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Can You Perm Bleached Hair?

Can You Perm Bleached Hair?

First, I must say I am glad that you decided to do research before doing anything on your own. It is crazy how many people end up ruining their hair by experimenting with chemical treatments independently without any knowledge. I mean, if handling and changing a hairdo is so easy, no one would need a hairstylist ever again.

Anyhow today, we are here to talk about bleaching and perm. To be more precise, the question that I will be answering in today’s post is, can you perm bleached hair? Let’s avoid hair horrors by learning all we can before making a risky decision like doing perm on a bleached hair.

Can Bleached Hair Be Permed?

There have been many people who have been bleaching their hair in order to achieve the desired color. However, most of them are not aware that once the hair is bleached, it becomes damaged since it strips the hair off the keratin and natural pigmentation. The bleach makes your hair a good base for further coloring, which is why the color can go on easily, and the main reason it fades away very quickly.

Remember, bleaching is a chemical treatment that is very harmful to the hair, so pairing it with perming, which is a chemical treatment, is not a smart decision. However, if you plan on perming bleached hair, you must wait at least two weeks after bleaching so your hair can have some time to recover.

So the answer is yes, you can perm bleached hair, but it is not recommended since bleached hair will burn when exposed to perm cream. This process must be done by the professional, and it must be done with breaks between the two treatments to prevent damaging your hair completely.

Keep in mind that even some professional hairstylists will refuse to perm your hair if it is bleached or highlighted since the risk of ruining the hair is too high.

Why Do You Need To Wait That Long?

  • Because in these two processes, very strong chemicals are used. These chemicals work on the most internal part of the hair, the cuticle, and they modify its natural structure. So what do you think how would your hair handle both these chemical treatments on the same day?
  • Well, it wouldn’t. It will simply die, in literal terms. The hair will get horribly dry, and the end will split immediately. Your hair would become like gum, well, at least the hair that would not fall off your head. When your hair gets in this state, there is nothing much anyone can do. The only answer is to cut it off.
  • Your hair will need a rest after bleaching before you apply any more chemicals to it! That’s why it is crucial to wait at least two weeks after bleaching your hair to do the perm. In case you did not bleach your hair but only dyed it, you will need to wait at least a week as well.

Everything You Need To Know Before Perming A Bleached Hair

Before doing the perm on your bleached hair, you must first do a strand test.

If your hair passes the strand test, it is “safe” for your hair to continue with the perm process. You must think now what the strand test is? This can be done in one of two ways.

The first thing to do is to place a couple of hair strands in a glass of water. If the strands sink to the bottom, your hair is damaged and dry; that’s why it absorbs the water. If this happens, I don’t recommend you even consider doing a perm since the end result will make you cry.

If you are brave enough, you can also perform a strand test by placing a few strands of hair in the perming solution, then neutralizer, and leave it for 15 minutes. If hair does not come out looking dry and brittle after this test, it can be permed.

However, my only advice is to go and consult a professional hairstylist and see what he or she has to say. These treatments are very aggressive; that’s why it is important that you leave this in the hands of professionals who can determine your hair’s exact state.

After the perming process, you will need to make a few changes in your hair care routine.

Lav Can You Perm Bleached Hair

How To Take Care Of Bleached And Permed Hair?

There are a few simple rules you must take into consideration after you perm your hair. Like I already said, your hair care will no longer be simple as before, but if you apply all the rules that I will state in the rows below, you can be sure your permed hair will look healthy and bouncy even after the aggressive chemical treatment such as perming.

1. Rule #1 – Never wash your hair 48 hours after doing a perm treatment!

  • You’ve all heard that you should wait approximately 48 hours to wash your hair after doing a perm. If you don’t hold on to this rule, you risk that your curls do not define like you expected them to.
  • The shampoo chemicals will affect the chemicals from perm cream, which will damage your hair further and make locks uneven. If you must wash your hair, make sure to use dry shampoo that is specifically designed for permed hair.

2. Rule #2 – Deep conditioning for perm hair is a must!

  • Doing a perm can make your hair feel dry or like it lost its moisture, especially when done after bleaching. It’s no wonder why hairstylists always point out how curly hair is thirsty hair. It is recommended to use sulfate-free shampoos and Olaplex treatment that will help you restore the internal bonds of the hair and strengthen it.
  • Use deep-conditioning treatments on your hair at least twice a week to reverse the damage and restore the moisture.
  • After a few weeks, you can reduce deep-conditioning treatments to once a week. Taking care of bleached and permed hair will cost a significant amount of money. If you are not willing to spend money on pricey hair products, you should reconsider doing a perm.

3. Rule #3 – Always air dry your hair!

  • After you washed and conditioned your hair, use a towel to gently soak the water from your hair, do not rub since this way you will tangle the hair and break the locks. The best way to dry your permed hair is air dry when possible, of course.
  • During winter, make sure you use a hairdryer with a diffuser and only on a cool setting. Trim the ends of your hair every 3 to 4 weeks to improve the health condition and maintain the locks bouncy.

4. Rule #4 – Invest in new combs and brushes

  • I need to mention how crucial it is to use the right type of comb and brush. After a perm, you need to replace your old comb and brush since now you will need a wide-toothed comb and a soft brush.  Remember, you must gently comb your hair with the wide-toothed comb while the hair is wet.

5. Rule #5 – Protect your hair from chlorine and UV rays

  • Pool water is packed with chlorine, which is prone to damaging your locks and your hair’s overall health. Make sure you wear at least a ponytail before entering the pool, but it is highly recommended that you wear a cap and prevent all contacts with chlorine from the water.
  • Just like chlorine, UV rays can impact your perm in a bad way, of course. Make sure you use only hair products with UV rays filters before exposing your hair to the sunlight. Covering your hair with a hat is the best possible protection.

The Final Word

Perms are a great way to define the locks and maintain your hair neat at all times. If your hair is healthy and your hairstylist is a professional, you can expect magical results after a perm treatment.

But of course, there is a but, perms are not for everyone. It’s vital to discuss your hair type, maintenance, and type of curl you want to achieve with a perm with your hairstylist. To avoid ruining your hair, you need to let the hairstylist take care of the perm solution, perm wrap, and cut. Remember, under no circumstances will you try to do this yourself at home with a box kit.