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Best Lip Palette 2022: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Best Lip Palette 2022: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Top 5 Best Lip Palettes 2022:

  1. SHANY Masterpiece 32 Color Lip Palette
  2. Aesthetica Matte Lipstick Palette Set 
  3. Maybelline Lip Color Palette
  4. LaRoc Lipstick Kit Set
  5. L’Oréal Color Riche Lip Palette

Have you ever stood in a store wondering which shade of lipstick to buy? That can be a tough task in the sea of so many gorgeous lipstick shades. Moreover, when it comes to lipsticks, you can’t just have one. It’s like having one purse or shoes for every occasion, which is impossible.

The red lipstick shade is for special and evening occasions, nude shade is for everyday wear, and nothing says party more than dark purple shade. But the common problem with having so many different lipsticks is the available space in your makeup drawer or purse. 

That’s where the lip palette kicks in. Buying a lip palette can significantly save space and money, and you can have different shades available at any time, in one single product. You can mix the shades from the palette and create your own, use them alone, or as a top layer for other lipstick to give it that smooth, glossy touch.

As always, we are here to help you, and so we created this list of top 5 best lip palettes with some tips on what to consider before buying one. So, make some space in your makeup drawer, and let’s get started!

Detailed Reviews: 5 Best Lip Palettes In 2022

1. SHANY Masterpiece 32 Color Lip Palette – Best Overall

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No wonder this palette is in our first place, just look at these gorgeous colors! Shany Masterpiece lip palette comes with 32 shades that will suit any skin tone. The palette includes cream lipsticks from pink, nude, and red to purple, terracotta and brown.

The smooth and creamy texture will feel comfortable on your lips, but the thing we noticed during our testing is that colors don’t go on evenly.

Nevertheless, shades are very pigmented, and you can mix them to get the desired one. However, we’ve had some hard time blending those colors, but it’s not a big deal.

The color pay off is pretty good, and the colors match the ones in the picture. We just wish it could have a mirror or at least a brush for faster and easier application. 

Also, some colors were more sticky than others, and darker shades tend to be opaque even after a few layers of color.

The terrific thing about this palette is that it is cruelty-free and has no parabens added. The creamy formula is perfect for drier lips. 

These lipsticks last relatively long, but you will have to do some touch-ups after eating or kissing.


  • Creamy formula
  • Gorgeous colors for every skin tone
  • No parabens added
  • Good color pay off
  • Last long enough


  • Colors don’t go on evenly or blend very well
  • Some colors are more sticky and opaque
  • No mirror or brush

2. Aesthetica Matte Lipstick Palette Set – Our Premium Pick

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If you’re on the budget, we recommend buying this Aesthetica matte lipstick palette set. This lip palette is a must-have for all of us who like to have all of the necessary stuff in one place. 

The package includes two double-ended lip pencils for contouring, white shadow for highlighting, five lip colors, a mirror, and a lip brush. Instructions are effortless to follow, and even those who don’t practice makeup very often will find it very straightforward to use and apply.

The matte shades range from nude pink to deep purple and are very pigmented. However, the colors don’t last very long, and you will have to do some touch-ups now and then.

The creamy and soft texture is easy to apply, but not with this brush. The brush that comes with a palette is tiny and not very suitable for smooth application. Also, if you want to create something other than just applying a lip color, you will have to clean the brush after every step.

The one thing we liked a lot is the color’s ability to blend very well. Mixing different shades is simple, and when you apply lip pencil and white highlighter shade, it truly fits together well. Also, pencils match the colors from the palette just fine, and the quality is also outstanding.


  • Good pigmentation
  • Soft and creamy texture
  • Good blending
  • Comes with great lip pencils, lip applicator, and mirror
  • Easy to use


  • Small lip applicator
  • Doesn’t last very long

3. Maybelline Lip Color Palette – Best Budget-Friendly Choice

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Very affordable, but also amongst the best out there is this Maybelline lip palette. The shades from this palette are genuinely gorgeous, and there are 5 of them – from innocent nudes to provocative plums.

We were amazed as colors from the palette have the right color pay off; they are very true to color and sit on top of the lips very well. 

Creamy, gel formula provides excellent coverage, and longevity is pretty good. That’s absolutely amazing, considering these types of lipsticks usually come off quickly because of their creamy consistency. 

Shades blend very well, and there are endless possible shades you can create with this lip palette. However, there’s a slight chemical and sweet fragrance, but it isn’t something that bothered us very much. 

We did notice some stickiness with some lighter pink shades that we didn’t like so much. On the other hand, that’s only on maybe 1-2 shades, but it can still be annoying.

