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How to Glue In Extensions?

How to Glue In Extensions?

Not all of us are blessed with long & thick beautiful hair.  Many suffer because of that. Luckily people do not have to feel stuck with thin and lifeless strands no more since there is an affordable solution – extensions!

If you, too, are not happy with what Mother Nature gave you, you can resort to this quick and easy solution. Many famous people for whose hair you long for actually have the extensions. It is the best hair trick of our time, and it has revolutionized the hairstyle industry. 

There is one catch though, even if the extensions do not cost you an arm and a leg, getting them glued in a pricey hair salon might. Besides, nowadays it is better to avoid crowded places anyway. It would be best if you did everything you can at home, and the good news is that you can glue in extensions on your own too. 

We can help you install hair extensions yourself; all you need to do is read our guide on how to carefully glue in extensions. We will save you tons of money and keep you safe at home.

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What Do You Need To Glue In Extensions at Home?

Before you can start making your hair as thick and long as you want to, you need to get all the right equipment for that job. As we have already said, it is a relatively simple process that does not cost much, and thus the list contains only two things: extensions of your choice and the appropriate glue. 

Where To Buy The Hair Extensions And Glue? How To Choose Them?

Even though you might feel tempted to buy everything online and save your time and effort, we still recommend going to a shop specialized in selling different kinds of extensions. This will allow you to talk to experienced sellers that can provide you with useful advice and help you choose the best extensions for your type of hair. You will also be able to feel the hair and maybe even try it on.

What About The Glue?

  • You can use either latex or keratin-based glue. In our humble opinion, both work great. 
  • NEVER use any glue that is not suitable for hair. If you do, you risk dire consequences such as ruining your strands or extensions! You can damage your scalp too. 
  • No matter what brand you choose, make sure you get acquainted with manufacturers’ instructions and advice. Avoid buying from companies that offer no guidance.

How To Glue In Your Extensions?

Glue In Extensions

Ok, now that you have everything you need, you can get started. You are ready to learn how to glue in hair extensions. It is imperative to do everything correctly, or you risk damaging your natural locks. 

The extensions that are glued-in properly will blend with your hair and look natural. Done right, the process is 100% safe for your hair. Let’s start!


Your hair needs to be adequately prepared before you start gluing. Here are the steps you need to take:

  • Wash your hair thoroughly. If your hair is too greasy, the strands will not connect well with the glue. Make sure your hair is perfectly clean, and do not use any hair mask or conditioner.
  • Blow-dry your hair until it is completely dry.
  • Brush your hair until it’s perfectly smooth and has no tangles at all.
  • If your hair is curly or wavy and you bought straight extensions, you must straighten your real strands. You should best use flat iron. If you succeed at making your natural hair completely flat, the process of installing glue-in hair extensions will be a lot easier.
  • Measure the extensions you have bought and decide how much of them you want to glue in and where. This part is crucial so try to measure everything correctly before you start cutting or gluing the extensions. 
  • Once you have determined how much ‘new hair’ you want to put in and where, start cutting the wefts to the appropriate width. You want to have smaller pieces since they will be easier to handle and will fit your head perfectly, making your hair look as natural as possible. 
  • Cut the extensions to the appropriate length. The best way to determine this is to measure them next to your natural strands. If they are too long, carefully trim them to the appropriate length.

 Here is a chart that can help you determine the length of your hair extensions:

Length Guide

Extra Tip: There are no rules to tell you how much hair you should put and where. You have to rely on your common sense and give your best to camouflage it all well.

Gluing In the Wefts

Since you have hopefully followed through on all our advice concerning the preparation, it is now time to move on to the actual gluing. If you have prepared your wefts properly, you should not have any problems with this part of the process either.

Follow these steps:

  • Use a hair parting comb to carefully part your hair from the middle of your ear all the way to another ear. 
  • Use an alligator clip to set the top part of your hair out of your way. You want to leave only a thin layer of your hair on the bottom in order to be able to start gluing your first extension.
  • Apply a little bit of glue on the first extension strip and let it sit for a couple of seconds until it becomes tacky.
  • Hold the extension with your fingers and glue it just below the parting. Never glue the extension on the very scalp since that would prevent your hair from growing normally – go further down instead.
  • Gently press the extension to your hair to make sure they stick together well. 
  • Set your blow dryer to low heat and use it to make the glue set faster. 
  • Test if the extension has glued well by gently tugging on it. If it does not come off, you have done an excellent job!
  • Congratulations! Your first extension is on!
Lav How To Glue In Extensions
  • Unclip the top layer of your hair.
  • Once again, use your hair parting comb to part your strands, but this time higher up. It would be best to measure the distance to be approximately one inch from the bottom extension. 
  • Repeat the exact same gluing process we have already explained.
  • When you pass the top of your ears, you must start gluing the extensions on the sides too.
  • For best results, cut the wefts into multiple small pieces so that you can conceal them more easily.
  • Continue the process, layer by layer, until you reach the top of your head, and you are close to the hairline. Avoid going too high up!
  • Make sure you leave enough of your hair to hide the extensions – you don’t want them to show.

That’s it! Congratulations, you have just glued your extensions and have a full head of voluminous locks!

How To Care For Your Newly-installed Glue In Extensions?

If you have done everything right, you have glued-in extensions, and you now have beautiful thick hair you can enjoy. However, just as your natural hair, extensions need proper care to look good. 

First of all, there is brushing. Brushing your extensions properly might just be the most crucial part of the aftercare routine.  You should buy and use only a hair extension brush since it features ultra-flexible bristles that will not damage your hair. Be gentle and patient! No pulling or tagging is allowed!

The next step is washing.  You should best use a sulfate-free shampoo. It will be gentle on your hair and still remove the excess oils. Some hair professionals suggest you should wash your extensions with a hair conditioner only. You can try that too, or alternate between these two methods. Be gentle when scrubbing and try to stay away from the glued parts. Be extra careful not to tug on the extensions when your hair is wet, as they could slip out quite quickly.

What about drying your hair? You should best forget about a blow dryer and air-dry the extensions instead.  We are quite aware that this is mission impossible for most of you since it takes ages, but at least try to do it as often as possible. When you have to use a blow dryer, make sure it is set to cool. Always apply a heat protectant too.

When it comes to caring for your extensions, there is not much you need to do. Still, if you think your extensions have become too dry or lack shine, you can apply some natural oils, such as argan or coconut oil. Please do not overdo it! There is no need to use the oil on the entire length of your hair; a few drops applied on the ends will be more than enough. NEVER apply the oil to the scalp or the root of your hair.

How To Glue In Extensions – Final Words

We hope you have found our guide helpful and easy to follow. If that is the case, you are now probably enjoying the sight of your long, thick, and shiny hair! Make sure that you take good care of it and it will look fantastic for quite some time. 
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