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How To Dilute Hair Dye?

How To Dilute Hair Dye?

Coronavirus outbreak was the thing that made the biggest impression in the year 2020.  We certainly couldn’t expect everything to happen the way it did, but we had to adjust fast.

The whole world changed in just a few short weeks. Almost all countries fell into a national lockdown, and the world has stopped working as usual suddenly.

We had to part with so many things that were a part of our usual routine – no more going out for coffee or dinner. Beauty salons closed, too – with only stores and supermarkets working business as usual.

A few weeks without the salon are fine, but after a while, you start to need one – at least for a quick dye. Your roots are so dark and so grown out that even if nobody could see you – you still mind the look.

So, you have decided to DIY your hair until a better time arrives. There is one problem with dying your hair alone – how to dilute hair dye?

There are some rules to it, but you can’t remember or you were never sure about it. So, how to dilute hair dye? Read our article to find out!

Why Would You Want To Dilute Hair Dye?

Well, there are a few reasons why you would want to dilute hair dye. First, it’s a good way to try out a new color without the need to wear it forever.

Diluted hair dye lasts much shorter, usually just a few washes. So, it doesn’t penetrate the hair shaft as deeply as undiluted hair dye, and it washes out.

Another reason why is because diluted hair dye doesn’t damage your hair that much. Since it doesn’t penetrate the hair shaft deeply, it doesn’t make the hair porous or dries it out. So, if you want to preserve the health of your hair, diluted hair dye is the way to go.

It’s also a good way to tone your hair a little. If you wish your hair had more of an ashy tone, but regular toners aren’t sufficient, a diluted hair dye might be able to give you the tone you want.

Very diluted dye only paints the outside of the hair strand, penetrating the follicle a little. Toner doesn’t enter the hair shaft at all, but dye does, even when diluted.

Moreover, there isn’t one way to dilute hair dye – there are a few good ways to dilute box dye. Each method creates a different effect and a different mix – when reading, you’ll get a better idea of what will suit you better.

Diluting shampoo may seem difficult, but it truly isn’t. The only things you need are the box dye (or a dye and correct developer) and the substance you plan to dilute the dye with. So, let’s get on it and see what those methods are!

Lav How To Dilute Hair Dye

Method #1: Diluting Hair Dye With Shampoo

By far, diluting hair dye with shampoo is the most popular way to dilute it. This method isn’t only used at home, many hairdressers use this method as well.

The mix you create when diluting hair dye with shampoo is called a toning shampoo. Why? Because you create a toning shampoo.

Now, it may pose a question of why would you DIY a toning shampoo, when there are so many toning shampoos available in beauty stores and online. Well, toning shampoos aren’t available in many colors – usually no more than three – golden blonde, red, and platinum/ash color.

Furthermore, toning shampoos can be rather expensive. This hair product falls into the high end or professional grade of products. So, you will be forced to spend a lot of money on a product that may not even tone your hair to the color you would like it to.

Making a toning shampoo on your own can be so much cheaper and you get to choose the exact color you want. All in all, it’s always a good idea to make your own!

Don’t be worried about making a mistake – it’s fairly easy. All you need are three things:

  • A hair dye
  • Shampoo
  • Empty shampoo bottle

The first step is to fill half of the bottle with shampoo. Then, add half of the tube of hair dye. Shake the bottle until the mixture becomes homogeneous.

The mix lathers and applies rather easily – just like a shampoo. You just have to work it with your fingers to cover your entire head of hair in it. Let it sit for a few minutes, but no more than 15 to prevent any drying out.

Of course, you shouldn’t use the toning shampoo on every wash. Only when the color starts to fade from your hair should you use it again!

The hair may seem a little dry after the treatment with toning shampoo. Use a deep conditioning mask to restore moisture in your locks!

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Method #2: Diluting Hair Dye With Conditioner

Lav Diluting Hair Dye With Conditioner

This method will create a substance called a color rinse. A color rinse is also something that hairdressers love to use because it boosts the color subtly.

A color rinse is a better idea than a toning shampoo if the reason why you need the dye diluted is losing shine and the color vibrancy. The hair, as well as the color, can start to look a little dull in just a few washes.

Dull looking hair is unattractive and you may rush to the salon for a quick fix. Now, during the lockdown, that’s no longer possible, but your hairdresser advised you to use a color rinse until the salon opens.

Hard water, SLS shampoos, and UV rays can affect your hair and cause it to look dull and washed out. A color rinse is a great way to give it a color boost.

Furthermore, it doesn’t damage or dry out your hair as much as the regular dye does. The conditioner covers the hair follicle and prevents the hair from becoming porous.

All you need for this method is hair dye, hair conditioner, and a plastic container. You can use any conditioner you like, the one you normally use would work like a charm.

Add about three tablespoons of conditioner into the plastic container and half a tube of hair dye. Mix them well and use a brush or your fingers to apply the mixture to your hair.

Let it sit in your hair for about 20 minutes. Rinse it with cold water and style as usual – the difference will be seen immediately!

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Method #3: Diluting Hair Dye With Hydrogen Peroxide

Lav Diluting Hair Dye With Hydrogen Peroxide

The last method we’re going to talk about is diluting hair dye with hydrogen peroxide. This is a slightly different method, as it’s used to achieve different results.

When using hair dye to make a toning shampoo or a color rinse, the results are slight and not at all permanent. These mixtures are used to boost your color, rather than change the entire look.

When you’re diluting hair dye with hydrogen peroxide, the results are permanent. This method is used when you want to change your color drastically or if you want to touch up your roots (when they’re grown out).

Of course, this only applies if you buy professional-grade hair dye. This type of hair dye requires that you buy a developer separately and mix it in a ratio of 1 part hair dye, 2 parts developer.

Box dye from the drug store will come in a box that contains everything you need to dye your hair. There will be a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, as well.

All you will need is the box dye and a plastic container. In the container, you will mix hydrogen with the hair dye from the tube. Pour it all out and mix until it reaches a uniform consistency.

Use a brush to apply to your hair and brush it out to make sure that you covered your entire hair properly. Let it sit in your hair for 30 minutes (or according to the instructions), and wash out with lukewarm to cold water.

Keep in mind that this is the permanent way to dye your hair – it will only slightly wash out with time. So, if you’re not sure that this is the color you want to be wearing for a while, it might be best to use one of the methods above.

How To Dilute Hair Dye – Bottom Line

To conclude, there are various ways to dilute hair dye. So when you’re wondering how to dilute hair dye, you can dilute it with shampoo, conditioner, or hydrogen peroxide.

Each method is a little different because it’s used for different results. Dye diluted with shampoo will make a toning shampoo, which will tone your hair to the desired shade.

Hair dye diluted with conditioner will give your hair that pop of color it needs. This is the ideal method for a boost of color between your regular dye sessions!

Furthermore, when you want to change drastically your hair color, you should dilute your hair dye with hydrogen peroxide. This is also a great method for a root touch up!