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Best Foundation Palette 2022: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Best Foundation Palette 2022: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Top 5 Best Foundation Palettes 2022:

  1. Graftobian HD Glamour Creme Foundation Warm Super Palette – 18 High Definition Warm Undertone Cream Shades
  2. Mehron Makeup Celebre Pro-HD Cream Face & Body Makeup, 20 Color Foundation Palette
  3. SHANY Masterpiece 15 Color Foundation, Concealer, Camouflage Palette/Refill
  4. Cinema Secrets Pro Cosmetics Ultimate Corrector 5-In-1 Pro Palette
  5. e.l.f. Foundation Palette, Four Cream Shades

For us, girls investing our hard-earned money into some cosmetic or makeup product we never used can be a pretty scary experience. Especially if we talk about an essential makeup product, we apply it on our faces such as BB cream, concealer, blush, and most important, foundation.

For us, the hardest thing to choose is the foundation. It is pretty complex since you must consider the type of coverage you want, as well to choose the perfect match for your skin type and to make it suitable for your skin undertone. 

If you are new in a magical world of makeup or you just want to try out some new products, we recommend you to thoroughly investigate our new article. We invested a lot of hours and effort in finding the best foundation palette that will, for sure, match your complexion and fit your coverage needs.

Detailed Reviews: 5 Best Foundation Palettes In 2022

1. Graftobian HD Glamour Creme Foundation Warm Super Palette – 18 High Definition Warm Undertone Cream Shades – Flawless Foundation That Lasts Through All Day

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The Graftobian Creme Foundation Palette is one of the most user-friendly foundation kits since it offers you 18 different shades. This will, for sure, cover all your flaws and help you enhance your good facial features the right way.  

In case you are a makeup artist, you can be sure that all your customers will be satisfied with the final look since this product has a great texture and provides full coverage while creating a natural finish on the skin.

The texture of the foundation is creamy and light, so blending it in the skin is effortless. Since all the ingredients used for making this product are high-quality, there will be no breakouts, cakey look, or any other unusual skin reactions.

Remember, little goes a long way since each shade in this palette contains 50% pigment, so you will need only a small amount of this product to obtain excellent coverage. It will completely hide all the skin imperfections; just make sure you use a primer before foundation.

Also, it is highly recommended to use a stainless steel mixing palette when scrapped out of the pan to warm it up, or you will have a hard time applying it on the face.

It is suitable for makeup artists, trainee makeup artists, as well for makeup enthusiasts. The only drawback for some people might be the price, but considering the performance, we think the price is more than suitable.


  • Great natural coverage
  • 18 different shades
  • High-quality product
  • Very pigmented


  • Price
  • Needs to be warmed up before applying

2. Cinema Secrets Pro Cosmetics Ultimate Corrector 5-In-1 Pro Palette – Perfect Palette To Carry In Your Purse

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This handy little palette is great for girls that love to carry all their makeup essentials in the purse since it features a convenient size.

It is available in five universal yet customizable shades. You can create light-day looks and a bit sassier, and a vamp night looks using the same foundation palette. The color range will allow you to use it as a foundation, as a contour kit and to highlight your face when needed.

The texture is more solid than we thought, so you need to be careful when applying since it can get a bit messy easily. Always use the stainless steel palette to mix and warm up colors before applying it on the face to avoid spots. The formula of these foundations is silicone-based; that is why it is so easy to blend until perfection. Be aware it is highly pigmented, so please use small amounts only!

The sheer-to-full coverage leaves a natural matte finish, and we recommend you apply it with a beauty blender rather than with the brush since the brush may leave fine lines and traces. To prevent budging, always set it with setting powder.

The formula is water-resistant. This product is suitable for even the most sensitive skin, but we recommend avoiding this palette if you have dry skin since it does not work the best on it.


  • Five customizable shades
  • Great coverage and natural finish
  • Highly pigmented


  • Must be set with setting powder
  • Not for dry skin

3. Mehron Makeup Celebre Pro-HD Cream Face & Body Makeup, 20 Color Foundation Palette – Skin Smooth As A Satin

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If you always wanted to own a professional foundation palette, then we have a special treat for you.  Mehron Celebre Pro-HD face and body foundation palette will blow your mind for sure since it consists of 20 different shades that will match all types of skin tones.

