.
  • Mineral oils are a common ingredient in most facial products. The mineral oils are used to create a protective layer over your skin that prevents any toxin buildup. This might sound great, but however, this leads to clogged pores, acne, oil buildup, and redness, and inflammation.  Especially if you have sensitive and oily skin.
  • Parabens are preservatives that are unfortunately very common in makeup products, lotions, soaps, conditioners, and other skincare products. Parabens can mimic estrogen, which is quite dangerous since it can cause breast cancer and skin cancer.
  • Parabens will also disrupt your endocrine system affecting the normal functioning of the reproductive system and developmental disorders. There are a lot of different kinds of parabens, so always check out the ingredient list and if any ingredient ends with “paraben,” you should avoid and discard the product.


After hours and hours that we spend in thorough research for all-natural clean face primers, we finally created this list of five top products that we can guarantee that they are free of cheap and harmful ingredients.

Best Overall: TULA Probiotic Skin Care Face Filter Blurring and Moisturizing Primer

  • This hydrating primer is a great choice for all skin types, including mature, sensitive, and acne-prone skin.  Key ingredients include vitamin E and probiotics, which will fight skin inflammation and acne. It will reduce the size of your pores and blur out the fine lines making your skin a perfect canvas for foundation.

Premium Pick: KYPRIS – Pot of Shade: Natural Heliotropic Sunscreen & Primer

  • This multipurpose natural primer also offers you SPF 30 sunscreen protection. It is infused with all-natural ingredients like pomegranate, probiotics, green tea, and algae extract to protect, reduce inflammation, moisturize, and prime your facial skin. It is gluten-free and suitable for all skin types.

Budget-Friendly Choice: ArtNaturals Natural Face Makeup Primer Hydrating Foundation

  • This all-natural face primer will moisturize and cleanse your skin and provide a flawless complexion. This reliable face primer will keep your makeup in place for hours and reduce wrinkles and pores to a minimum. It is not recommended for use if you have an oily skin type.