The lip applicator (brush) is very nice and wide. It makes the application process so much easier and faster. 

Lastly, what would make this lip palette really pop is a mirror. Since you will have to do some touch-ups now and then, it could be tricky if you’re always on the run. 


  • Gorgeous shades
  • Excellent coverage
  • True to color
  • Affordable
  • Creamy formula
  • Long-wearing
  • Nice brush


  • Some lighter pink shades are sticky
  • Slight chemical fragrance
  • No mirror

4. LaRoc Lipstick Kit Set – Amongst The Top Rated

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The packaging of this LaRoc lip palette looks nice and includes 66 different colors. You can choose from red, purple, pink, nudes, and even blue shades.

Another great thing about this palette is a variety of different lipstick finishes. It has a matte, shimmer, cream, and even glossy finish to suit every occasion and need.

Although it has so many different shades, we have to admit you only really have 1-2 applications for each color before the pod is empty. But overall, the palette as a whole will last for a long time.

The color pay off is amazing, but it doesn’t stay on the lips for a long time. You will have to reapply it frequently, and if you like a particular color, that could be a problem considering the pod’s amount.

Furthermore, something that could be a problem with this lip palette is a lack of lip brush. Also, the package is not compact as it is 9 inches long and 5 inches wide, which could be challenging to carry around in your purse.

Nevertheless, this product is worth it, as it has so many different shades that will finally put an end to your lipstick hoarding. Many makeup artists praised it, so you should give it a try and see for yourself as you won’t be disappointed!


  • Variety of lipstick finishes
  • A lot of colors to choose from
  • Good color pay off
  • Nice package


  • Only 1-2 applications per pod
  • Doesn’t last long
  • Doesn’t come with a brush

5. L’Oréal Color Riche Lip Palette – The Best Nude Palette

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L’Oreal Color Riche lip palette left a good impression on us during the testing. The palette includes six nude shades with red undertones. These are great for any occasion, especially for everyday use.

The color pigmentation is fantastic, and it will stay longer on your lips. The creamy formula consists of three different oils – hydrogenated castor oil, lanolin oil, and sesame seed oil. These lipsticks are hydrating and almost feel like you’ve put on a lip balm.

On the other hand, lipsticks are also a bit sticky and may feel heavy on your lips at some point. This palette can fit your hand with its compact size, and it is convenient as it comes with a mirror. That’s perfect, as it allows you to make fast and easy applications anytime and anywhere.

However, the one thing we did not like besides stickiness is the brush that comes with this palette. It’s basically small and wide, and the shape of it isn’t right. You can’t make precise strokes, and it could become messy pretty quick.

Colors from this palette have a little shimmer to them, and the lightest nude can be used to highlight the center of the lips and is great for mixing with other colors.

In addition, you can create so many exciting shades mixing the shades from the palette. Matching colors is a piece of cake, and they blend well together.


  • Excellent pigmentation
  • Creamy and hydrating formula
  • Beautiful nude shades
  • Comes with a mirror and brush
  • Colors blend very well
  • Will last longer


  • A little sticky formula
  • Tiny and broad brush

Things To Consider Before Buying Lip Palette

Best Lip Palette

Before buying the lip palette for your needs, you need to know what to look for. There are multiple different factors to consider when choosing the lipstick palette, and each of them is important. 

But who knows? Perhaps you are a step away from the perfect lip palette, so make sure to check the following things.

What is Lip A Palette Anyways?

  • A lip palette is a set of multiple lipstick shades with various finishes like glossy, shimmery, matte, or creamy. Lip palettes are great for mixing and matching available shades, allowing you to create your custom shade. They come in a compact design and are travel friendly.

Different Lipstick Shades

  • There are so many different shades, but you need to know which ones will compliment your skin tone, hair, and eyes the best.
  • Here are some guidelines:
Skin toneLipstick shades
A fair or light skin toneDusty red, light pink, nude, coral, peach
Medium skin toneMauve, cherry red, berry, rose
Tan skin toneRock coral, deep pink, bright red
Deep skin toneBlue-based reds, plum, caramel, wine
Hair color
Dark hair (fair and light skin)
Dark hair (tan and deep skin)
Plum, bright pink, scarlet, cherry
Bronze, golden beige, terracotta, ochre
Brown hair (medium skin tone)Deep dusty pink, beige, salmon pink, corals
Blond hair (fair and light skin)
Blond hair (tan and deep skin)
Dusty pink, purply pink, scarlet colors, light pink
Ochre, warm pinks, caramel, salmon pink
Red hair (fair skin)Corals, terracotta, salmon pink, burnt sienna
Eye Color
Brown eyesBright red, browns, bright pinks
Blue eyesCherry, scarlet colors
Green eyesTerracotta, pinks
Grey eyesPlum colors, nudes

Lipstick Finish And Coverage

There are different types of lipstick finishes, and not every type is for every occasion. When you find the perfect lipstick finish for your needs, you’re halfway done. These are the lipstick finishes you should differentiate:

1. Sheer

  • Sheer lipsticks glide smoothly because of their buttery consistency and are very natural and soft. These are excellent for an everyday look, or places where not much makeup is allowed. Usually looks a lot like a balm, and needs to be often re-applied because it comes off easily.

