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Can You Reuse Hard Wax?

Can You Reuse Hard Wax?

Wax is a popular way to remove unwanted hair, as it gives fast results. Even more so, it gives long-lasting results, so it’s popular.

While razors and various shaving methods give you instant results, those results don’t last much longer than a day or perhaps two. That can be even more annoying, so it’s no surprise that more and more people are looking into methods that last longer.

Wax may be painful, but it works! So, it takes some more time to remove hair with wax, but at least you’re settled for the next 10 days or even more.

If you just started waxing, you probably noticed that you can go through the entire packaging of wax pretty soon. Without a doubt, it can start to get expensive.

Good-quality wax doesn’t come cheap, and if you wax a good portion of your body, you can use it up pretty soon. You thought about reusing wax, but, can you reuse hard wax?

Does wax have to be thrown out after each use? Continue reading this article to see if you have to toss it or reuse it!

Can You Reuse Hard Wax?

Can I Reuse Hard Wax

We mentioned that wax can be expensive, especially if you use it on your entire legs every ten days. A tub may be enough for two times, at best – meaning you have to either buy in bulk or buy more all the time.

That’s no good – so there is the idea to reuse hard wax. Is that a good idea or not?

Well, let’s start by saying that you can reuse hard wax. There are a few things to say about that, though.

Reusing hard wax is fine, but as long as you use it for yourself and no one else. Bateria from your skin can stay in the wax, and when you warm up the wax, it doesn’t reach high enough temperatures to kill the bacteria.

So, as long as you use it on yourself, there is truly nothing wrong with reusing it. Of course, you shouldn’t reuse it forever – but a few times is perfectly safe. If you use it with a friend or family member, toss out the used wax each time.

On the other hand, reusing hard wax is never a good idea in a salon. Different people carry different bacteria and even skin conditions, that can be transferred to the skin of other clients. 

It may seem like a good idea to reuse hard wax, but we assure you it is not, by any means. Reusing wax may seem like it would save you loads of money on the materials – but if any of your customers get some skin troubles from it, you will lose business.

We strongly advise against using hard wax on several different clients. Even if strained, the bacteria or fungi are left inside, and risking it for a few bucks doesn’t seem like a cost-effective idea.

How To Reuse Wax The Right Way?

Reuse Hard Wax

We already said that reusing wax is safe as long as you don’t share it with anyone else. So, if the hard wax is personally yours, it’s fine to reuse it a couple of times.

First things first – take several precautions before you start. Before you start waxing, take a hot shower and do a skin peel. If you remove dead skin, the results of waxing will be better and you’ll have silky smooth skin when you’re done. The hot water will also open up your pores and waxing will hurt a little less then.

Next, wait for your skin to be completely dry – meaning, at least 20 to 30 minutes post-shower. If you start too soon, you risk pulling your skin off along with the wax.

When you pull off a strip of wax, if you see that you pulled skin or that you made a tiny wound on your leg, that wax is no longer good. It shouldn’t be reused, and that strip should be thrown out.

Do note that the wax can be warmed and reused no more than five times. You will notice it doesn’t do as good of a job as it used to the first time, so you should consider tossing it out if you notice that it doesn’t remove all hair at once. 

After you’re done, or before you start the next waxing session, you should strain the wax to get rid of the hair. You can use a mesh material, much like the waxing strips beauticians use, to pour the wax into a container. The hair will stay in the mesh, and you’ll have clean wax to use.

If you use hard wax, you can just pour it back into the original metal container. If you used wax beads, you can just strain them back into the wax warmer and leave them there until the next use.

Just make sure to close the warmer so you don’t get dust in your wax until the next use. Don’t strain the wax into a plastic container, because you will never be able to get it out again – the plastic will melt along with the wax!

Of course, it goes without saying that if you use the wax on someone else, it should be tossed out. Do not reuse it, even if it seems fine. Getting a yeast infection on your skin is annoying and it can be rather tough to get rid of.

And one more thing about the wax – it’s reusable if you use it on your arms, legs, etc. However, if you use the wax for a Brazilian or any other type of bikini wax, it should be thrown out after use each time!

Extra tip: apply moisturizer or body lotion after your waxing session. That way, you will have less ingrown hairs and your skin will feel silky smooth afterward.

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Types Of Wax For Hair Removal

There are various types of wax used for hair removal. While it’s perfectly fine to use either on either are of your body, some types work better on your legs, for example.

You should check out this table for additional information:

Type of waxUse
Soft waxApplied in a thin layer
For larger areas of the body like arms and legs
Removed with a cloth strip
Should only be applied once on each section
Removes even the finest hairs
Hard waxApplied in a thick layer
Used for more sensitive areas like the upper lip, underarms, and the bikini zone
Less painful than soft wax
Can be applied multiple times to one section
Fruit waxIdeal for sensitive skin
Nourishes the skin because it’s rich in antioxidants and vitamins
More expensive than soft and hard wax
Gentler on the skin
Can be applied multiple times to one section
Applied in a thin to medium-thick layer
Chocolate waxIdeal for sensitive skin and skin prone to redness and bumps
Contains almond and soybean oils, as well as cocoa butter, so it has anti-inflammatory agents
Rich in antioxidants
Can be more expensive than soft and hard wax
Applied in a thin layer
Sugar waxMade from sugar, lemon, and hot water – made for centuries
Made with natural ingredients, so it’s ideal for sensitive skin
Can be applied multiple times to the same area
Can be used on any area of the body, even the head
Applied in a thick layer
The hair should be at least ¼” long before the waxing session

All in all, there are various types of wax available on the market. Some are more expensive, some work on specific areas best.

If you have no idea which wax would work best for you, take some tester tubs to take home and try out. Take some time to figure out which methods are less painful or easier for you to do at home!

Can You Reuse Hard Wax? – Bottom Line

To conclude, wax can be reused, but only in certain conditions. If you use the wax for yourself, it’s completely fine that you reuse it a couple of times. After all, using wax for hair removal can be expensive in the long run.

Do note that wax should only be reused if you don’t use it in the bikini zone. If you do, you should throw out the wax after giving yourself a Brazilian.

Contrarily, if you share the wax with someone else, you should never reuse it. The bacteria or fungi coming from someone else’s skin could be transferred to your skin and result in some annoying and long treatment.

Moreover, salons should never reuse wax for this same reason. It can cut costs, sure, but it can give the salon a negative reputation if any of their clients get an infection after the visit.

If you suspect the salon is reusing wax, ask them straightforward about this. If they do reuse hard wax, we advise you to find another salon to do your hair removal. It’s better to be safe than sorry!