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Best Hair Bun Maker 2022: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Best Hair Bun Maker 2022: 5+ Detailed Reviews

Top 5 Best Hair Bun Makers 2022:

  1. YaFex Donut Bun Maker 4 Pieces
  2. Teenitor Donut Hair Bun Maker 7-Piece Set
  3. Andlane Hair Bun Maker French Twist Snap
  4. Hawwwy 3-Piece Hair Bun Maker
  5. Teenitor Hair Bun Shaper 4-Piece Set

Wearing your hair in a bun has been a popular way to style it since the beginning of time. This hairstyle isn’t reserved to women, hence, you can find many tutorials for ‘man-buns’ online.

A bun can be a hairstyle for lazy days or a formal event – it depends alone on the style. There are so many – the most popular ones being the messy bun and the ballerina bun.

Getting that perfect ballerina bun can be rather tricky. It takes some skill and some time to achieve the perfect updo. It looks elegant and classy, and it is suitable for every possible occasion. 

But, if you’ve never done it before, it can be rather hard. Sometimes it feels like you don’t have enough arms to grasp the hair and achieve that polished, sleek look.

Luckily, for those of us who didn’t do ballet and learned how to make cute buns from an early age, there is a convenient tool called a bun maker. It looks like a donut, and it’s much easier to make a bun using the bun maker!

There is one problem, though – there are so many bun makers on the market, making it incredibly hard to choose. Thankfully, we did a thorough research and chose our best hair bun makers – so read on to find out what we picked!

Detailed Reviews: 5 Best Hair Bun Makers In 2022

1. YaFex Donut Bun Maker 4 Pieces – Best Hair Bun Maker

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YaFex’s Donut hair bun maker is an absolute winner for many reasons. We love this product, and it’s no surprise it’s won the Amazon’s ‘bestseller’ category, as well.

This is a great buy if you’re not very skilled when it comes to hair buns and you’re not quite sure what you need. There is no need to check out the sizes and try to figure out what donut size you need for your hair – this set got your back!

Why? Because this set has 4 high quality donuts for hair buns in three different sizes. One small, two medium sized and one large bun – so you’re set even if you’re growing out your hair or decide to chop it all off.

The set we decided to review is for blonde hair, but there is a brown set available from YaFex, too. The set includes handy accessories as well. Twenty rose gold bobby pins and six beige hair ties will complete your look.

If you opt for the brown set, you get dark colored bobby pins and hair ties, to match your darker hair color. With the matching hair accessories, your hairstyle will look even better!


  • Three different sizes
  • Good quality
  • Accessories included
  • Brown color available as well


  • None whatsoever

2. Teenitor Donut Hair Bun Maker 7-Piece Set – Best Hair Bun Set

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Teenitor donut hair bun maker is our high-end, premium choice for a hair bun maker. If you’re looking for a high quality, durable product to make hair buns with, this is the one for you!

Teenitor’s set is designed to be perfect for anyone. Really, anyone – seven pieces of hair bun makers make sure there is one for every hair length.

There are two small, two medium, two large and one extra-large donuts. So, if you feel like there is nothing for your extra large hair – you’re in the wrong here, Teenior’s got you!

There are accessories included in this set, as well as our number one. There are five hair ties and twenty bobby pins – all you have to do is start making the bun!

The plastic resin has a good grip on your hair so the updo will not move throughout the day. Even if you’re out dancing or moving a lot – the hairstyle will not budge.

This set offers a variety of uses. It’s perfect for ballerina buns, chignons and sock buns – you’re all set for any updo you want to make! The only flaw of this set is that there aren’t more colors available, just brown.


  • High quality
  • 7 hair bun makers
  • Included accessories
  • Good grip


  • Only available in brown

3. Andlane Hair Bun Maker French Twist Snap – Best Value For Money Hair Bun Maker

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Andlane’s hair bun maker is our sure winner of the affordable category. This product is ideal for those who want to try doing their hair at home, but they don’t want to get the credit card involved.

