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Flexi Rods Complete Guide: Everything You Need To Know

Flexi Rods Complete Guide: Everything You Need To Know

Now that hair trends are heading towards spontaneous, laid-back looks, learning how to create natural curls has become a shared mission. 

And there’s nothing like traditional techniques to achieve hairstyles with effortless chic essence, in the simplest way and without damaging your hair.

We recognize that achieving long-lasting and defined curls can be tricky. However, it’s nothing you can’t achieve with a bit of patience and, of course, using the right techniques and products.

And one of the best ways to obtain natural, good-looking curls is using Flexi rods.

If you’re not familiar with Flexi rods, you might be asking yourself, what are those weird-named things?

Well, Flexi rods, as the name says, are flexible rods or tubes for curls. With this fantastic tool, you can get very defined curls, regardless of your hair type. And unlike irons or curlers, Flexi rods do not damage or burn your hair when you use them.

Don’t believe us?

Then let’s jump into our Flexi rods complete guide right away.

Why Use Flexi Rods?

Flexi rods provide you with the best heatless curls using setting lotion and moisturizer – nothing else. They are very flexible and straightforward to use with astonishing results for any occasion.

If you doubt the power of Flexi rods, here are some reasons why you should try them out.


You can now forget about the curling iron! With Flexi rods, you can obtain beautiful curls without using direct heat, meaning they won’t damage your hair. You can now enjoy both good-looking and healthy hair.

Also, Flexi rods are very flexible – hence the name – which allows you to manipulate them to how you see fit. And not to forget, its soft spongy material won’t bother you while sleeping.

Long-Lasting Curls

Flexi rods can last for days – depending on the style you are going for, of course.

That makes your life easier as you don’t have to worry about your hair every morning before rushing to work or school. 

You can even wear the style of the Flexi rod for up to a week if you make sure you pin your curls at the top of your head, tying them down with a satin scarf before sleep.

Perfect For Any Occasion

Flexi rods come in different sizes, which allows you to achieve any curly hairstyle you imagine. 

For that special night out, use large purple rods for big sexy curls that will last for days, or use small yellow rods to wind up tight small curls. 

The choice is up to you.

Which Hair Types Are Best For Flexi Rods?

Flexi rods are suitable for any hair type, including relaxed and naturally curly hair. You can even use small rods on shorter hair. 

Regardless of your hair type, you can use them to create fabulous hairstyles.

But can I use Flexi rods set if I have extensions, you wonder?

Yes, you can. However, for archiving a natural-looking hairstyle, it is better to use human hair extensions. 

Using Flexi rods on straightened extensions will give you wavier curls – not well defined. That said, using them on curly extensions will boost curl texture.

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Are Flexi Rods Same As Curlformers?

Curlformers are similar to Flexi rods since they come in various shapes and sizes and are pretty flexible. However, they have nothing more in common:

Although Curlformers are way more flexible – which makes sleeping with them a lot comfier – they are not so easy to manipulate as Flexi rods. Furthermore, they are more difficult to use.

Yes, Size Matters

Flexi rods curlers can range in diameter from 0.60 centimeters (0.2 inches) to 2.5 centimeters (1 inch). You should choose a size based on your hair length and the type of curls you plan to get.

One thing’s sure; your hair must be able to wrap fully around the rod.

If your hair is too short, Flexi rods will be impossible to use. However, if your hair is a bit longer, the smallest size should suit you. Having longer hair usually requires small to medium-sized Flexi rods. 

And if your hair is longer, think about the style you want – and then choose the size.

Curling rods with a smaller diameter will give you a tighter coil similar to natural curls. The larger the curler, the larger the curls you’ll have. Also, keep in mind that the larger the section of hair, the less defined they’ll be.

How Many Rods Will You Need?

How many rods you’ll need depends on your hair’s texture, thickness, and length, but we advise you to have no less than 40 rollers ready. 

If your hair is shoulder-length, you might need up to 80 rods. That said, if you want looser curls, you will be fine with using only 40 rollers. And if you’re aiming for a wavy look, you can use just 8 rods.

How To Set Your Hair With Flexi Rods?

The cool thing about Flexi rods is that you have two options for doing them – dry and wet hair.

That said, consider that the “traditional” styling technique of setting the Flexi rods meant putting wet hair around the rods. Therefore, while you can style your hair with this technique on dry hair, you’ll still need to add some moisture with some products. 

But, you will likely get better results if your hair is wet.

Setting Wet Hair Around Flexi Rods

Here’s how to use Flexi rods on wet hair: 

1. Wash Your Hair

When styling your hair, you always want to make sure it’s clean first. Then, get your favorite conditioner and cleanser and make sure your hair is well-conditioned before proceeding.

2. Hydrate Your Hair

Once your hair is clean and well-conditioned, it’s time to hydrate it. Use your favorite oil, cream, or leave-in spray, or another lightweight hydrating solution.

Next, for a better look, you should apply some mousse or setting lotion section by section. That final step before wrapping your hair around the rollers will help you get better-defined curls. 

3. Wrap The Hair Around The Rods

Divide your hair into smaller sections. Now, pick an area below and select a strand. Make sure it doesn’t get too thick, as it will take much longer to dry. But, as we already mentioned, it depends on the type of curls you want to archive. 

Comb it to make sure there are no knots.

Start winding your strand from the middle of the Flexi rod, moving down. And remember to do it outwards. After you’ve done two or three turns, fold the top of the rod to secure it.

Once you’ve wrapped the entire section, apply some styling cream to the ends of the curl to make sure that it’s well fixed to the Flexi rods, and then fold the part below.

Now, repeat this procedure on the rest of your hair.

4. Drying 

If you want to avoid direct heat, the best option is to let your hair air dry.  For a faster process, you can go under the hooded dryer. Either way, it’s imperative to let your hair dry well before unwrapping. 

If not, you will waste all the time you invested installing them.

5. Styling

After your hair’s been dried well, carefully unwrap section by section of your hair. Then, fluff out your roots with a pick. Adding volume to your hair can also be done by finger combing it.

Setting Dry Hair Around The Flexi Rods

And now, here’s how to use them on dry hair: 

1. Wash Your Hair

As always, when it comes to styling your hair, you firstly need to make sure it’s clean. After using the cleanser, you can braid your hair or let it air dry to stretch – or you can use a blow dryer.

2. Using Styling Products

Keeping in mind that at this point, your hair is already dry, try avoiding water-based products. The better option would be using styling butter or cream to add moisture and apply to small hair sections.

3. Wrap The Hair Around The Rods

Like in the first guide – the one for wet hair – you want to divide your hair into small sections. Then, pick one and wrap the hair tightly around the rods, as we already explained. 

Final setting step – bend the rod ends to hold the hair in place.

4. Drying And Styling

In this dry-hair styling variation, we generally recommend setting it overnight for better results. In the morning, carefully remove the Flexi rods – and enjoy your curls.


Let’s summarize our Flexi rods complete guide and highlight the essential facts.

In most cases, Flexi rods will produce a protective style that lasts – if the correct size rod for your hair length is used, the right products are applied, and the desired style is decided upon, that is.

You must take into account that, for your curls to look spectacular, you must have hydrated and healthy hair in the first place. For that reason, you mustn’t forget to apply masks every now and then and drink plenty of water.

Also, proper technique is everything when it comes to setting Flexi rods on your hair. But, you’ll probably need some time to figure out the technique – so don’t be afraid to practice. 

Although your curls may not look as defined as you had hoped, who says frizz can never be part of a good hair day?