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How To Fix Gel Nails That Have Lifted?

How To Fix Gel Nails That Have Lifted?

Today, women pay a lot of attention to the care of their nails and regularly visit beauty salons. They experiment with colors, shapes and want their nails to be looking good at all times. And honestly, who doesn’t?

However, accidents happen every day, and nails can be destroyed in one way or another. They can come off, break, or even lift – if this is the case, you must have wondered how to fix gel nails that have lifted?

Keep reading this article, and we will reveal to you everything you need to know about this topic, from what causes gel nails to lift to how to solve this issue in the fastest and most efficient way.

Why Did My Gel Nails Lift?

Although your nails looked perfect after your treatment, after a while, you noticed that your gel nails are lifting, and you don’t understand, why is this happening?

There are a couple of reasons why this is happening, and we are here to lift the curtain on this question.

  • There might be some cuticles or dead skin left on your nails. This could happen if the cleaning of the nails wasn’t properly done at the beginning of the manicure. Avoid this by using a cuticle remover. 
  • Your nail plate might also be the problem sometimes. If your nails are too thin, nail polish can easily start to peel or lift. 
  • What about the nail shape? Square nails have corners where the stress is much greater, so you might witness some lifting of the gel in the corners of your nails. 
  • Your nails might not be properly buffed. It is important to buff the top of your nails before you apply the nail gel.
  • Your nails could also be oily and not clean. You can avoid this problem by regularly cleaning your nails and hydrating them so that they are not too dry.
  • Nails can also lift if you apply the gel without the primer. This primer binds the gel to your natural nails. 
  • If no base coat is used during the manicure process, your nails will surely lift. Some people mix this product with gel or nail polish so that they don’t forget it. 

How Do I Fix This?

No one wants their nails to get ruined in any way. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and your nails can get lifted. Whatever you do, don’t rush it and read these tips and tricks first.

  • Do not pick your nails under any circumstances. Every time you do this, you make your nails weaker. This can cause them to break in time.
  • Keep your hands dry before your nail appointment. If you get a little water on them, it’s no biggie, but avoid washing them because then the gel won’t spread evenly.
  • It is also important to keep your nails clean after you are done with the appointment. We have mentioned some dead skin or cuticles left on the nails and the gel lifts. Don’t allow this to happen. Clean them and wipe them thoroughly with acetone
  • You might not know this, but the lamp in the salon can also cause the nails to lift. A cheap lamp might destroy the quality of your nails, so save up some money and buy a good one. 

In the case of nail gel lifting, do this:

  1. Pick up a fingernail clipper and clip off the part that has lifted.
  2. Use a file and make the lifted edge flush with the nail.
  3. Put the base coat, color, and topcoat on the edge of the nail that has lifted.
  4. Carefully blend the color.
  5. Finish this up with a top coat across the entire nail once again. 
Lav How To Fix Gel Nails That Have Lifted

Is Nail Gel Bad For My Nails?

  • While some people pay regular visits to the nail salon and get their regular manicures, others are strictly against it and think that this is a bad choice for your nails. 
  • What is the truth?
    • Firstly, there is a difference between nail polish and nail gel. Nail polish is just a spread you use to paint your nails, but gel nails contain a chemical composition that hardens your natural nail.
    • The UV light is not that dangerous. One study confirmed that even if you have regular appointments at the nail salon, your chances for cancer would still not increase. 
    • Although this might not be that dangerous, there is no reason for you not to take care of your nails by applying sunscreen after the exposure to this UV light. 
    • There are two types of gels – hard and soft ones. The hard ones damage the nail because they are the 1980s gels that are impermeable to acetone.
    • If the nail gel is cheap and low in quality, it can cause nail thinning. Also, the gel might be incorrectly removed, and this might damage your nail.

How Long Does Nail Gel Last?

Your gel nails are good for two weeks after you are finished with your appointment – this is about the right time for your nails to stay healthy. 

Remember, the longer you keep your gel, the harder it will be to remove it. You should go to the salon after two weeks maximum so they can remove the gel without damaging the nail.

Is there any way to make your gel last longer? Yes, and here is why. 

  • First, you should use cuticle oil regularly – this prevents them from breaking and chipping.
  • Wear a top coat – this is essential for your nails because it stops them from splitting. 
  • Keep your nail dry – keep them dehydrated by using acetone. 

How To Fix Gel Nails That Have Lifted – How To Deal With This Delicate Problem

Although women want their nails to be looking good all the time, accidents happen, and sometimes your nails can get damaged: broken or even lifted. 

There are numerous reasons why this happens – cuticles and dead skin on the nail can be a problem. Your nails might be oily, or your nails might not be properly buffed. Square nails bear more stress, so the gel on them is likely to get lifted. 

A cheap lamp can also be a problem, and your nail gel will lift because of the poor UV light. 

So, how do you fix this? First, do not pick your nails and keep them dry. Find a nail clipper and clip off the part that has lifted. Pain it with a base coat, color, and topcoat. Wait a couple of minutes and then finish it off with one last top color coat. 

Although some people are against this manicure treatment, it turns out that it is not that harmful to your natural nails if you pay attention to certain factors. Even though you are exposed to UV light, a study has concluded that even if you are a regular at the salon, your chances of cancer would still not increase. 

Nevertheless, it would be best if you still protect yourself by applying sunscreen before and after the appointment. 

There are two types of nail gels: hard and soft ones. The hard ones are the 1980s traditional kind and, therefore, almost immune to acetone. Also, if the gel is cheap, this can considerably damage your natural nail. 

The gel life on your nail is somewhere between 2-3 weeks. After this, you should visit the salon and remove the gel professionally – do not do this yourself. 

You can make them last longer by using cuticle oil regularly, keeping them dehydrated using acetone, and always wearing a topcoat.

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