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How To Spray Tan Yourself?

How To Spray Tan Yourself?

It is not easy to maintain a glowing tan the whole year long – especially in 2020. Many of us were unable to sunbathe on a sandy beach. Luckily, we can always rely on a spray tan to look our best anytime, anywhere.

So, the question of the day is: How to spray tan yourself?

It can be quite daunting, especially if you are a perfectionist. No one wants to end up with a patchy or orange tan. You want the color to be uniform and fade naturally, which is not always easy to achieve.

We have researched this subject and talked to numerous beauty specialists to make a detailed list of all the “dos” and “don’ts” you need to remember before you bronze. Stay tuned!

First Things First: What’s A Spray Tan?

Spray Tan Yourself

A spray tan is a beauty treatment you can either do at a beauty salon or the comfort of your own home. It is a way healthier alternative to exposing your skin to harmful UV rays.

Even though it requires you to spray on chemicals, the spray tan treatment is 100% safe. The main ingredient is Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which reacts with your skin pigments to give you a glowy artificial suntan.

Therefore, even if you are in the middle of your winter hibernation, you can still enjoy a healthy-looking golden tan – risk-free. There are even different shades for you to choose the one that best suits your natural tan. 

The process is quite simple, so you do not have to spend your hard-earned money to go to a salon. You can apply a spray tan at your home in no time at all. Are you interested in finding out how? We’ll tell you if you bear with us for a little bit longer!

What Do You Need For A Spray Tan Treatment At Home?

It would be best to use an airgun or airbrush so that you can create an all-over mist and secure an even coverage.

You should also buy a spray tan product of high quality and proper shade. If you do this right, you will not end up with an artificial-looking, orange tan. Do not be thrifty; you want to look your best, don’t you?

You will also need nylon or some other type of protective cover to shield your furniture and walls when you get a fake tan.

What Do You Need To Do Before You Have A Spray Tan?

If you are going to spray tan yourself for the first time ever, you can easily make a mistake and end up with patchy, streaky, or orange tan we have already warned you about. Luckily, we have valuable advice that can help you avoid some of the most common pitfalls.

No matter if you are going to try spray tanning on your own or go to a beauty salon, you should always follow these simple steps before you get down to business:

  • Make sure you moisturize your skin well the day before. Of course, take a shower first!
  • Do not use the deodorant before your spray tan treatment. Parfumes are out of the question as well!
  • Can you shave after a tan spray? Do not shave or wax for at least twenty-four hours before or after spray tanning. You should allow enough time for your skin pores to close. Avoiding any kind of hair removal treatment after your tan spray will help you evade removing some of your newly-obtained glowy tan.
  • It would be best to exfoliate your skin right before the tanning session, as that will make your skin super-smooth.
  • No make-up is allowed. You want your face and body as clean as they can be. 
  • Take off all of your jewelry, too – you do not want any white lines to spoil your look!
  • If you apply nail polish, you will avoid the tan product staining your nails and cuticles.

How To Spray Tan Yourself?

Lav How To Spray Tan Yourself

Finally, we are ready to move on to answering the most crucial question: How to apply an at-home spray tan?

If you have done everything we have advised you to do in order to prepare your skin for your airbrush tan, all that is left to do is to apply the self-tanning mist properly. Here is how to do it:

  • At-home spray products come with a protective cap. Remove it and shake the bottle well.
  • Hold the bottle at arm’s length from your skin and start applying an even coat of the product.
  • Do not rub the formula in but rather allow it to dry on its own.
  • Make sure that your skin has absorbed the product completely before you put your clothes back on. What should you wear after a spray tan? It would be best to wear loose-fitting dark-colored clothes in order to avoid stains. 
  • Wait for at least a couple of hours before you take a shower. A lot depends on the brand of tan-formula you apply –  it will usually tell you how long to wait. Our advice is to leave your new tan be overnight and shower the following morning. Do not forget to protect your bedsheets! 

That’s it. Simple, isn’t it?

How Long Will Your Tan Last?

Unfortunately, a spray tan is neither permanent nor semi-permanent and will thus not last very long. Enjoy it while you can! Even the best products will provide you with a tan that will last a little over a week.

No matter how dark your tan is, do not let that fool you – you are not protected from the sun’s UV rays. If you plan to soak up some warm sun rays, apply sunscreen!

Can You Prevent Your Fake Tan From Fading Too Soon?

Yes, you can somewhat prolong the beautiful new tan by keeping your skin as hydrated as possible. Proper hydration has an additional benefit – when your tan does start fading, it will fade evenly in a more natural-looking way. You will avoid looking blotchy. 

You should do a gentle exfoliation treatment for three or four days after the spray tanning session for best results. Ideally,  follow up with another coat of tan spray too. In this way, you will get the maximum out of your airbrush tan. It goes without saying that you need to prep your skin in the same way each time you apply a new coat of tan spray.

There are 2-in-1 products you can buy these days. They will keep your skin moisturized and hydrated but also gradually tan it, keeping you bronzed forever.

Why Should You Spray Tan?

Sunbeds have been highly popular during the 90ies, but they have been linked to an increased risk of melanoma, which is the deadliest type of skin cancer. The percentage goes as high as 87 – think about that before deciding to visit a tanning salon and lay down in a sunbed.

Being aware of the dangers associated with the use of sunbeds, people have sought a safe alternative that would provide you with a glowing tan but without pelting your skin with harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Spray tanning is precisely that – a safe alternative! 

If you want a great-looking tan without risking your health, spray-tanning is a way to go! Learning to spray tan yourself will save you a lot of money and allow you to always look your best!