2. Cream

  • These feel very comfortable on the lips. Perfect for chapped and dry lips, but are not long-wearing as much. The finish is natural and soft; however, darker shades tend to look opaque and have minimal coverage.

3. Satin

  • These are one of the most produced and used lipsticks. Satin lipsticks have an excellent color payoff and a great wear time.

4. Matte

  • Matte finishes are the most sold worldwide because they have excellent pigmentation and wear time. These often tend to dry out lips, so make sure to moisturize them regularly.

5. Metallic

  • These will draw attention to your lips for sure but are very tricky to apply. Metallic lipsticks are very pigmented and are not suitable for everyday activities. They are often used for fashion magazine shoots or editorial looks.

Long-wearing And Transfer-Resistant

  • If you don’t want to re-apply your lipstick as often, opt for long-wearing and transfer-resistant lippies. These will stay on for 3-8 hours, and will not come off after eating, kissing someone, or accidentally wiping it on your clothes.

Check For Ingredients

  • Make sure to always check for the ingredients on the back of your lip palette. Some manufacturers use fruit aroma or harmful components that can cause allergies and be harsh to your skin. 
  • Some of the toxic ingredients to avoid are:
    • Methylparaben
    • Polyparaben
    • Retinyl palmitate
    • D&C Dyes
    • Tocopheryl acetate

Avoid Sticky Formula

Some lipsticks have a goopy formula, that almost feels like ungluing one lip from the other each time you open your mouth. Usually, the glitter lipsticks and lighter shades tend to be sticky.

How To Use Lip Palettes?

There are a few significant steps to follow before applying lipstick color to your lips:

  1. First, exfoliate dead skin cells from the surface of your lips with a lip scrub.
  2. Apply a lip balm and gently massage it into your lips.
  3. Use a lip primer to help prepare the lips for color. With primer, lipstick tends to stay longer on the lips.
  4. Apply the color from the lip palette using the brush (lip applicator). Some palettes even have a mixing palette and double-ended brush for a more straightforward application.

Make Your Own Lipstick Palette

  • If you don’t like a store-bought palette, you can create your own lipstick palette with your very own favorite shades. The DIY lip palette is easy, quick, and even fun to make, so go for it!
  • You will need:
    • An empty lip palette (or empty shadow palette, it’s all very similar)
    • Lipsticks (choose which one you like)
    • A spatula
    • A candle or lighter
    • A stainless steel spoon
  • Follow the next steps:
    1. Cut a piece of lipstick of your choice with the spatula and put it on the spoon.
    2. Place the spoon above the candle or lighter to melt the product.
    3. Pour the liquid lipstick into an empty lip palette.
    4. Repeat for every color.
    5. Allow the product to cool off.
  • And you’re done, enjoy your favorite lipstick shades by having them all in one place!

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

We hope this guide was helpful in terms of choosing the right lipstick palette for you. If nothing, at least you can try making your lip palette according to your needs.

Choosing the best lip palettes was undoubtedly not an easy task for us, but after a careful selection, we managed to single out the top 5 best lip palettes. So here are our favorites that we recommend buying:

Best Overall: SHANY Masterpiece 32 Color Lip Palette

  • We are truly amazed by this Shany lip palette, and it certainly deserves our first place. This palette comes with 32 colors from nude to red, making it perfect for every skin tone. Super-pigmented and creamy formula will make your lips pop, and small palette dimensions will fit any purse!

Premium pick: Aesthetica Matte Lipstick Palette Set  

  • This Aesthetica lip palette is worth every penny, so make sure to try it out! Not only it comes with 5 gorgeous colors, but it also includes a white shade for highlighting, lip pencils for contouring, and even a mirror. Everything you need for perfect lips in one single product!

Budget-Friendly Choice: Maybelline Lip Color Palette

  • This Maybelline lip color palette has eight beautiful shades with gel formulation, which sit on top of a lip and make your lips look fuller. Very true to color and pigmented, easy to apply, and you can mix and match to create your own perfect custom lip shade. Another terrific thing about this palette is that it comes at an affordable price!