You can get very creative with this palette and create a classy and subtle look as well as some more playful and modern ones.  Be sure that anything can be done thanks to the assistance of this amazing palette. We love this product because it is fragrance-free, which is very rare among makeup products nowadays. So this palette is suitable for people with sensitive noses.

The perfectly creamy texture will allow you to mix and blend different shades to create a shade that will fit your current skin tone.  It has great pigmentation and coverage, so covering dark circles, blemishes, or any other skin imperfection on your face or body will be effortless. It works great with both brushes and blenders.

What we would love to mention is that the foundation formula nourishes your skin. The bad news is that it can get some creases after a few hours, so it is recommended to reapply the foundation if you tend to wear it all day. Also, this palette is pricey, so if you do not tend to use a lot of foundation, especially in 20 different shades, then this product is not for you.


  • 20 different shades
  • Great coverage and pigmentation
  • Fragrance-free


  • Price
  • Not so long-wearing formula

4. SHANY Masterpiece 15 Color Foundation, Concealer, Camouflage Palette/Refill – Not Suitable For Oily Skin

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Suppose you love versatile makeup products that, at the same time, come for an affordable price, then this next product will be your favorite one for sure. It can be applied as a foundation, concealer, highlighter, eyeshadow, and it is great for contouring face! So this means you will be able to do the full-face makeup with one product and without spending a small fortune.

It features 14 different shades of foundation and one pan of primer. Now you will be able to create the exact shade as your skin tone with ease. The texture is fragrance-free, without any trace of mineral oils, creamy and blendable, so it allows smooth application and light-feeling finish.

The texture of the formula is thick, and it can create a wax-like feeling on the skin, especially on the oily type of skin. The long-lasting pigmentation will take care of all types of skin imperfections making your skin look flawless.  It is best to be applied with a wide brush or damp sponge.

The SHANY is a cruelty-free brand, so this product is suitable for vegans as well. We would list as a downside the packaging since it is made from cardboard, which is not very durable, so if you tend to carry your palette in your purse, you will risk damage.


  • Affordable
  • Versatile use
  • Comes with primer
  • Great pigmentation and coverage
  • Long-lasting formula
  • Cruelty-free product


  • This texture not suitable for oily skin
  • Cardboard packaging

5. e.l.f. Foundation Palette, Four Cream Shades

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We must say we did expect a lot more from this brand, but let’s see what this product has to offer to you. This palette is created as an effortlessly flawless foundation base, but there are two reasons why this product did not meet our expectations.

The first reason is that it only comes in four shades, so you are very limited when you want to mix the shade to match your skin through different seasons. It comes in two different options Light/Medium and Medium/Dark.

The texture is creamy, and it blends into the skin easily. It offers a full-coverage of all types of skin imperfections, even with those persistence purple circles under eyes. The second reason why this palette is not our favorite is that it gets in the fine lines and wrinkles easily, creating a cakey look. This means you will need to redo and fix your makeup all throughout the day if you want to maintain a fresh, natural look.

As said, it only comes with four different color shades, but you will still be able to shadows and contours your skin. With this product, we prefer application with a damp sponge over the brush since the texture is very creamy and must be gently tapped into the skin.

The price is surprisingly low, and if you find that those shades work great for your skin, do not miss out on this product.


  • Great coverage
  • Highly pigmented
  • The creamy texture is easy to blend


  • Comes with only four different shades
  • Creates cakey look
  • Must be fixed during the day

How To Prep Your Face For The Foundation To Achieve The Natural Look?

Best Foundation Palette

You won’t be able to create a fresh, natural no-makeup look if your skin is in bad condition. Before you apply any type of makeup product on your face, you must prepare it. This might sound too complicated for you, but it only takes a few simple steps, and your skin will be ready to shine.