Once you invest in this hair bun maker, saving money doesn’t stop. Forget going to hair salons and spending lots of money to get that perfect bun for an event – you can easily do it yourself with Andlane!

This product is not a donut shaped hair bun maker like the first two products we reviewed. This time, we’re talking about a snap bun maker. 

Snap bun maker is a little easier to use than a donut. All you have to do is gather all your hair ends inside, close the clasp, roll up the snap and snap it!

A fabulous, sleek ballet bun is achieved in what feels like seconds. We guarantee it won’t take more than a minute to get the job done! 

The flaw we wanted to talk about is the grip. If you have smooth hair, you will experience problems trying to put your hair up in a bun and it’s only available in brown color.


  • Two snaps in one pack
  • Easier to use than a donut
  • Saves money in the long run


  • Doesn’t hold smooth hair
  • Only available in brown

4. Hawwwy 3-Piece Hair Bun Maker – Bun Maker For Any Hair Color

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Hawwwy really makes something different compared to everyone else. Every other brand produces packs in one color – but they are different!

Their product is a three-pack – great for gifts. Another great thing – the colors. Three different snaps: dark brown, light brown, and blonde! This is convenient if you like to change your hair color pretty often.

There is no need to buy something else once you dye it – this set is ready for anything. Hawwwy also offers sets in black color, or three of the same color, brown, ginger and blonde!

As we already mentioned, snaps like Hawwwy’s are easier to use than donuts. Using a snap hair bun maker you will create a look in just a minute, even if you’re a beginner!

We recommend tying your hair up before using the snap. Just loop your hair through the middle, roll the snap up and close it once you reach the base of your ponytail!

Pretty easy, right? Also, this product offers good grip, so the bun won’t move for hours! Do note that the quality is not great, so it’s not a very durable product.


  • Three pack
  • Different colors of snaps
  • Good grip
  • Easy to use


  • Poor quality

5. Teenitor Hair Bun Shaper 4-Piece Set – Best Hair Bun Maker For Blondes

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Teenitor is a very popular brand when it comes to hair accessories. Because of that, it’s no surprise two of their products made it into our list.

Like the first choice, this is a set as well. It offers four donut hair bun makers, in four different sizes! In one package, you get a small, medium, large and an extra large donut! Wow!

So, it was no surprise we loved this set. This set is specifically for blondes, because we feel light hair doesn’t get enough accessories suitable for their color.

Usually, all products similar to donuts are too dark. But Teenitor thought of everything – so there is this fabulous set! The plastic resin is thick and durable, so this set is guaranteed to last you a good while.

You get some cute accessories, too. Twenty rose gold bobby pins are sure to class up every look. Black bobby pins just don’t look good on blonde hair, but Teenitor knows that.

The grip is good and the donuts will not get tangled in your blonde hair – which we all know is more fragile than any other hair type. The only flaw of this set is that there are no instructions, so you will have to search online for some tutorials!


  • Durable donuts
  • Perfect for blondes
  • Four different sizes
  • Good grip
  • Bobby pins included


  • No instructions included

What To Keep In Mind When You’re Buying A Hair Bun Maker

Best Hair Bun Maker

Well, buying a new item is never easy. Especially if it’s your first one of the kind. The same story is with hair bun makers. What should you look for? What do you really need in a hair bun maker? So, let’s start!

Why Do You Even Need A Hair Bun Maker?

I think everyone who has to leave the house early for work or just hates doing their hair absolutely has to own one of these bad boys. This is one of the must-haves for a good hair day.

Using the hair bun maker will give you a hairstyle in no more than a few minutes. It’s super easy to use, even on thick and super long hair. 

If you have very long hair on the thicker side, you know what we are talking about. It’s so annoying when every hairdo takes forever, even the easiest one. It doesn’t help that the hairdressers usually try to persuade you into a simple hairdo, because even they don’t want to help you out.

That’s where the hair bun maker comes in. Using this simple tool will give you an elegant bun for any occasion!

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Types Of Hair Bun Makers

There are a few different hair bun makers available. The most popular ones are a donut and a snap. The difference between these two is that a donut is a little trickier to use, but it offers an elegant bun every time.

