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Can White Girl Get Weave?

Can White Girl Get Weave?

With time, we witness different hairstyles our favorite famous people wear. We wonder what they use and how they manage to pull off any color or hair length. 

However, there seems to be some difference between hairstyles for black and white women. Recently, among the most famous hairstyles are weaves. We have seen some famous people getting a weave, and they weren’t black women. You saw it and liked it, so now the only question is: Can white girl get weave?

If you are curious about white girls getting a weave, how to do that, and gather some fresh new weave ideas, we are here to provide you with all the information.

White Girls Can Get A Weave Too

Surely, we have certainly witnessed some situations where someone has said that white women are not able to pull off some types of hairstyles that are popular in African American culture.

Today, a famous hairstyle is a weave. We saw celebrities like Beyonce and Rihanna wearing this. However, many famous white women, such as Kim Kardashian, started this trend – and it can be said that it turned out to be great..

This brings us to the next question – can white women pull off this trend?

The good news is – yes, they can. However, this depends on the quality, length, and strength of your hair. Someone who has thin hair that is either damaged or requires some special treatments is not suitable for this kind of procedure.

On the other hand, someone who has slightly stronger hair, thicker and rich in volume – can endure this process.

It is important to note that before you decide to do something like this, you should consult your hairdresser – he knows the best solution for you and your hair.

Weave Your Hair – Easy Peasy

Okay, we have concluded that both white and black women can go with this trend. The only thing left is how to get it done. Here is a quick guide on how to weave your hair.

There are three parts to this process. Let’s begin.

Part 1 – Base Braids

  • First, you should wash and condition your hair and gather all the necessary supplies. (hair combs and clips, etc.)
  • Select a part where you are starting and be careful because you won’t be able to change this. 
  • Braid the perimeter row. Combine the ends of the braids at the nape of your neck. Be sure to make it as tight as possible. 
  • While working down on both sides, make sure that the braids are parallel to look good. The center braids may be the most painful, so spray your hair with a water mixture from time to time. 

Part 2 – Wig Cap

  • Get all of your supplies – sewing needles, weave threads, hair combs, etc. Prepare the needle and thread – cut a piece that is 2-3 feet long. Thread one end through your needle and pull it out then. Wrap the ends around the tip of your finger and tie them in a knot. Do this all over again.
  • Put your wig cap on, and stretch it out. This wig should cover your entire head, ears, and the nape of your neck.
  • Sew the wig cap to your braids – pull the needle under the braid and through the other side, pull the end of the knot, and the string to expose the loop, then wrap the needle around the edge of the loop and pull it through the center to create a knot. 
  • Sew the wig cap to the perimeter braid. Each braid should be about 1 inch apart from each other. Make sure that your knots are pulled tight. 
  • Cut off the excess of the wig. You will have to remove the excess fabric around the edge but be careful not to cut too close to the knots. 

Part 3 – Sewing On Your Extensions

  • First, you should measure your extension hair for the perimeter braid. 
  • Place this peace so that you don’t confuse it with another hair extension section. Measure the extension to go around the outside of your part – this is the second major extension par that should be in the letter U’s shape, and it should go near your forehead. 
  • Prepare your thread – cut a piece of weave thread and repeat the process of the wig cap. Cut any excess fabric.
  • Create your base knot – this knotting process is the same as the wig cap one. If you have done this successfully, you will be left with a large amount of excess, but don’t cut it – use it to weave the extension to your head. 
  • Sew the extension to your wig cap – remember, you will only do this in the beginning. After this, continue sewing the perimeter extension.
  • Sew the extension around the outer part and begin filling the rest of your hair with hair extensions. 
Lav Can White Girl Get Weave

Does This Damage Your Hair?

  • Although people might think that this lengthy procedure might damage your hair, it has the opposite effect. 
  • This hairstyle protects your natural hair against damage from some styling tools and environmental factors.
  • The good side of this hairstyle is that you don’t have to wash and style your hair every now and then because you already have a fixed one
  • However, there is some not so good news when it comes to this hairstyle. But this is the case only if your hair is thin and weak. This can cause some roots to break, and you might even end up losing some of your hair. 
  • If you want a beautiful weave, you must take care of your scalp – that is how healthy roots will grow. To do this, condition regularly, and use some high-quality moisturizers. 

Weave Ideas For Your Taste

Hairdressers have done their job and came up with different weave hairstyles made just for your taste. Here are some fresh ideas if you are willing to do this:

  1. Quick Short Weave Hairstyle – if you want a change, but you don’t have the time for some long procedures, this is the perfect choice for you.
  2. Sew in weave – apply the sew-in weave and look gorgeous – you won’t have any problems doing this even if your hair is short. 
  3. Twisted weave – this is the perfect choice to go with if you are heading to a ceremonial occasion such as a wedding or a big birthday party. 
  4. Prom hairstyle with weave – prom is one of the most important events in a teenager’s life, so choose this hairstyle, and you will surely make some heads turn.

Can White Girl Get Weave – Conclusion

There are always new hairstyle trends appearing, and people are eager to try them on. Recently, the weave hairstyle seems to be very popular among women, and there has been a debate about whether this is just made for black women.

This is not the case – white women can also pull off this trend. This depends on your hair. If your hair is strong and rich in volume, there should be no problem if you want to try this out. However, if your hair is thin and weak, then we advise you not to engage in this – for the safety of your coat, of course.

This process might seem lengthy, but it can be done with a little help from a guide. There are three parts: making the base braids, the wig cap, and sewing on your extensions. Before starting, make sure that you have all of your supplies next to you and some water spray (it can get itchy and painful sometimes).

A weave is not harmful to your hair because it protects you from some environmental factors and dangerous hair supplies. You don’t even need to condition and wash your hair that often because you have a fixed hairstyle. 

But be careful. If your hair is really weak, you might break some roots and lose your hair.

There are many different weave hairstyles you can opt for, but the most popular ones are the quick short weave hairstyle, the sew-in weave, the twisted weave, prom weave, etc.

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