Clean Your Face

  • Environmental debris is the worst enemy of your face skin as well as foundation. The foundation cannot perform well if your face is unclean. Let’s not mention how applying the foundation on an unclean face will likely produce irritation, which results in acne. So remember, the first step towards flawless complexion is washing the face with a cleanser.


  • Exfoliating is everything.  The secret key to a perfectly smooth foundation is perfectly smooth skin. So don’t be lazy and take some time to exfoliate your skin regularly and maintain your face smooth. In case you do not exfoliate your skin, the foundation will lay on a rough layer and produce a cakey look.
  • Say no to dead skin on your face and exfoliate regularly girls!


  • No matter which type of skin you have moisturizing your face before applying foundation is a must. Your skin must be well hydrated so the foundation can cover all the imperfections. Moisturizing the skin is crucial, especially when you wear makeup throughout the day.
  • You cannot use any type of moisturizer for your skin, you must find the one that will match your skin type perfectly, or you won’t benefit from it at all. Also, a sheet mask is something you should use at least once per week.


  • There is no flawless foundation without primer. The main mission of the primer is to act as a protective barrier. The primer will prevent moisturizer and skin oil balance from mixing with your foundation. If you do not use the primer, your foundation will tend to slip off from the face, so you will need to fix it frequently, which can be very annoying.

What To Look For When Choosing The Right Foundation Palette?

There are a few factors you must take into consideration when picking out the best foundation palette for your face. The point of purchasing the foundation palette is versatility. There is no point in buying a palette you won’t be able to use fully, so take some time and think about what exactly you need.


  • We all use the foundation to cover some smaller or larger imperfections, so purchasing a palette that offers high coverage power is a must. Depending on your skin type, you should consider choosing between medium and full coverage.


  • Make sure you choose a foundation that has a creamy and light texture so it won’t clog your pores and create an unnatural look. Unfortunately, girls nowadays usually look like they are wearing a mask to avoid this by choosing light formulas that are easily blendable and can be applied to the skin smoothly.


  • When picking out the foundation palette matching your skin tone with shades is very important. Look for natural shades that will compliment your skin and allow you to always look fresh.
  • We get that finding the right shade can be tricky, but when you use foundation palette, you must be aware that you can create almost exact shades as your skin is now, so make the most out of it and choose carefully.
  • Always test the shades on your skin and always on the natural sunlight since colors look a lot different under the artificial light.


  • Everything you put on your face must be high-quality, and it must nourish your skin. Matching the foundation to your skin type is crucial. Make sure it will hydrate your skin since you will usually wear it all day long.
  • If you wear a foundation that is not suitable for your skin type, you risk acne outbreaks, skin irritations, and discoloration. Keep this in mind when you are out looking for some new makeup products.


Now that you know how to pick out the right product for your skin, it is time to see which products made our top three picks.

Best Choice: Graftobian HD Glamour Creme Foundation Warm Super Palette – 18 High Definition Warm Undertone Cream Shades

  • Specifically designed to suit common skin tones, this foundation palette is a great place to start when building your beauty kit. No matter if you are a professional or you purchase it for home use, only you will find this palette very handy and versatile since you can use it to highlight, contour, and full-cover your face. The formula is long-lasting and created for stage and camera, so you can be sure you won’t need to fix it frequently.

Premium Pick: Mehron Makeup Celebre Pro-HD Cream Face & Body Makeup, 20 Color Foundation Palette

  • This makeup base palette contains 20 real-tone cream foundation shades that can be used on their own or mixed to help you create the perfect foundation shade. The formula is very creamy and rich, so it will maintain your skin hydrated all throughout the day. The only downside is that the formula is not so long-wearing like others, so you will need to fix it from time to time if you tend to wear it all day long.

Best Budget-Friendly Choice: SHANY Masterpiece 15 Color Foundation, Concealer, Camouflage Palette/Refill

  • Bring out the best of your skin tone when using this amazing and versatile foundation palette. You will be able to create any kind of look you want and do full face makeup by using just one makeup palette. Isn’t that great or what? This product is great for your skin, it will offer full coverage, and it won’t cost you a fortune.