A donut can be kind of hard to use the first few times, but once you get a hold of it, it will be a breeze. On the other hand, a snap is easy to get a hold of on the first try.

However, the snap makes the bun a little messy, so you will need to get the bobby pins to clean it up almost every time. Do note that this almost never happens with a good old donut hair bun maker.


There are actually quite a lot of sizes available on the market. It can be a bit difficult to pick one. Our rule of thumb is to pick a size larger than the one you think is large enough.

If you pick a size too small, you will find it very difficult to put all of your hair up in a bun. It will get tangled or the bun will just look messy and unattractive. Either way, not good.

Also, you can use the hair bun maker to make two fun buns, one on each side. You’ll want to pick some smaller sized hair bun makers for that.

Size chart for hair bun makers:

Small sizeMedium sizeLarge sizeExtra large size
Neckline lengthShoulder and 2” past shoulder lengthShoulder blades and mid backWaist length and longer

Another thing to keep in mind: if your hair is very thick, pick a larger size. Your hair will not be able to fit in a hair bun maker according to the size chart.

If all that seems like a lot of hassle for a small product, you can find a variety pack and buy that instead.


A good hair bun maker should last you quite some time, even years. This is definitely not the product you want to buy every now and then – you want a product that will serve you for at least a good while.

So, we would certainly advise you against buying hair bun makers from the dollar store or similar places. Those hair buns may be good at first, but the plastic resin will unravel at the worst possible moment, believe us.

It happened to us before, and it will happen to you, as well. It’s always better to invest in a better hair bun maker, from a reliable manufacturer. If you buy a truly good hair bun maker at first, you may not need to buy another, ever!

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There are a few colors for hair buns available. The most common being beige, brown and black – to fit most natural hair colors.

Of course, not all people have hair colors in that shade range. So, if you’re a redhead, you should opt for the brown hair bun maker, so it doesn’t stick out.

And if you like rocking an unusual hair color like pink or turquoise, choose a beige hair bun maker. Even if the bun maker starts peeking out of your bun, it will not be as noticeable.

Tips For Using A Hair Bun Maker

The first thing is to make sure your hair isn’t squeaky clean. Just washed hair is very smooth and sleek – it will fall out of the hair bun maker and just give you a hard time overall;

Tie your hair up before you use the hair bun maker, you will have more control over the whole process this way;

When tying your hair – use a bobble or a thicker hair tie, rather than a slim tie – the slim tie can tug at your scalp and give you a headache;

to smoothen the hair and clean up the loose hairs, use an old toothbrush;

To make sure those strands don’t cut loose, spray the toothbrush with hairspray before you brush in those hairs;

Use bobby pins to secure the bun;

Apply some hair oil or serum to the bun to make it shinier and prettier;

And that’s about it – enjoy your hairstyle!

Best Hair Bun Maker – Conclusion

To conclude, we’ve chosen the best hair bun makers the market can offer. Believe us, this was an incredibly hard task! Who knew there are so many different hair bun makers available?

We talked about the best ones, and we hopefully gave you some tips and pointers on how to choose a hair bun maker ideal for you!

Now that we’ve thoroughly reviewed our top choices, it’s time for something exciting.. It’s time to pronounce the best of the best! So, without any further ado, here they are:

Best Overall: YaFex Donut Bun Maker 4 Pieces

  • YaFex’s Donut Bun Maker won our category for the best bun maker. This four-piece set is perfect for any classy updo you have in mind!

Premium Pick: Teenitor Donut Hair Bun Maker 7-Piece Set

  • Teenitor’s Donut Hair Bun Maker is our top choice for a high-end hair bun maker. This luxury set has astonishing seven donuts in four different sizes – one for everyone!

Budget-Friendly Choice: Andlane Hair Bun Maker French Twist Snap 

  • Andlane Hair Bun Maker is our winner in the affordable, budget-friendly category. Want to make an easy updo with a snap hair bun maker, without spending a lot of money? Choose Andlane!